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What happens to a disputed flag? [duplicate]

I came here to know why my flag was marked as Disputed flag, I read various other posts explaining wat is Disputed flag and I got understood what it is. But I am still not sure what happens to a ...
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What causes a recommend closure flag to be marked disputed, versus helpful or declined? [duplicate]

I know that this type of question was asked many time, but I didn't find answers related to my specific questions anywhere. At this answer it is explained about disputed flags of types NAA, VLQ, ...
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If a moderator reviewed my flag, how was it disputed? [duplicate]

I saw the following in my flag list today: Huh? This doesn't make sense. The only way a flag like this can be disputed is by being reviewed by a 10k+ non-moderator. However, if that is the case, then ...
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Disputed Flag on Low-Quality post [duplicate]

Several minutes ago there was a Question asked on SO, which when originally posted, was just a terrible post, which was hard to determine what was being asked, and there was absolutely no details ...
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Why is my flag marked as disputed, but the topic is closed? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: What is a disputed flag? There are a few posts that I flag, and they get disputed. Then a little bit later the post gets closed. Why do my flags show up as disputed if the ...
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Are "invalid flags" flags never marked as helpful when reviewed by a moderator? [duplicate]

I was reviewing flags and I found this answer flagged as not an answer. I disagree with the flag, so I marked the post as having invalid flags. The outcome is disputed - a moderator reviewed your ...
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I don't understand what happens with a disputed flag [duplicate]

I've read multiple questions that have been posted over the past several months regarding disputed flags, but I don't think I understand the goal of this behavior. Here a a question that I flagged. ...
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Should this "not an answer" flag have been disputed? [duplicate]

I recently flagged this as "not an answer". It's a link-only answer without an actual link. Full text: For anyone still stuck, has an excellent practical tutorial on prototypes in ...
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Offensive flag, disputed after edit. Will it appear negative on my profile? [duplicate]

Today on Stack Overflow I came across a question which was, I don't know why, filled with profanity in comments and logs. There were so many instances of those foul words that it discouraged me to ...
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Why were my flagging of posts as being offensive resolved as disputed? [duplicate]

I flagged these two questions as being offensive: Derive from a generic class ...
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My comment flag may not have been handled correctly. Can someone enlighten me as to what happened? [duplicate]

So I came across an answer, screenshot shown below, for this question. I felt that this answer really wasn't an answer, so I raised a "it is not an answer" flag, but that flag was disputed, but it's ...
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Why is this flag marked as "Disputed"? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: What is a disputed flag? I have a flag marked as Disputed under my flagging summary. What does it mean? Did I flag incorrectly?
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Why is my flag on this question "disputed"? [duplicate]

Curious to know if I did something wrong in flagging this question as I see the flag is disputed? The answer in question is very clearly not an answer to the question at all - not even remotely ...
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My flagging is not deemed helpful [duplicate]

I am flagging posts on SO which do not appear to be helpful to the site. If the flag i raise is helpful then why is my flag marked as disputed/not-helpful. Most of the questions I have flagged have ...
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What to do if my flag on answer, that is obviously invalid, is disputed? [duplicate]

I am an active member on Stack Overflow and usually love to read all the questions and answers to improve my programming skills. Recently I found an invalid answer and flagged that answer as Not an ...
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