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Is deleting images? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Images manually uploaded to Imgur are not displaying? I thought that images uploaded to are supposed to remain permanently, but it seems some of them are ...
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Mysterious Butt

I was attempting to answer a question today on SO and include some screenshots to help illustrate what I was talking about. Everything was fine until I went to upload my fourth image. Here is what ...
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What smart ways to prevent "image rot" can we come up with?

I think so far this has only been mentioned in comments, like about preventing link rot. So: What smart ways to prevent images from disappearing can we come up with? Like maybe: how could we prevent ...
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Revealing voting patterns - new trend?

Has SE changed its stance on revealing votes, or is this an unintended feature? This user asked a question and all 5 anwsers got downvoted, so I checked his profile after he said uncomplimentary ...
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Hosting options for people that have Imgur blocked by their ISP

Imgur is blocked by two of the private ISPs we use. Is there a workaround without involving tunnelling? Bear in mind that Filmot (an Imgur mirror) and Flickr are also blocked.
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Any details about

Since May 2011, images uploaded through SE sites are uploaded to It seems that removing that stack part does not get one (the same) image, so it seems to be a standalone installation? ...
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Is imgur losing images?

Are there any missing images from Imgur, and especially images that were uploaded using the editor (to the Stack Exchange pro account)? When did those images go missing? For at least the past 20 hours,...
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My Stack Overflow imgur images are disappearing

A while back I answered this question and used the official Stack Overflow image uploader: Using ServerManager to create Application within Application I just noticed that some of the images I had ...
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More and more images go missing. Can the cooked HTML be rebuilt?

Would it be doable to re-generate the cooked (cached) HTML of all posts that hold images and were last edited between August 16 2010 and June 21 2011? Many references to were ...
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Imgur images are (re)disappearing again

I've seen several of these, the last few days: "The image you are requesting does not exist or is no longer available." For example, see this post. So, searching, I found this answer to "My Stack ...
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Recognize Imgur URLs when inserting an image

The insert image feature does not recognize images that are already hosted on Imgur, so when you try to use the toolbar to insert one of these, it gets duplicated on their website. For example, I ...
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If many comments are deleted by flagging, then show them as deleted for some time?

I do not know if many comments are actually flagged and deleted. But if many are deleted due to flagging, then what about showing those using some strikethrough and an explanatory tooltip for (say) ...
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How to find original URL of missing image?

The image in this answer is now missing. I can't remember when SE switched to using Imgur for all images; my guess is that I gave my answer before the switch to Imgur, and that the image linked ...
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Why are migrated questions being shown as closed and migrated instead of just migrated?

This seems to be a recent thing - questions migrated are now being shown as "closed off topic" and "migrated to ...". This was before the change. This is how it looks now
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Third-party advertisement and Imgur images not loading

For some reason, images from Imgur as well as in third-party advertisements (not directly related to Stack Exchange) are not loading. I only get alternate text in its place. I have no problems with ...
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