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Should "move-to-chat" be provided on demand (as a button perhaps)?

When comments get too chatty the move-to-chat feature asks if you'd like to move it out. But this often happens after the fact and thus doesn't prevent it. I propose that: Move-to-chat be provided ...
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Provide a tool for moderators to migrate comments to chat

One issue we have on Programmers.SE is that people like to have extended discussions in comments on answers and questions. Try as we might to delete long comment chains and educate them about chat (...
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How can I move a discussion to chat before being prompted? [duplicate]

I posted an answer to a question, and a user posted a comment that I feel is better handled in chat. In a previous question, I was prompted to move the comment to chat when it went over a certain ...
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Disable chat migration notification if one of the users has insufficient rep?

Simple request, really. Can we add a detection for the Please avoid extended discussions in comments. Would you like to automatically move this discussion to chat? prompt, so that if one of ...
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Help us figure out a way to handle the explosion of comments on Stack Overflow [closed]

As a frequent user of Stack Overflow, I see a lot of conversations that happen in comments. Whole questions are answered in the comments. Often, the comments have useful information, but ultimately, ...
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Contribute to bounty?

Similar to "How about making it possible to set up bounty on someone else’s question?", but a little less extreme.. Basically, you could "top up" the points of another users bounty (up to the current ...
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Let's make it easier to get a room

Let's make it easier for people discussing a post in comments to retire to chat, without waiting for comments to pile up until the system prompts them or a moderator acts. There are two main use ...
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Request the ability to move to chat before it is suggested [duplicate]

Similar to How can I move a discussion to chat before being prompted? but as an actual feature request. I'd like the ability to request a discussion move to chat before I'm suggested. The reason for ...
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Where did all the comments go on "Is `*--p` actually legal(well formed) in C++03"? [closed]

This answer of mine: used to have a lot of relevant comments from multiple users. Now they're gone, and not even a note from a diamond mod saying they were ...
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Take it to chat before the message [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Is it possible to import comments into a chat room without the link appearing? When you get into an extended dialog with someone in the comments section, a nice suggestion box ...
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Simplify room creation in a comment

So, often discussions in comments become far longer than they should, and I am going to post two separate feature requests (for the other one see here). This one suggest we would add a new syntax like ...
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Can we have an easier way to set up a chat room from a post?

One of my sites has a persistent problem with comments -- chatty comments, proto-answers in comments, big long conversations in comments. I suspect we're not the only ones with this problem. While a ...
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Ability to take comment discussions to chat is extremely undiscoverable; please fix [duplicate]

Occasionally when I am trying to figure things out with someone asking a question, I come to the conclusion that it would be better to use the chat. This typically happens well before the stage where ...
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Could moderators be allowed to migrate comments to chat? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Provide a tool for moderators to migrate comments to chat Over on Christianity.SE we're drowning in comments. Posts are constantly spawning discussions and we delete a lot of ...
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Insert a "Let us continue this discussion in chat" comment before thread gets messy [duplicate]

I've seen this question, but there seem to be no proper solution. I suggest an ability to insert a "Let us continue this discussion in chat" comment before the thread gets messy enough to fit the ...
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