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Why was suggested edit rejected?

Here is the history of my suggested edit of one of the answers to this question. But I don't understand, why was this suggested edit rejected by the community?
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Stop bothering me with suggested edit review audits

I have spent considerable time reviewing suggested edits. Less so lately, mainly because of the brokenness around improving, but more and more because those !*#^)(@^&#)@ audits are getting on my ...
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Show rejected edits in inbox to users who approved

This is part 2 of a two-part suggestion. Part 1 is here. Many borderline or bad suggested edits are still getting approved. At the moment, there is no good way to educate users who make bad reviews. ...
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Suggested Edit rejected because reviewers didn't know programming language

I had a question and a suggestion about suggested edits. Yesterday I noticed that an answer to a question had a syntax error in the code, so I decided I should fix that error so that the OP wouldn't ...
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Unable to improve answer because edit reviewers are rejecting for questionable reasons [duplicate]

I've always had a hard time getting reviewers to approve my edits pending peer review. It's very often either "too trivial" or "too much change", with "should be a comment" thrown about here and there....
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Could this suggested edit be useful? [closed]

I was reviewing suggested edits and came across a suggested edit from an anonymous to a highly upvoted answer dated 2008. I rarely make a decision when it comes to edits on answers, I usually skip ...
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Why was my code edit rejected? [duplicate]

I corrected some wrong code in this answer and the edit was rejected almost instantly. Could anyone explain why?
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Reviewing suggested edits should require a few answers for the question's tags

I think it would make sense to allow reviewing of suggested edits only to users who are familiar (i.e. posted a few answer) with the tag(s) in question. This would prevent some edit to be rejected by ...
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Editing: add a "require author approval" checkbox

Problem statement Currently, the FAQ says: When should I edit posts? Any time you feel you can make the post better, and are inclined to do so. Editing is encouraged! Some common reasons to edit are: ...
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How do I flag, or otherwise bring to moderators' attention, bad edit rejects?

The most recent example: This is not the first time somebody has edited one of my answers to fix a rather obvious bug, and then had that ...
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How to handle corrections to answers?

What is the correct action when reviewing this suggested edit? I approved the edit based on: It's an answer, not a question The original answer was given 18 months ago The original answerer has not ...
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Don't allow suggested edits until post is one hour old

There's an annoying case that comes up with suggested edits for those who have full edit privileges: new question is posted without code formatting someone suggests edit to fix formatting 2k+ users ...
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Does the suggested edit feature serve any purpose if we cannot fix mistakes in code?

I recently suggested two edits to improve code in answers. The code was just plain wrong and didn't work, and my edits fixed the problem. I was able to do this after the problems were discussed in the ...
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Too many edits get approved [duplicate]

I’ve recently noticed that many of my posts get edited by new users, and the edits are subsequently approved (often unanimously). Great, right? Yes. Except that many of these edits are spurious, or ...
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How to prevent edits from being rejected unreasonably? [duplicate]

I recently suggested an edit to an answer where the poster made a simple and obvious typo which renders the answer incorrect. I also added some additional information on how to install the relevant ...
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