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Half-baked answers from new question campers....problem? [duplicate]

I seem to have noticed a bit of a trend where a posted question will very quickly get an answer, but a very poor one. It would seem that some people are "camping", waiting for new questions to be ...
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Why do long well thought out answers result in negative reputation while short snappy ones get all the rep? [duplicate]

It seems some long well thought out answers receive a very low vote count: Better way to do this LINQ to XML query? On the other hand, here Jeff's witty, ...
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The fast and the furious [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Fastest Gun in the West Problem How can one answer questions in SO so fast? I've been a member in SO for quite some time but I'm using it extensively for a couple of weeks. ...
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Is it worthwhile to finish your answer if multiple good answers are given while you're typing yours? [duplicate]

I've been running into something that I find to be an awkward situation on Stack Overflow. That is, when I am typing up what I consider to be a helpful answer and then the message: X new answers have ...
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The rich get richer phenomenon in stackexchange communities [duplicate]

I've noticed that when two or more answers are provided to a question, people's votes tend to gravitate toward the answer posted by the person with higher reputation. I've observed this "rich get ...
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Why do so many people give incomplete answers then edit them? [duplicate]

This has something I've noticed since trying to help out on stackoverflow, server fault generally isn't so bad. Is this so they can be the first person to answer? There will be a question How come I ...
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Is it better to take time answering a question or to answer quickly and edit? [duplicate]

I have been on StackOverflow for about a month now and I am noticing a pattern. The faster you get your answer in, the more chance you have of getting it upvoted. Even if it is not complete. And ...
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Discouraging 'minimal correct answers' for fast points [duplicate]

One of the odd patterns I've noticed on SO goes something like this: Person A asks a question. Person B very quickly delivers the minimum viable answer, with minimal explanation. B's answer starts to ...
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Answering with a small but correct answer that you will edit to expand later is cheating? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Fastest Gun in the West Problem Many people do this: Answer something they know very quickly in a small amount of time. They know they will expand later. But they submit the ...
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Using a quick post to get the top then editing [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Fastest Gun in the West Problem I've noticed an interesting behavior on Stack Overflow of late. It goes like this. After a question I see several very quick and dirty ...
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Is there anything we can do about people posting similar answers 3 seconds after one another? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Fastest Gun in the West Problem I'm sure just about everyone on this site has seen this: Someone asks a question to which there is pretty much one right answer, like "how do I ...
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Speed vs. Accuracy an Answer [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Fastest Gun in the West Problem How can stack overflow more favor accuracy and correctness of an answer rather than submission time? It's my bet there is a strong statistical ...
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How to prevent users from responding with general populist answers [duplicate]

EDIT: This is not the "fastest gun in the west problem". Answer speed is secondary to the overall issue. I notice I did say "quickly" multiple times, which I have since removed. ...
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Being the first person answering to a question [duplicate]

Stackoverflow seems to have roughly 30 new questions per 5 minues. But when I pick one of these questions to answer it, it takes some time to write a good answer, sometimes 10 or 20 minutes, and when ...
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Is it kosher to submit an answer, then edit it repeatedly? [duplicate]

It irks me when I see a question on SO that I can answer, begin writing a detailed answer, and see that someone else answers with a one-liner. Often, the other answerer will make many small edits to ...
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