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What's the opinion on "list" questions? [duplicate]

I'm wondering what the general opinion on "list" questions in the trilogy - example: List of freely available programming books Are these good questions? I certainly think so, as they help Stack ...
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What about a multi-answer question? [duplicate]

Sometimes you ask a question on Stack Overflow, or Server Fault, and I'm sure it will happen on Super User, that lends itself to multiple correct responses, like a list. Is there anything to handle ...
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Is it wrong to ask a question with many answers? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: List questions: Community Wiki? I'm referring to my question here: Java optimizations I don't completely understand why it was closed. It does not violate any of the reasons ...
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How should you ask a question where multiple correct answers are most likely and preferred? [duplicate]

How should you ask a question where the aim is to collate multiple peoples expertise on one subject matter rather than a pure question answer set up. For example: What ways have people modelled ...
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What are "Community Wiki" posts?

Some questions and answers are marked Community Wiki and are owned by a community wiki user: (In fact, this very question is one of them) Why have Community Wiki posts? How do Community Wiki posts ...
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Dispute closing of "The Best Tail GUI" as not constructive

I would like to dispute the fact of closing my question, as not constructive. Logging is an essential tool for programmers all across the ...
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We should have a question status similar to locking that non mods can set on posts

If this is tl;dr skip to the bottom heading. In the SO Close Vote Reviewers chatroom, there was recently a discussion with @Shog9, @JonClements and a few others about this Stack Overflow question: ...
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Is this question OT or not? [closed]

IMO, it is, but if it isn't, I'll vote to re-open. (Please don't downvote it; I'm just trying to get the right thing done regardless of whether I'm right ...
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Should I include a partial solution in my question? Or should I post it as an answer?

I posted a question What wildcard operators are supported in Kronos WFC searches? on SO. The question includes an incomplete list of wildcard operators I was able to find through my own ...
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How technical do questions have to be on SO?

Is the following a valid question? "What is an example of the most fun thing you can program in Python in less an hour?" Or is this not really appropriate for this site. I have seen similar ...
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Adding a wiki post of third party iOS tools

Earlier this week, there was a question posted of third party libraries that people use for iOS. It was closed, but had lots of responses. I think there should be a wiki post that contains all of the ...
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