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How to convert comments into chat rooms [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Create comment-spawned chatrooms for the post, not for the users How can I convert the comments on a post into a chat discussion? And how can I add a user to a chat? May I ...
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How to start a chat about an answer? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Is it possible to import comments into a chat room without the link appearing? Create comment-spawned chatrooms for the post, not for the users When there are too many ...
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Design Vision Updates to the User Card

Background As part of our ongoing efforts to improve the design of the platform, which so far has included colors (original post and follow-up) and border-radius adjustments, we're now focusing on ...
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November 2011 Moderator Election - Town Hall Chat Digest #2

The following is a "digest" version of the November 2011 Moderator Election Town Hall Chat #2. The format, as described on Meta Stack Overflow, is one answer to this question for every ...
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Can we have an easier way to set up a chat room from a post?

One of my sites has a persistent problem with comments -- chatty comments, proto-answers in comments, big long conversations in comments. I suspect we're not the only ones with this problem. While a ...
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Who conceptually "owns" the differing kinds of content on StackExchange?

I think some of the recent fireworks over comments stems from a conceptual disagreement between those like myself and Sbi, and "management" of StackExchange -- namely, who conceptually owns a given ...
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Will there be an "invitation per SO question" feature for the chat?

Most of the users I answer questions to are fairly new to the system. That means they have a low reputation (often lower than 15) on SO. You can guess their reputation on MSO... They usually don't ...
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How do you become an owner of an ownerless chatroom? [duplicate]

For example the rooms created from a post are ownerless. How does one become the owner of such a room, or any other room that has no owner? Related but not the same: Give chat-rooms imported from ...
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Can we have an automatic link if a chat room has been created for a question?

I came up with this idea when thinking about this question. I made a chat room for it, as a convenience to other users who may be interested in doing local in-person meetups, as that seemed to be ...
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What is the desired practice for comment discussions?

Presently a comment discussion has to go on for some time before the system encourages commentators continue it in a chat room. But feature-requests to allow this before that heuristic makes the ...
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Give chat-rooms imported from comments an owner (or two)

I already complained about the fact that the chat rooms created from moving a comment-discussion to chat have a bad name ("Discussion between ..."). In the comments there Robert Harvey said: ...
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Chat-migrated comments: "Discussion between ..."

While it is not listed in the Recent feature changes to Stack Exchange, there seems to be a new feature which allows migrating longer comment threads to chat. Or I suddenly got more chatty, I remarked ...
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A certain meta page does not open right in IE

Try to open this page in IE (8 and 9 have been tested) [works fine in compat mode] Null bytes accepted as part of text (not really) Only the title seems to load. Is it because of my RTL characters? ...
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