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How soon should I "vote to close"?

When I see a poorly asked question, should I immediately vote to close, or should I comment, and give the OP a chance to improve their question? Waiting increases the chance that I'll forget, and ...
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Should flawed questions be closed immediately? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How soon should I “vote to close”? Given a question that is not clear at first, which satisfies the criterion for being "not a real question": "It's difficult ...
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I propose changing the term "closed" out for... something else [duplicate]

The problem One of the recurring questions on Meta is "why was this question closed?" In nearly every case, the question is posed by a newcomer to Stack Exchange who doesn't understand what ...
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Why are questions closed immediately? [duplicate]

Over the last few days I have been observing a feature of Stack Overflow, namely “CLOSE”, through which a question can be closed to answers. In my observation I have found that there are many ...
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Dog-piling of close votes is a real problem [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: “not a real question” close trigger happy? Aggressive closing of questions suggestion Consider this question: As ...
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I think Stack Overflow should convert to Catholicism so that we may have Purgatory

(psst the religious analogy is for fun; I don't actually think we should baptize Stack Overflow) In the interests of improving questions and question askers, I propose giving moderators the ability ...
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Closevoting in progress should be visible to newcomers

Not sure if this is a big deal at all. But it appears to me that newcomers are frequently unaware when their questions are going to get closed. And I conjecture that question quality might be raised ...
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Should we close first questions when they are of poor quality?

Today aliexo asked his or her first question on Stack Overflow: My code have answer problem!! (Optimal binary search tree c++). It was badly-worded and contained far too much badly-written code. ...
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On closing new users' questions

I've seen several cases of new SO users getting their 1st question closed, and it really irritates me. In all cases, closing the question was totally justified (unclear, too general, etc.). I often ...
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Fixing the Culture of Downvoting on Meta

I should preface this post with the fact that from my recent experience here I feel a little burned by meta and I have to imagine that other meta newbies have had equally bad experiences. I am a SO ...
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