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Don't delete questions! [duplicate]

I have a hard time verbalizing how shocked and horrified I am to learn that questions can be and actually are deleted. The only reasonable use case I see is spam or very clear abuse. But anything ...
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Question title that doesn't describe the problem

Pre Edit 4: Pointing out that thread's popularity is a direct result of programming community interest in said subject, and that someone likely stands to become rich and/or famous by solving the ...
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What are the most upvoted/downvoted questions and answers on the sites?

What are the most downvoted questions and answers on Stack Overflow, Server Fault, Meta, and Super User history to date? Similarly, what are the most upvoted questions and answers on SO, SF, Meta, ...
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Deleted Meta Questions Archive

Some keep deleting questions with a lot of discussion, both relevant and/or historical, and we can't search on deleted questions. Some of them are locked so that they cannot be undeleted, so I'm ...
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How can we close questions with bounties?

I just encountered this question, which is very cute and funny and has nothing to do with programming. I tried voting to close, but was informed by the system that I can't do that when there's a ...
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Badges should reward positive behavior

I've been doing a bit of badge hunting recently. I was under the impression that badges were supposed to incentivize positive behaviour. The tag wiki for badges even says so. Badges are awarded to ...
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How much do high Stack Overflow scores correlate with the best developers? [closed]

If you are looking to hire the best possible developer, how much can you infer from the fact they have a high Stack Overflow score? Think about "best" as the person you think could have the biggest ...
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Why must community consensus be reached on Meta?

On a given question a comment is posted: please refrain from voting to close/reopen this question until a consensus has been reached on Meta. And the question is locked to enforce this opinion - ...
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Meta voting prevents evolution of the site

UPDATE 3 After all this I have been banned from asking questions, presumably due to the down marks I received from this question and
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How are people supposed to get the "higher" privileges on Meta without detracting from SO contribution? [closed]

I just noticed as I was reading through the privileges section, that it is much more difficult to achieve the necessary reputation for privileges on meta than on the trilogy sites themselves. Take for ...
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Related questions with over 99 score display incorrectly

The score for the 4 questions are 111, 1218, 261 and 5 respectively, but they display 2 digits per line. This is an obvious bug in design.
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Does it make sense to have a negative rep cap for Meta posts?

I've been thinking (and posting) a lot about voting and one issue that's come up over and over is the chilling effect that downvoting can have on Meta discussions and feature-requests. Downvoting is ...
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Copying parts of others' replies into own replies

It has just happened to me in the thread below that there was an answer which had several mistakes, and there was no reusable bit inside in the initial version. How to check the selected version of ...
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Too many featured questions?

When the bounty system was created it seemed reasonable to set the minimum bounty at 50 reputation. However there are now hundreds of questions under the featured tab. It seems the featured tab has ...
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Stack Overflow should have smileys and friend groups

I think Stack Overflow is the most awesome site for programmers on the net. It has all the features one could expect from a programming forum. But there are several features that I miss. In ...
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Why do we have a down vote rep threshold for meta?

I read in the FAQs that voting is done to express agreement or disagreement over here: On Meta Stack Overflow, voting is often used to express agreement or disagreement, not to point out a lack of ...
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Can old features ever be changed?

I've made my fair share of controversial suggestions (one was a stupid joke) on meta regarding features of the site that have been around for a while unchanged, as I'm sure a great deal of users have. ...
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moderator list: Anna Lear is missing

This is moderator list on meta: And this is moderator list on stack overflow: Why are some moderators in one list but not in other and is Anna Lear not showing on none of them?
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I suggest a mechanic to improve quality of life for questions that could be improved

Problem A problem I've noticed on certain networks is that questions which have potential, need improvement, and could be salvaged are quickly down-voted and closed and even deleted within the first ...
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Could there ever be a Stack Exchange site that would be willing to answer any question? [duplicate]

Obviously not all questions can be considered questions of the criteria of one of the existing sites, and while Area 51 is allowing users to create new sites to help fix this, I feel that it will ...
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Is there anything to be done about people adding disclaimers asking for their questions to not be closed?

I've noticed recently, when viewing questions that have obviously been asked before, people spend about half of the question trying to explain how the question shouldn't be closed as a duplicate. It ...
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Do the posts deleted by an ex-mod become undeletable? [duplicate]

As we know, 10k+ users can see deleted posts and vote for their undeletion. And, anybody can see his own deleted posts, and over some reputation (s)he also have a vote to un-delete it. Except posts ...
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What counts as "not constructive" on Meta Stack Overflow these days?

Over the last couple of weeks, I have found myself wondering about the closure (or near-closure) of some questions on Meta. All of these questions were closed as "not constructive". And in each ...
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Vote count creating second line

I just saw this: This isn't a dupe of this question, by the way, because the issue was apparently resolved. Here is the post. I'm on Chrome 15.0.874.121.
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Can bounty be transferable? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How does the bounty system work? Is it possible to transfer a bounty from one question to another question?
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Forbid bounty for negative, or even zero-vote questions?

From time to time I scan the bounty tab, and being the pessimist and grouch that I am, I generally find two or three awful questions that, in my opinion, deserve to be closed. But I can't even ...
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Large down-vote count doesn't display negative sign [duplicate]

Consider the question Don't close questions where the user has requested that it not be closed: The large number of down-votes displays as 199 rather than a score of -199. This is clearly ...
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Why was my question downvoted this much? [closed]

Consider Stack Overflow question How do sites validate you linked back to them in real-time? (now deleted) Can someone explain why I received 10 downvotes? I'm asking what sites like mixpanel use to ...
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Massively downvoted questions are still missing from the list of questions

The last page of the list of questions on Meta is currently this question that has a score of -55. Missing from the bottom of the list are: -84 Evaluating the risks of allowing teen moderators on ...
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Questions missing from Highest Voted Questions

Since the two "questions" NSFW proposal on Area51 (current votes: -42) Why I am leaving StackOverflow (current votes: -26) got downvoted into an abyss lately, I was wondering which were ...
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