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Don't delete questions! [duplicate]

I have a hard time verbalizing how shocked and horrified I am to learn that questions can be and actually are deleted. The only reasonable use case I see is spam or very clear abuse. But anything ...
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Do the posts deleted by an ex-mod become undeletable? [duplicate]

As we know, 10k+ users can see deleted posts and vote for their undeletion. And, anybody can see his own deleted posts, and over some reputation (s)he also have a vote to un-delete it. Except posts ...
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Could there ever be a Stack Exchange site that would be willing to answer any question? [duplicate]

Obviously not all questions can be considered questions of the criteria of one of the existing sites, and while Area 51 is allowing users to create new sites to help fix this, I feel that it will ...
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I suggest a mechanic to improve quality of life for questions that could be improved

Problem A problem I've noticed on certain networks is that questions which have potential, need improvement, and could be salvaged are quickly down-voted and closed and even deleted within the first ...
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Make it clear that certain hats can be awarded earlier, in their description

Time based hats, e.g. A New Hope can be awarded as soon as 12-14 hours before the actual time stated in the hat description, as explained nicely here. However, this is far from being trivial, and ...
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Can Reversal be awarded more than once per question? [closed]

The Populist badge only applies to the highest-voted question. I was wondering whether the same applied to Reversal, since there didn't seem to be a clear answer anywhere.
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Why does this "historical locked" question show up in the Questions list, by mine doesn't? [duplicate]

Don't close questions where the user has requested that it not be closed Question has a historical lock: This question exists because it has historical significance, but it is not considered a ...
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Large down-vote count doesn't display negative sign [duplicate]

Consider the question Don't close questions where the user has requested that it not be closed: The large number of down-votes displays as 199 rather than a score of -199. This is clearly ...
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Related questions with over 99 score display incorrectly

The score for the 4 questions are 111, 1218, 261 and 5 respectively, but they display 2 digits per line. This is an obvious bug in design.
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Copying parts of others' replies into own replies

It has just happened to me in the thread below that there was an answer which had several mistakes, and there was no reusable bit inside in the initial version. How to check the selected version of ...
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Does it make sense to have a negative rep cap for Meta posts?

I've been thinking (and posting) a lot about voting and one issue that's come up over and over is the chilling effect that downvoting can have on Meta discussions and feature-requests. Downvoting is ...
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Advice on rehabilitating an unpopular Meta question (or not) [duplicate]

I recently submitted an MSO discussion question. In very short order it has been downvoted to the point where it appears on the rogues gallery of downvoted questions (i.e. the last page of questions ...
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Review Required Flag for Unjustified Down-votes [duplicate]

I have seen quite a few items raised here about down-voting without comments but somehow can't seem to agree with the resolutions. Yes, there is a message shown to the user (rep < 2000) every time ...
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Why was my question downvoted this much? [closed]

Consider Stack Overflow question How do sites validate you linked back to them in real-time? (now deleted) Can someone explain why I received 10 downvotes? I'm asking what sites like mixpanel use to ...
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Why must community consensus be reached on Meta?

On a given question a comment is posted: please refrain from voting to close/reopen this question until a consensus has been reached on Meta. And the question is locked to enforce this opinion - ...
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