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Questions missing from Highest Voted Questions

Since the two "questions" NSFW proposal on Area51 (current votes: -42) Why I am leaving StackOverflow (current votes: -26) got downvoted into an abyss lately, I was wondering which were ...
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Large down-vote count doesn't display negative sign [duplicate]

Consider the question Don't close questions where the user has requested that it not be closed: The large number of down-votes displays as 199 rather than a score of -199. This is clearly ...
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Can Reversal be awarded more than once per question? [closed]

The Populist badge only applies to the highest-voted question. I was wondering whether the same applied to Reversal, since there didn't seem to be a clear answer anywhere.
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Why was my question downvoted this much? [closed]

Consider Stack Overflow question How do sites validate you linked back to them in real-time? (now deleted) Can someone explain why I received 10 downvotes? I'm asking what sites like mixpanel use to ...
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Forbid bounty for negative, or even zero-vote questions?

From time to time I scan the bounty tab, and being the pessimist and grouch that I am, I generally find two or three awful questions that, in my opinion, deserve to be closed. But I can't even ...
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moderator list: Anna Lear is missing

This is moderator list on meta: And this is moderator list on stack overflow: Why are some moderators in one list but not in other and is Anna Lear not showing on none of them?
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Question missing from the questions list

So, I wanted to drag forth one of the heaviest downvoted questions on Meta (for anecdotal purposes only). Since I could not find the question in the question list sorted by votes, I assumed it was ...
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Can bounty be transferable? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How does the bounty system work? Is it possible to transfer a bounty from one question to another question?
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Massively downvoted questions are still missing from the list of questions

The last page of the list of questions on Meta is currently this question that has a score of -55. Missing from the bottom of the list are: -84 Evaluating the risks of allowing teen moderators on ...
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These numbers are too crowded! Can we give them some breathing room? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Slight rendering bug in Chrome (Linux) - View count and title overlap I recently observed the following on the home page of Meta: (Emphasis mine) As you can see, the numbers ...
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Advice on rehabilitating an unpopular Meta question (or not) [duplicate]

I recently submitted an MSO discussion question. In very short order it has been downvoted to the point where it appears on the rogues gallery of downvoted questions (i.e. the last page of questions ...
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Glitch when sorting questions by vote count

Related but different: Sorting questions by votes is broken That was about the order going off after exactly 1000 results, which is not the same as what I'm seeing. On meta, I did this: Clicked ...
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Retroactive moderator powers [duplicate]

I just stumbled over this deleted question. It was deleted by three users, that in the time of deletion were all ordinary users, see the revisions page: Post Deleted by animuson♦, Rosinante, ...
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Why is the question with the newest bounty, with score < -100, not in the bountied tab? [duplicate]

I know Don't close questions where the user has requested that it not be closed has A LOT of downvotes, but it is a bountied question and it deserves its time in the limelight (aka the bountied ...
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Why does this "historical locked" question show up in the Questions list, by mine doesn't? [duplicate]

Don't close questions where the user has requested that it not be closed Question has a historical lock: This question exists because it has historical significance, but it is not considered a ...
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