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Are downvotes by low-rep users actually recorded anywhere? [duplicate]

Low-reputation users on an SE site that try downvoting a question get the following message: But the downvote doesn't seem to be recorded anywhere, e.g. if a downvote a post as a low-rep users on a ...
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Anonymous user feedback now in testing

Anonymous and unregistered users with < 15 reputation (the amount required to earn the upvote privilege) will now see feedback on every post in the area that a logged in user would see "add ...
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Add badges to Markdown?

I always found it odd that although I could compose questions and answers with tags in markdown, I can't do the same for a Great Question, Great Answer, or any other badge. I assume that this is ...
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Who gets the "Was this post useful to you?" feedback?

I just read this Electronics SE answer. I found the explanation very clear and interesting, but I don't want to create an account on that site. So, I clicked Yes by "Was this post useful to you?" Who ...
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Post Feedback link is broken

I first noticed this a while back. But it has yet to resolve itself. When I click on the post feedback link in the 10k tools, it hangs for a while.Then it gives me an error message:
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How can we utilize the "Greatest hits" list for our sites?

We have been trying to figure out ways to utilize anon feedback. One idea was to use the information to find questions that are disproportionately popular with the anon and low rep users (aka. The ...
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Why aren't closed questions automatically deleted after some time?

To summarise this post from the network blog, closed questions in great numbers add noise, are toxic, and reduce confidence in the system. (Exact duplicates are excepted as they arguably do add value.)...
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Provide a questions-only filter for the post feedback tool

The post feedback tool for 10k+ users is pretty interesting, but it's hard to find underrated gems and problematic questions using it because they're lost in a sea of answers with feedback. Would it ...
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Is anything done with the "Send Feedback" (anonymous user feedback) data? [duplicate]

What's done with the anonymous user feedback data? I get 10k-ers can view it; the data is now available for viewing in the Data Explorer But does this data serve any purpose for improving the site? ...
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Can't see how you've voted until you have enough reputation [duplicate]

I joined a couple of new Stack Exchange sites recently, and noticed the message that appears when voting: Thanks for the feedback! Votes cast by those with less than [15/125] reputation are ...
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