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To report instances when you were forbidden some access on Stack Exchange, but you think you should have access.

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Stack Overflow Forbidden

Stack Overflow has been giving me this error today and it didn't before. Did they have an issue or make a change forbidding users?
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Ads acting strange?

I was on Arqade, and I noticed an ad that I wasn't particurlarly interested in, but thought I'd take a look. Immediately after clicking it, I was taken to link 1. Perhaps it is something to do with my ...
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Can't see attached images

Recently I can not see images attached by users in my browser. Opening an image in a new page I will see the following message: 403 Forbidden cloudflare-nginx Example of a URL: https://i.stack....
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Accessing per-site metas gives 403 forbidden from cloudflare-nginx [closed]

Clicking on doesn't connect me with the meta S.Ex.SE site. EDIT: For some entry points, no meta site can be reached. Observation courtesy Gilles. I consider it ...
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What is the reason behind marking forbidden pages as 404?

This came to my mind after my previous question. Actually, most of the 404 pages I stumble into on SE are forbidden (403, eh?), not that they can't be found. Examples of such pages would be trying to ...
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"403 Forbidden" when loading CSS from

Here is the ugly display in my browser when accessing Here's the Chrome Developer Windows output And here's the screenshot where I visit the CSS URL wget output $ wget https:/...
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Login by Google OpenID fails in FF 4.0.1 with an HTTP 403 error

I cannot log in to or I tried Cooking first, using this URL:
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Getting 403 Forbidden when I try to access SO, Meta and SU

I've had an account with Stack Overflow for about seven months and was able to access my account from work without any difficulty until two weeks ago. At first, Firefox started to load blank pages (...
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403 while trying to access Stack Overflow

I am not sure why, but when I try to access I get a 403 Access denied error, as if my IP address is banned. I connected via my work VPN, just to post this question. I use Stack ...
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403 Forbidden returned for any Stack Exchange page

When I try to connect to any Stack Exchange site from work, I notice that it comes up as 403: Forbidden on Windows. I checked my corporate web filter and SE sites are not on the blacklist. Why can I ...
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