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For questions that are related to a completely destroyed user account. (This is in contrast to a user account that is simply deleted).

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Auto suspend the user network-wide if their accounts have been destroyed on a certain number (e.g. 3) of sites

Possibly related; might be an extension or alternative to: A user should just be destroyed network-wide automatically if it has no upvoted content and is destroyed on two independent sites by mods ...
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11 votes
1 answer

Should a user with constructive contributions on another site be destroyed or deleted as a result of a red flag?

I used to think that involuntary account destruction or deletion was a drastic penalty that was issued only to users whose only contributions were spam or offensive content. I just recently ...
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7 votes
0 answers

Destroying an account deletes its comments but leaves flags on those comments pending [duplicate]

Just now, a comment flag on the site I moderate brought my attention to a troll account, which I accordingly destroyed. Account destruction automatically deleted the comment, as expected (although it ...
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Auto-deleted posts from spammers and trolls should get the "this is spam/rude" warning

When a post is deleted by spam or rude/abusive flags, users who can see deleted posts see a warning along the lines of "this post was deleted as spam or offensive". If they want to see the actual ...
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25 votes
4 answers

What is the policy on destroying users with very spammy profiles but have not posted spam yet?

A little bit of background first: Over on Puzzling.SE, we've been nuking users that look very spammy, before they've had a chance to post anything. It began with posts like this, which advertised ...
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12 votes
1 answer

Destroying users is slow and throwing errors

During my semi-wheneverifeellikeit spammer destroying session this morning, I found that destroying users (simple ones, single-post / no activity) has gotten insanely slow. In this case, it ...
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7 votes
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Zombie comments (aka wrong comments count when destroying a spammer who posted comments)

I noticed here (10k only) that there is "show 2 more comments": Clicking it has no effect. Viewing the raw server response, it simply returns the existing comments. This is most likely the ...
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73 votes
1 answer

Destroying a spammer does not delete their comments

Well, this is annoying. Last night some idiot who'd managed to earn the association bonus for his activity on Stack Overflow decided it'd be a brilliant idea to create accounts all over the network ...
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Hide post content if a user is destroyed as spammer

There is a specific destroy reason for users that post only spam or other abusive content: This user was created to post spam or nonsense and has no other positive participation Aside from ...
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78 votes
1 answer

What is the difference between a deleted user and a "destroyed" user?

Prompted by Generic-ize a user's name when their account is destroyed, it appears there are two methods of disabling user accounts permanently: deleting and "destroying" What are the differences ...
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