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For questions relating to community and moderator accountability. Specifically, this is for highlighting current processes, and getting feedback on how to do the right thing for the rest of the group.

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Could the company explain how their recent actions fit in with the stated "commitment to rebuild relationship with our community"?

SE inc. has stated that they're committed to rebuilding a relationship with the community. Given this fact, I would like to ask the company to explain certain recent events. If you haven't already, ...
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Does or should the Stack Exchange team serve at the pleasure of the community?

Does the Stack Exchange team serve at the pleasure of the community? If so, what can the community do to hold the Stack Exchange team to account? If not, are there any plans to give the community the ...
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What does the self-requested reinstatement of two Workplace moderators mean for the community? [closed]

After the flurry of moderator resignations and strikes this past week, two resigned moderators have recently asked to be reinstated (here and here) and are now active again. This is frankly ...
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Is it possible to dispute penalty box or at least to know the reason for being penalized?

Joining the just about a month ago I have only been trying to be helpful answering questions, editing posts, using votes and flags, and gradually learning the rules of ...
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Is it possible for a user to determine which moderator changed their display name?

I recently ran across a site meta discussion with someone accusing a specific moderator of improperly changing their display name while they were suspended. They had a screenshot of their recent names,...
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Need a better recourse against frivolous moderator action [duplicate]

I asked a question on Meta that was inappropriately closed by a moderator who incorrectly thought that it was a duplicate of another question which was hardly even similar. At this point I am stuck: ...
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Retagging accountability request [closed]

When I do a manual retag, I'll often find other tags that look "off" and investigate further. These tangent tags usually lead to handfuls of questions that need retagging as well. If after a thorough ...
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Moderator Accountability Request

This evening I was contacted by a community member who felt my moderator-activity was too frequent. This is following the closing/migrating of several questions. Being a new moderator, I'd like to ...