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An active bounty is a bounty that is not yet awarded and has not yet expired.

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What are reasons why a bountied question does not show up (not filterered by tags)

I have opened in a separate browser, so it should not be affected by tag-filtering. This question does not show up. X11 MIT-SHM performance of XShmPutImage
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When are bounties considered as active?

In my user's profile, it says that I have three active bounties. (Here is a snapshot from Wayback Machine). However, for two of those bounties, the grace period is over - so I wouldn't expect them to ...
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How can I close my own bad question after putting a bounty on it?

I asked a question about a problem that can not be reproduced. I was assuming a database state that was not correct (a query on a table that does not exist). It's fine if the points are gone, but I ...
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Concurrent bounties in questions [duplicate]

Bounties exist to promote questions. Yet, only one bounty can be active at a time. This request outlines how we might implement having multiple bounties active at a time. Changes are as follows: So ...
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New contributors don't get the most out of Bounty offers (due to premature awarding)

Abstract: I believe there's a recent push from StackExchange to make it easier for New contributors to successfully join the community, and I think the Bounty functionality leaves a lot of room for ...
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The buttons for awarding a bounty should be distinguishable from already awarded bounties in the mobile skin [duplicate]

Whenever I see my currently active bounties from a mobile site, I feel as if they've already been awarded. This is how it looks from my chrome browser in Android: The blue colour of the +100 box is ...
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Reverse the order of bounty questions

Now the newest bounties are listed in the end of the list of bounties. I propose to reverse the order, and show newest bounties in the beginning of the list of bounties. This way newest bounties ...
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No bounties on StackOverflow!

The new navigation doesn't show the bounties on the main page. It always displays 0 bounties: While other pages do show the bounty number correctly: Can this be fixed?
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Incorrect number of bounties in the top bar link

I just happened to see on the new tab that there seem to be 12 bounties. But when clicking the 12 bounties link the actual bounties list only shows 7: After this the bounties link always says there ...
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1 bounty is very bounty

When you have only 1 bounty, the bounty shows up as 1 bounties Am I interpreting it right? As in I have participated in 1 bounty? Or is this a grammar error? Please explain. Sorry Jeff, don't ...
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'Bounty Expires Soon' notification doesn't correctly render apostrophes

The 'Bounty Expiring Soon' notification does not render apostrophes correctly, yet the 'Bounty Expires in one day' notification does:
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Refreshing a question in the Android App doesn't update the bar telling me if it's closed, bountied, etc

Observed in Android App v1.0.35 v1.0.43 on a HTC One running Android 4.4.2: There's a banner at the bottom of questions which inform me if they're closed, there's a bounty, or they're locked. ...
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Bounty starts from 100 rep, rather than 50? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How does the bounty system work? I started a bounty on this question but I could not set it to 50 rep - only to 100. I understand from the FAQ that it is possible to start a ...
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I accidentally selected the wrong bounty reason. How do I fix it?

I posted a bounty on my question, How to access default KmlLayer in Google Maps JavaScript API v3, and I accidentally clicked the wrong bounty reason. Unfortunately, this one doesn't make any sense. ...
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Offered Bounties shows two active bounties on the same question

I've offered two 500-rep bounties on this question. After the first had ended and while the second was going, my offered bounties page showed that both were active ("ends in 2 days"): (Also, "grace ...
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User-->Active bounties shows multiple bounties

Given: You can only have one active bounty at a time. You can post multiple bounties to one question, sequentially. Process: Post bounty to a specific question Award that bounty Post another bounty ...
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Please show active bounties on a user's global profile

I would like a way to see a list of questions that I have a bounty on. Ideally, this should be on the global profile on And it should be public, which would be a way to see ...
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May I please set a bounty on more than one question? [duplicate]

I have three questions on Stack Overflow that I want to offer bounties on. Trouble is, I already have an outstanding bounty on another question, and thus I can't offer bounties on any other questions ...
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