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For questions about the two badges, Enthusiast (silver) and Fanatic (gold), awarded for site activity.

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Fanatic Badge is not showing right away in profile under "Badges" right after receiving it [duplicate]

After 100 days of consistency I've attained the first gold badge "Fanatic". Now the badge is disappeared there. Also this my Stack Overflow profile. I don't know what it happened and what ...
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Visiting the Site for N consecutive days

Would I earn that badge for all my accounts in different Stack Exchange websites if I visit any one of them each day?
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Does access via the API count towards Fanatic and Enthusiast badges in 2019?

I've done some research and read some of the posts about this topic, but none of them are up to date. The answer from 8 years ago says that accessing via the API does not count for badges: Does ...
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Activity- BADGES wired style [duplicate]

I insert to my Activity section and look at this... The BADGES section height is too long and up on the tabs section (I use Google Chrome).
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Fanatic badge days count reset to zero , account's "visited x days" shows 59 Days [closed]

Had 52 consecutive days count/Fanatic badge suddenly down to zero. I logged in continuously and I stayed aware of the UTC timing and didn't just go to the home page. This is the second occurrence of ...
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Incorrectly received "Enthusiast" badge

I just received an "Enthusiast" badge on Code Review. As much as I'd like to keep the badge, I'm certain that I did not visit Code Review every day, for 30 days straight. Is this a bug? I don't ...
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The enthusiast badge: does it encompass every community you're part of?

In order to get the enthusiast badge do you have to visit every community or is stackexchange enough? Also, I noticed (can't find the example now) that there's a community (probably more than one) ...
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Should iOS app logins count toward streak badges? [duplicate]

I recently went away on a trip without my computer. I had a 51 day streak on Spanish Stack Exchange, about half way to my first gold badge. Realizing that the streak would go away without a login, I ...
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After receiving my Enthusiast badge the counter restarted to 0

After receiving my Enthusiast badge the counter restarted to 0. Why do I have to wait another 100 consecutive days to receive my frantic badge?
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Enthusiast and Fanatic badges should be counted in the user's local time [duplicate]

I am trying to get the Enthusiast badge. However, trying to coordinate my visits to the site with UTC time is hard. There is no reason why you can't time these badges in the user's local time, ...
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How visited is visited in the context of Fanatic? [duplicate]

The fanatic badge is awarded if you visited the site for 100 consecutive days. Apart from needing serious help, but I was wondering, what does a visit entail? Any of these? Visit for at least 1 ...
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Don't include weekends for the fanatic badge consecutive days calculation

So I visit the site during the work week... I mean, it's a great stress relief to read other peoples coding problems and try to help them rather to work on your own coding bugs. But during the ...
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What counts as activity on SE sites for consecutive visits?

As per Jeff's reply here: login pages, along with a number of other homepage style pages, don't count as "access" So, what exactly are the pages/actions that can count my visit as "access"? Can I ...
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Why are the Fanatic and Enthusiast badges not earnable more than once?

I understand that the Fanatic and Enthusiast badges can only be attained once, as various questions on the MSO have been asked about it (like this one and this one). However, I haven't found any ...
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Problem in getting enthusiast badge

From last 3 to 4 weeks I am deliberately trying to get enthusiast badge on Stack Overflow. To achieve it, I have set Stack Overflow as home page in all the browsers, at work and at home. And, it is ...
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Potential Server Issue for Fanatic/Enthusiast? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Consecutive days problem #97? I have been working on my fanatic badge for right around 54 days. Over the weekend, 11th-15th, I visited daily. As I got my 30 consecutive days a ...
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Consecutive days reset across all of Stack Exchange

This question ( Consecutive Days bug/glitch ) is exactly the same problem I've had. I logged on yesterday and I have a screenshot to prove that I DID in fact, have activity yesterday. But today all my ...
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What does "a day" mean? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: What is an SE “day”? When does each day start? Does "a day" mean that, for consecutive days, you have to log in within 24 hours of your last login? Or does it mean ...
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Multiple fanatic badges

Yes, I've seen Is it possible to get multiple Fanatic/Enthusiast badges? But what about making it multiple? ;-) Having 100 consecutive visits several times undoubtedly deserves an award.
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Why does stack overflow get the day I'm visiting wrong? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicates: Potential consecutive days issue? Why did my consecutive days disappear? I have been working hard to earn my "Fanatic Badge." My count was up to almost 60 days. Usually I ...
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Request to modify requirements for Fanatic Badge

I feel that the Fanatic badge requirements is little bit strict. Someone doing an activity for 90 consecutive days may easily have one of those odd days where its beyond his capabilities to do some ...
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Doesn't Logging in From Mobile Count as Logging In

I was actually trying to earn the Fanatic achievement, therefore on some rare days, whenever I am unable to connect from my PC, I connect from my mobile device, (Nokia 2700, Opera 6.0). Now in the ...
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Fanatic badge: When does the server "zero" the "consecutive" field? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: When does a day start? Some time ago I really, consciously tried to get my "Fanatics" badge. I made double sure I'd visit the page once a day and see the "last activity:" ...
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Can you receive the Fanatic Badge more than once?

Just curious if after receiving the Fanatic badge, and you start another streak of consecutive days, do you get another Fanatic badge? Edit: I guess a more general question, which badges can you ...
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100 consecutive days, but no "Fanatic" badge?

I've hit the magic 100 consecutive days on SO, but I haven't got my "Fanatic" badge. Hitting 100 days has been a bit of a goal for me - especially as this would be my first gold badge - so I'm ...
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Does access via the API count towards Fanatic and Enthusiast badges?

Now that the Stack Exchange API offers user authentication via OAuth 2.0, if a user accesses a Stack Exchange site via the API, does the access count towards the Fanatic and Enthusiast badges?
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Is it possible to get multiple Fanatic/Enthusiast badges?

Can I get multiple Fanatic/Enthusiast badges? I don't really care if I can or not, I'm just curious... after all we are talking about a colored dot on a computer screen :)
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Enthusiast no more?

I crossed 30 consecutive days 2 days ago (today is 32nd) but I didn't get an Enthusiast badge this time around. BTW, I did change my openid this week but as per this question answered by Jeff that ...
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Do I get Enthusiast badges for the same 100-day period for one Fanatic badge?

It seems appropriate that awarding one Fanatic badge should erase 3 Enthusiast badges earned in the same period. If it's already so, please close.
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Proposal: Free day in the visit log to account for the Oct 9th downtime

Given the downtime for today (Oct 9th, 2010) due to the UPS Failure, I propose giving every user that visited on Oct 8th, 2010 a free entry in the visit log (or whatever the name may be) for Oct 9th, ...
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Does visiting chat count towards Enthusiast and Fanatic?

The Enthusiast/Fanatic badges require users to visit the site for 30/100 consecutive days, respectively. Users must do this actively in some way; i.e., it doesn't count if a user writes a bot/script ...
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Please add an "Über-Fanatic" badge!

I have officially qualified for the mythical "Über-Fanatic badge", having remained faithful and dedicated to the site for 365 consecutive days. Can we make this badge less mythical and more real?
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Proposed consecutive-days-badge tracking change

This post inspired by the following comment: Come up with a better way to do [enthusiast/fanatic tracking] (that doesn't involve users having to set a timezone) and make a feature-suggestion. – ...
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StackOverflow shows "32 consecutive" days; Where's my "Enthusiast" badge?

Hi, my SO profile shows that I've visited for "32 consecutive" days -- which should be roughly right. Yet I don't have the highly coveted, "Enthusiast" badge. Why not?
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Change fanatic/enthusiast badge to count more than just a page visit?

The fanatic badge is by far the easiest of the gold badges to get. In fact, it's so easy you could setup a script to visit the page once a day and get the badge with no effort at all. Therefore, I ...
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Does deleted activity count towards enthusiast/fanatic?

As far as non-10k users are concerned, their comments and answers to questions that get deleted are gone, never to be seen again. Rep lost on downvoting such questions is restored upon recalc. Their ...
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Etiquette Question: Is There A Way to Contact Moderators for Specific Reputation/Badge Questions?

Sometimes I wonder if if the badge system is working properly. But also I could just be confused and it could very well be me not remembering what I did, i.e., how many consecutive days visiting ...
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Some users are more enthusiastic than others This user has earned the Enthusiast badge (visited the site each day for 30 consecutive days) twice.
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Enthusiast badge in 28 days!

I was recently awarded the Enthusiast badge, while my profile shows I have been member for 28 days, instead of the required 30 for the badge. P.S. I have been at SO for 30 days.
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I don't like SuperUser THAT Much! (Wrongly Reward Enthusiast Badge)

So, the people on SuperUser are really awesome and I'm glad you guys are keeping that place full of information. However, I visited SuperUser today after my little plugin told me that I had visited ...
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Why do I not yet have the Fanatic badge?

I think I've been visiting the site continuously for the required amount of time to receive the Fanatic badge, but I haven't received it yet. How do I find out how long I have left to go?
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Is it appropriate to contact the SO team on Fanatic badge progress? [closed]

Would it be appropriate to email the Stack Overflow team to check how far along I am on the Fanatic badge?
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How do I estimate Fanatic progress?

Do the data dumps have breadcrumbs other than posts and comments? #! /usr/bin/perl use warnings; use strict; use Time::Local; Count daily activity in $seen{$date}: my %seen; Count comments and ...
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Rename the fanatic badge to something positive

I'd like to suggest renaming the fanatic badge to something with a more positive connotation. I'm taking regular days off SO just to avoid it (which is hard, as I have to be careful about what Google ...
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Demote the Enthusiast and Fanatic badges to bronze and silver respectively

EDIT: As an alternative solution to my original, widely unaccepted question - Demote the Enthusiast badge to bronze, and the Fanatic badge to silver, as they don't require the same kind of effort ...
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Change the gold badge legend description on the Badges page

I know this is being pedantic but I figured I'd mention it anyway. Currently the legend reads: Gold Badges are rare. You'll have to not only participate but be skilled and knowledgeable to earn ...
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Why did I lose the Woot! (Enthusiast) Badge?

A few days ago my OpenID was merged with another OpenID I had. Before the merge I had the Woot! badge (now called Enthusiast), and now I no longer have it. I would like to know why it was removed?
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Can I find out my Stack Overflow login history? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Consecutive Day Count in profile How can I know my log in history for Stack Overflow? I want to check for how many consecutive days I have logged into Stack ...
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Enthusiast-badge: not awarded if I changed my user name or swapped my Open ID?

I'm almost certain that I've hit SO for more than 30 days in succession at this point, but I still haven't gotten my Enthusiast badge. I did do two things to my profile in this time period: I changed ...
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Enthusiast/Fanatic Badge - Do We Need to Just Visit or Participate? [duplicate]

To obtain the Enthusiast or Fanatic badge, do we just need to visit while logged in each day or do we also have to have some activity (such as editing, answering, asking, commenting, etc.)?
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