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For discussion about the explicitly commercial advertising that appears on this site (if any), as well as the Community Promotion Ads which are voted on by users of each site.

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"Report Ad" with diagnostic information fails in Firefox

In Firefox, when I checked "Share diagnostic information" on the advertising report form and submitted it, an error occurred and I was unable to report it. This seems to be because navigator....
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The Activity Data section of the user settings page is misleading

The new advertising policy states: Retargeting pixels are allowed for a limited number of vetted and pre-approved Programmatic partners. On the settings page of my profile it states: Stack Overflow ...
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Will the tracking pixels replace the existing advertiser tracking?

The company has recently announced a change to its advertising practices: they plan to allow the use of tracking pixels by select advertisers. I am under the impression that this is merely formalising ...
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Update to our Advertising Guidelines

Today, we have updated our Advertising Guidelines as follows: “Retargeting pixels are not allowed on any campaign. allowed for a limited number of vetted and pre-approved Programmatic partners.” ”...
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Alpha test for short survey in banner ad slots starting on week of September 25th on SO

TL;DR: Starting on the week of September 25th, we will be showing a short survey in the banner ad slots on Stack Overflow and Stack Exchange tech sites. [EDIT: Since this post was created, some ...
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Partner content on the blog - what's the value of these?

The Stack Overflow blog was historically a means of communication for the company to the community, and eventually ended up being a way for the company to communicate with potential users of their ...
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The page on the site is going crazy!

After visiting any question this happens: I tried to open the site on different browsers (Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge) - it did not help. I'm using Windows 10.
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Very small vertical space between advertisement and question text

On sites where I see advertisements the vertical space between the ad and the start of the question is very small. Example from SFF: This is distracting to read, and it seems to be inconsistent with ...
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Stack Overflow doesn't render some pages in Chrome with my Google profile

I have a Stack Overflow account linked to my Google profile. I have had difficulty loading many pages over the last month or perhaps longer. For example, this SO page. Some pages render fine, but ...
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Remove Shell company's advertisements?

I reported 3 of Shell's ads: which were shown on Stack Overflow. This ad is offensive., and https://www....
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Can advertorial blog posts be clearly and consistently marked as such?

The conclusion of the latest blog post, titled "Why the number input is the worst input", is: I felt compelled to build my own form builder [...] Your last option is to do what I built for ...
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Podcast advertising by spammers?

In podcast episode #482 I was somewhat disturbed to hear an ad for I don't particularly perceive them as a spammer, and actually don't have much of a perception of them as a company at all; ...
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Can the "Sponsored by AWS" message be made smaller (less annoying)?

Looking at Ask Ubuntu, the "Sponsored by AWS" is... large on mobile. For reference, this is how it would look on an iPhone 12 (I'm using device emulation for the screenshots hence why I'm ...
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Introduce an optional "SE Gold" subscription so that we can support SE directly without ads + tracking + venture capital

As an alternative to peddling ads and tracking, building Fortune 500 SaaS, and raising endless venture capital funding rounds, Stack Exchange should investigate an optional tier of monetary support ...
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How is Stack Exchange Inc dealing with current and future business with Russian entities?

I've been putting off asking this question for a while, but it came up in the comments for the question about Stack Exchange Q&A access in Russia and is worth addressing. While I consider public Q&...
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Weird scrollbar on "Report this Ad" popup

The "Report Ad" popup has a weird and disabled scrollbar on the right side: Windows 10, Firefox 94.0.2 (64-bit)
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Advertisements dark mode

The blocks with advertisements on the right side should have dark colors in dark mode, the advertisement is a spotlight with a white background.
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Reporting ads as off-topic / irrelevant based on the site scope

I usually do not pay attention to ads but lately I've noticed that most of the ads on Web Applications that are shown to me are related to developing web applications but that is off-topic on the site ...
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Ad banner in side menu may overflow the page

The ad in the side menu sometimes is the same size of the top banner ad (in that case, 729px x 90px). I managed to reproduce this a few times on the Home page and on the question page. Browser 1: ...
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Stack overflow for teams ad

For some time now I keep seeing this on most of the SE sites I visit: While I admit that this is a useful piece of information, I still want to find out how many more days will I be seeing it?
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34 votes
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The future of Community Promotion, Open Source, and Hot Network Questions Ads

September update: The ads are now live! As a way to try to address some of the concerns about the voting period being too short, we're running the selected ads that score 6 or more, or any ads scoring ...
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Are the SpaceX related blogs (software-in-space), blogs or advertorials?

Recently several blogs tagged software-in-space have appeared. They very much read like one big advertisement, with some information sprinkled through. This reminded me more of advertorials then blogs....
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Should Stack Overflow Talent be listed among the rest of the sites?

Well the question's in the title, Stack Overflow Talent seems like an obvious candidate to include in the main list of sites on the stack - or perhaps as a side-bar advert. I don't know about the ...
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How can I find all the advertisements in Stack Overflow?

Stack Overflow users know that the site shows advertisements occasionally. I can remember in a blurred way that perhaps there is a place at the Stack Overflow site that shows in one place all the ...
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Will there be Community Promotion Ads in 2021, if so when?

(title stolen from Will there be Community Promotion Ads in 2020, if so when?) Community promotion ads were usually posted in January, but this didn't happen in 2021 yet. It's not urgent but I've just ...
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What constitutes an affiliation disclosure?

The guidelines for expected behavior state: The community tends to vote down overt self-promotion and flag it as spam. Post good, relevant answers, and if some (but not all) happen to be about your ...
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Who benefits from certain ads targetting open source projects?

I know how affiliate marketing works (though not an expert) but I can't comprehend in certain cases, where is the benefit of the ads (as in, who benefit from it?) when they relate to an open source ...
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Can we allow for pasting of images in the "Report this ad" modal?

When reporting an ad we are served this modal: Which requires an image of the ad in question. The image uploader looks similar to the one being used in posts, with one big disadvantage though. It won'...
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Empty leaderboard style ad

I recently joined a new site, so I get the joy of seeing ads again. This add struck me as odd Inspecting the page also revealed no hint of any actual add container being present. The HTML of the page ...
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Ads appearing before (on top of) questions?

I came across this question on Mathematics, and was very troubled by the ad appearing on top of the question, as well as to the right of the question. Since when are ads permitted to be banners ...
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Ads should not cause a content shift

I recently joined a few Stack Exchange sites on which I don't have the reduce ads privilege yet. The issue I experienced happens with the two "leaderboard" style ads that are displayed to ...
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Sporadic bug with SE question ads [duplicate]

Opening the ad on a new tab (Ctrl+Click) doesn't work. It simply appends a query string. Clicking on the ad shows the navbar in the gif area.
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Why does Stack Exchange use Google ads for links between their own sites?

I am logged in to Stack Overflow (in English) from a Spanish-speaking country and see an advert for the Spanish language version of Stack Overflow. The advert, when translated, reads "if you're ...
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Is there an Area 51 policy on offering money to people who follow or commit to their proposals?

I just received this email from [email protected] (XYZ and SOMECRYPTO are not the real names): I’m XYZ, a community member of SOMECRYPTO, a high-throughput and high-security blockchain platform. Our ...
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Ads on Android open regardless of whether I touch them

I have a problem which I encounter only on Stack Exchange group sites (although it can be my phone's problem). The problem is: I don't tap on the ad, but it still opens. I want to drag my finger to ...
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Lazy loading our leaderboard ads

The Advertising team is continuously making improvements to the ads experience on our sites for both our users as our clients. One of the changes we’re excited about sharing is the implementation of ...
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Are community ads still a thing? [duplicate]

Are community ads still a thing? The last activity on the offical tag was in 2013, and I can’t remember when I last saw a community ad banner (this might be due to ad blocking, although I’ve in ...
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Is the Stack Exchange Meta site advertised?

I've noticed that there are a low number of users on Stack Exchange Meta, compared to other SE sites, such as Stack Overflow. Do the Stack Exchange Team ever advertise this site?
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Report this Ad Feature

This post is in reference to the following blog post: Report this Ad [beta] provides more control over your advertising experience To start off, a quick introduction of myself; my name is Jascha Drel,...
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Is it acceptable for a moderator to advertise their own products or services in their profile?

I know that mild promotional activities by users in their profile are generally allowed to some level of good sense, but I noticed that the profile of Mark Mayo ♦, a moderator at Travel Stack Exchange,...
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Don't show ad for Developer Survey if you've already taken it

I just noticed an advertisement for the Developer Survey 2020: I have already taken it two weeks ago, and the system knows about this since it awarded me a badge for it. In that case, it's better to ...
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A claim in the Facebook Ad for Teams is not factually correct

The following ad campaign went live on Facebook today: Text: Stack Overflow for Teams has been named the leader in G2 Crowd’s Knowledge Management category again this winter. Thanks to all of our ...
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Should linked questions be more visible?

Every now and then I remember that there are actually links to other questions on the right hand side. For people who don't know: Whenever you post a URL to another question, the question that links ...
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Sponsored tags no longer show appropriate icon

Sponsored tags no longer show appropriate icon next to tag name. For instance, Android tag had green Android logo, that is no longer there: While it is always possible that some tag is no longer ...
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How can a site get sponsored tags?

There has been quite a bit of chatter recently on Stack Exchange's priorities with respect to the sites, specifically on how Stack Overflow and technical sites are seen as the primary revenue streams. ...
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4 answers

To what extent can I responsibly advertise an open-source project related to SE?

A group of SE users and I are collaborating on an open-source project similar to the SE network (basically an alternative for frustrated users), and I would like to get the word out to interested SE ...
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What is StackShare, actually? [closed]

SE Inc. has sent me this promotional email about StackShare, directing me to this announcement. Well, I read it, but I don't actually understand what this StackShare thing actually does. Is it at all ...
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Today's inappropriate ad: fixing bunions without surgery (and probably without any doctor) on Chemistry [duplicate]

Five days ago, I wrote: Yeah I'm aware that "a tool to manage ad experience" is currently being developed, but as long as it's not available, I'll keep on reporting these. I'll also keep on ...
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I can’t see ads on any SE sites I am active on. A bug?

I’m expecting to see some of the much Meta-discussed ads on all the sites where I am active, but nothing yet, at least nothing on my devices (I use mainly a tablet and a phone). Is it a question of ...
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Inappropriate ad: online gambling on Music SE

I have repeatedly been shown this ad for an online gambling site on Music SE: While (heavily regulated) gambling is legal in my jurisdiction, I consider advertisements for online gambling to be ...
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