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For the age policy of Stack Exchange (a minimum of 16 in the European Union, 13 worldwide, 18 to be a moderator)

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Does the network minimum age requirement also include users without an account?

Context: why I am asking this Recently the network Acceptable Usage Policy was changed. As a result of those changes now it is technically possible to include what the policy defines as "Sexually ...
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Where can I find the 'Mathematics' Stack Exchange site guidelines? [closed]

I glanced at a Mathematics Stack Exchange Q&A and saw a reference to the site guidelines, in particular including a reference to a lower age limit. However, going to help, I could not find any '...
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Child protection: adding recognition filters to block obvious offensive content related to pornography

We've had yet another unsuitable post on Worldbuilding. The title was innocent enough: I'm think of making steam punk/fansty hybrid do you have any suggestions The body of the question contained ...
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What happens to users who were underage at the time they created their account, but are now of age?

Let's say that I discovered a user who joined the site as an underage user (less than 13 years old) but is no longer an underage user. An example of this could be that they joined the site in 2018 as ...
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Does the Age Eligibility section of ToS apply to biological or mental age? [closed]

Current version of the Public Network Terms of Service (accessed 2021-02-13) includes a section about underage users: 3. Age Eligibility You must be at least 13 years old to access or use the Network ...
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What happens to posts by an underage user whose account was deleted?

If an underage user's account is deleted, will their posts still be there? I know that if a normal account is deleted by the owner, their posts remain. But, is it the same for underage users?
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Questions about the new minimum age for diamond moderators

Today we've released a policy that moderators must be 18 years old or older to be diamond moderators on our sites. Since the policy post isn't well-suited to address questions about the policy, that's ...
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Is there a minimum age for Community Moderators on Stack Exchange?

If I'm 16, can I be a moderator on one of the Stack Exchange network sites? I know that due to COPPA and GDPR users have to be a specific age before they can have accounts on Stack Exchange - are ...
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Why are moderators now required to report underage users?

Just today (December 2, 2020), a new moderator agreement policy was enacted, which requires moderators to report users that they find to be underage: If you find a user claiming to be under 16 ...
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Under age users - could they store their own data until of age?

Basically, I'm revisiting this question: Under age users - could they just be suspended until of age? Instead of immediately deleting an underage user's data, consider the following protocol: ...
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With the UK now having two seemingly active versions of GDPR, at which age should a moderator consider a user underaged?

The FAQ on underage users states: Stack Exchange has decided to limit registration for all people in any EU member nation to users 16 or older, in order to ensure it remains compliant with the laws ...
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Could a site be created that does not collect PII? [duplicate]

Last fall, Tim Post ♦ mentioned that the primary reason that the accounts of underage users are deleted on sight is that there are laws against holding a minor's Personally Identifiable Information (...
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Why is the "Loop" survey restricted to those 18 and above?

The new blog post Introducing the Loop: A Foundation in Listening links to a survey, that appears to be what the Loop is at the moment. That is this: "Through the Loop Survey" on SurveyMonkey When I ...
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Can users 13 to 15 years old who are based outside of the European Union use SE while traveling to the EU?

The Terms of Service contains the following snippet: If you are located within the European Union, you must be at least 16 years old to access or use the Network or Services, including without ...
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What happened to accounts that were previously of age, but became underage once GDPR was adopted?

I'm aware that in 2018, the GDPR was adopted in the European Union, and in response, SE amended its license terms to require that all users from the EU be at least 16 to participate in the site. ...
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Could underage users just be suspended until of age?

We had a user who as far as we can tell on, was deleted on Puzzling for being underage, and so all their accounts were removed. They were an incredibly useful user on Travel, and if they ...
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Do custom flags remain on deleted posts?

I occasionally see suspected underage users posting. Usually these posts get deleted for unrelated issues (if someone's stating their age, they're probably not writing very useful content either). I ...
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Why do users in the European Union have to be at least 16 to participate in SE? [duplicate]

I noticed this new paragraph in the Terms of Service: If you are located within the European Union, you must be at least 16 years old to access or use the Network or Services, including without ...
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SEDE doesn't age well (aka don't let users input their Birthday on SEDE and stop showing their age)

Stack Exchange has removed anything related to age from their live database recently, following the GDPR, in the database level, including in the tables used by SEDE. However, SEDE itself still let ...
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What is the minimum age at which you could work for Stack Overflow?

Just asking for a friend who's two years younger than I am.
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Misleading note on profile editing page

According to this post, age is no longer publicly visible (except for the Stack Exchange Data Explorer and Data Dump). What about the indicative text?
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What do I do when a user states "I am 12"?

I came across a question, which lead me to a user profile1. One thing stood out like a sore thumb: I'm an .. and 12 year old boy I immediately flagged the account via the "contact us" link, as the ...
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Isn't it time to remove the age from network profile? [duplicate]

Since the big profile makeover about two years ago, age is no longer displayed on user profiles. However, it's still visible in the network profile: I can't see any point leaving it there when ...
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Are users under the age of 13 now allowed?

I was browsing Stack Overflow, and I came across this question, asked by a user claiming to be under the age of 13, in this case, 7 years old. As far as I know, children under the age of 13 are not ...
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Would it be possible to setup SE sites specifically designed for children, what do you think?

Yesterday my daughter watched me acting on my favorite SE site. She essentially said: "Hey, that's cool. Can you recommend me a me a site there, where I could go to with my bunch of questions I ...
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Are 95-year-olds not allowed to use SE? [duplicate]

I tried setting my birthday to an old age to see if it would work, but I was stopped by a message that said "Birthday must be after 1920/01/01". According to this article, 1.9 million people in the U....
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Age differences

I realize that Stack Exchange sites accommodate a variety of people, whether they are professional or enthusiast contributors, whether they are 13 or >60. But does SE have encouragement strategies ...
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Are moderators required to report users younger than 13? [duplicate]

Users younger than 13 are deleted immediately once SE is informed about the case. The reason for this is COPPA, the US law intended to protect children online. The guidelines as far as I understand ...
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Birthdate field in bio does not allow older than 94 years? [duplicate]

I notice that entering an old date in the "birthdate" field returns the error "Date must be later than 1920/01/01" which is actually not true, because you can enter a date of 1920/01/01. Also, are ...
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How should Ask Ubuntu handle old questions and answers? [closed]

Ask Ubuntu will be 4 this year and as we toddle off into the future, we leave a trail of posts behind us. Some are historically excellent, some were never that good and never got answered, and some ...
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'Age' field in data explorer is inconsistent with main site [closed]

This appears to be a re-occurrence (or it never was fixed) of this bug: Age calculations are wrong in the data dump export Basically, when running a Data.SE query, the age field seems to be always ...
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Age not updating on Stack Overflow [duplicate]

I am having a similar issue reported in this question: Age not updating on profile. I had a birthday several months ago, but my Stack Overflow profile still says the younger age. This seems to be a ...
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Top users who are teenagers or underage

I am 21 years old. I have always been fascinated when I see teens or young users on Stack Overflow, who are younger than me but in reputations wise, ah!!! I can't compare with mine. They are at that ...
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Child friendly zones to maximise the pedagogical potential of Stack Exchange sites

Whilst helping my daughter out with an English Language challenge, the power of social networks to educate, through the proxy of Dad became apparent. It occurred to me to question: How can we make ...
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User inactivity due to... well, death. Profile info (Age) keeps adding years [closed]

My question, I guess, is not that common. I am not even sure it is a question. Anyway, here what pushed me towards asking this... Last year, I was constantly bumping into one user w/ name David. He ...
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Should the age of the asker temper our answers?

I commented on a poorly asked question today. From reading some of the askers other posts I realised they were in their early teens, but their profile didn't show their age. I realised then that I ...
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An age penalty is not fair [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Must be above 13 to use Stack Exchange sites? Why do I have to be 13 years old?! I'm a developer just as much as anyone else! Stack Overflow always calls it "A day in the ...
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Minimum age for SO Meetups

I've been asked by a user who wishes to remain anonymous what the minimum age for attending today's meetups is.
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Bug in age on Stack Exchange profile?

My age is correctly reported on my SO profile but on my main Stack Exchange profile page I appear to have aged somewhat. (Or perhaps it's a homage to Douglas Adams.) Anyone else suffering from this, ...
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How come somebody's 257 years old? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: It's nice to know that Stack Overflow also attracts the older demographic Need I say more?
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Age limit is too strict [closed]

There is a restriction on setting your birthday: Oops! There was a problem updating your profile: - Birthday must be after 1920/01/01 I realize the number of 90 year old users is small, but ...
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It's nice to know that Stack Overflow also attracts the older demographic

Specifically, why is it that there are 2 users older than 90: svec is 110 Ed is 257 This seems to violate the warning that is given if you try to put in a birthdate that would make you over ~90 ...
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Why can't I use Stack Exchange if I'm under 13 years old, or if I'm under 16 years old and from the EU?

I was just reading the Terms of Service, and noticed something: You must be at least 13 years old to access or use the Network or Services, including without limitation to complete a Stack Overflow ...
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Display a "Happy Birthday" message when a user logs in on their birthday

Today is my birthday. I was disappointed to see that when I logged on to SO I was not greeted with a "Happy Birthday" message. Can we display something (maybe through the notification bar?) when ...
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Age calculations are wrong in the data dump export

I'm still 29, and this shows correctly on StackOverflow and the rest of the "trilogy" because I entered my correct birth date. The data dump says I'm 30. I know this is happening to other users as ...
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Remove "age" field or remove requirement of "age" field for Autobiographer badge [duplicate]

I would like the Autobiographer badge, but I don't want to put my age on my profile. I think asking for your age is just a little too personal to have on a programming / IT / computer website. At ...
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