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Questions tagged [aged-away]

For questions regarding the "aged away" status for flags or close votes.

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Prevent reopen votes from expiring until a question is dequeued to improve experience for low-visibility queue items

The workflow for getting a question reopened is you edit to improve the question, use the 'Add to review' checkbox or cast a reopen vote yourself to push your question into the Reopen votes queue, ...
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The "flag posts" privilege page in the Help Center has outdated info on "rude or abusive" and "spam" flags

The help center page on flags says: flags that aren't processed in a reasonable amount of time age away: rude or abusive and spam flags expire after 48 hours But according to answers to this feature ...
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Prevent duplicate flag to be marked as "aged away"

I understand the use of the aged away flags for closing requests for old questions (since standards may have been changed etc.). In I found that aged ...
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2 answers

Should I worry about my aged away flag count?

So on Stack Overflow, I have a lot of aged-away flags. The helpful flags to aged away flags ratio seems out of balance. I have 38 helpful and 21 aged away. I only have one retracted, and it was ...
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Why can't I recast aged close votes and flags that were cast a long time before the change allowing recasting?

In March 2015, a change was made to the close voting system, to allow users to recast close votes and close flags 14 days after they age away. However, according to this post, apparently votes that ...
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56 votes
2 answers

Don't age away spam/rude/abusive flags

Currently, spam flags and rude/abusive flags age away in 2 days if not acted upon. This doesn't really happen on active sites, but it does happen elsewhere. (For example, I have four aged-away spam ...
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Add a link near aged away flag to reflag it again

It will be very convenient if we can reflag aged away flag (after 14 days of course) just via one click. For example it can be like this:
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What causes a flag to be "aged away"? [duplicate]

In my flagged post history, I noticed a section for "aged away" flags. What exactly are "aged away" flags? Does it just mean the flag was inactive for a while? If so, how long does a flag need to be ...
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6 votes
1 answer

Should I go back and reflag questions/answers that aged away?

I was going back through my flagging history, and I noticed several flags that had aged away. I looked back at the questions/answers, and found that several of them still had the potential to be ...
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18 votes
1 answer

Can't re-flag aged-away flag

I flagged this post (as duplicate) 2014-12-05, a few hours after it was posted, and the flag is marked aged away. But I can't re-flag that post for any type of closure, even though Age close votes ...
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1 answer

Do suggested edits eventually age away if not reviewed?

Votes to close and such eventually age away if not enough people vote. What about suggested edits - if an edit is neither approved/rejected by 2 users, does it eventually timeout too? Or does it ...
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1 answer

Show totals for "aged away" flags on profile's flag-summary page

On my profile flag-summary page (aka flag-history), the current flagging history only shows total flags, total helpful, and total declined. This leaves a gap in the numbers for the ones "aged away". ...
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102 votes
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When are moderator flags automatically dismissed as "aged away" by the system?

Moderator flags can be dismissed as aged away. What does this dismiss reason mean? What causes flags to be dismissed with this reason? Do aged away flags affect my daily flag amount? Can I cast a ...
45 votes
1 answer

Why was my flag marked "scheduledtaskinvalidated"?

I know that there are three reasons with which a flag can be dismissed: helpful, declined, or disputed. However, I recently came across this fourth one: It has been pointed out to me that this could ...
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18 votes
1 answer

Edits trump VLQ flags, close votes expire... and delete votes are forever. Why?

If I flag something (at least as VLQ, maybe other flags too?) and somebody edits the post, my flag is "resolved" (disputed) and does no further harm. If I vote to close (or reopen) and not enough ...
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48 votes
1 answer

How do close votes age away?

The help center states, Close votes age away harmlessly if the threshold is not reached after a number of days. If the question has at least 100 views, close votes will age away after 4 days; ...
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Do comment flags eventually auto-expire?

It appears that comment flags will never expire? I think that comment flags should also expire, because if a comment hasn't been flagged 6 times within a given period, it no-longer deemed note-worthy,...
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