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Questions tagged [ai-tools]

Questions related to AI tools that Stack Exchange is developing or using. For questions about AI policy (i.e. asking or answering with AI generated answers), use [chatgpt]

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Does Stack Overflow Inc have a 'plan B' for their current AI strategy failing?

As a long time user, I've seen SE go through multiple cycles of trying to find new revenue sources (Careers, Teams, and now AI), and when it fails we go through cycles of downsizing like the most ...
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Can the AI banner disappear globally once dismissed on any site?

I've dismissed it here on MSE, but I still see it on Super User. Given that I've already seen and dismissed the banner once, I don't really want to have to dismiss it on each site. (Ignore the font ...
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Use AI like ChatGPT to find duplicate questions

I know ChatGPT is banned on Stack Exchange. But could an AI tool be used in automation? I mean most of the time I try to find if my question is a duplicate or not before asking the question, and I see ...
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