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Adding ethics as an alias for philosophy? [closed]

Ethics is a pretty broad field. In fact, there are ethics tags in IPS, Workplace, Academia, and, of course, philosophy. Considering that philosophy is usually the department where ethics is taught ...
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Can high rep users suggest tag synonyms?

I see that tag synonyms (aliases) exist, however I can't seem to figure out how they actually get created. There's at least one question on meta where synonyms are proposed. Is that something that ...
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Substitute "mma" (instead of "math") when limiting the list for off-topic migrations to Mathematica

In coming across a question to be migrated to Mathematics, I accidentally migrated the question to the newly-out-of-private-beta Mathematica site. This happened because when migrating to Mathematics, ...
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Should questions be tagged with both a tag and a "sub-tag"?

In my retagging madness today, I came across a few questions tagged similar to the following: [visual-studio], [visual-studio-2005] My question is: should questions be tagged like this with both ...
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tag aliases/synonyms [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Could the tagging system be enhanced to support tag synonyms? re: several tagging reorganizations... If there is a canonical form of a tag (e.g. the Java tags question) then ...
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Could we make tags imply other tags?

The prime example is C# and .Net. 95% of C# questions are also tagged .Net. The reverse isn't the case so it's not a synonym. Basically, C# is a child of .Net. Would it be possible to create some ...
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