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Questions tagged [alt-text]

Text alternative for images and other non-text content that conveys the same message or meaning as the image. Text alternatives can be rendered as synthetic speech or Braille by a screen reader.

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Math mode in image alt text [duplicate]

I used math mode in an image's alt text. This had worked in the past, but now upon an edit, it is broken: the alt text now appears as a link after the image. See answer at What is the difference ...
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Why are there so many images with alt text "a busy cat" on the network?

While reviewing the results of my script that repairs broken images across the network, I noticed there are many images where the alt text is "a busy cat". It might be an older version of ...
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What percentage of images on SE have a meaningful alt-text?

As a follow-up question of Stop image upload completion from stealing cursor focus, I wonder what percentage of images on SE have a meaningful alt-text. Edit: by meaningful, I mean useful.
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Stop image upload completion from stealing cursor focus

Upon image upload completion, the cursor focus is moved to the image tag (see example below). Feature request: don't move the cursor focus.
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Alt text overflowing the icons in top bar when avatar (profile picture) is broken

Consider: In Firefox (with ad blockers enabled) the toolbar is rendered like this.
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Use "Review your question" for something useful: Encouraging accessible images [duplicate]

When you use the image uploader, it creates something like this: [![enter image description here][1]][1] This text is invisible to most people in the preview and serves no obvious purpose, so many ...
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Images in "Agility starts with trust" blog post have no alt text, making it less accessible

If we have any hope of making technology more diverse and inclusive, we have to make technical learning resources accessible to all. That's a direct quote from "Agility starts with trust", ...
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Please catch no alt text in the automated question review process

When writing a question, you now have to submit the question to go through an automated review process before being allowed to post it. If the review was successful, it'll give you this message: Our ...
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Alt text overlap for Top Network Askers with broken avatar

When a user's avatar is not available, and they're listed in the Top Network Askers in the right sidebar of, the alt text of the avatar overlaps the username or site name in ...
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Are there any particular characters or sequences that should never be put in an image description?

Answer(s) to How to upload an image to a post? (found in metaFAQ) explain several reasons why we should replace the default "enter image description here" with something meaningful. Are there any ...
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Issue with image alternate text in blog authors page

There is an issue with the <img alt in the Stack Overflow Blog - Authors page. Today when I'm accessing the blog authors page in slow internet connection, I see the image alternate text is ...
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Can’t see long alt text

I’m on a network right now that blocks Imgur, and I noticed that long alt text doesn’t show. Instead I see a short, wide white rectangle with a grey border. Here’s an example that should show the ...
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2 answers

If there's an image that's not really possible to describe, should I remove the default description?

Looking at this answer, there is this graph: It had the default "enter image description here" text for the alt. However, I don't think that such a big image with so many datapoints shown is possible ...
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How can I write good alt text?

When editing Stack Exchange posts, a whole ton of them don't have alt text on images. Alt text is important so the visually impaired that have to rely on screen readers can experience and value Stack ...
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Block "enter image description here" [duplicate]

Soooo many people don't bother following the simple instructions filled in automatically for alt text (old stats). Posts are rife with "enter image description here" which leaves content inaccessible ...
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11 votes
3 answers

Stack Exchange isn't well-readable if images are disabled in browser

I had disabled images/Flash/videos in my browser globally for all websites (due to a very low-speed internet in my village). Of course, it also affected SE. Anyway, when I entered SE, the site seems ...
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Logos in Migration list should have empty 'alt' values (instead of "icon for <domain>")

When voting to move a question with "This question belongs on another site in the Stack Exchange network", a list of sites is shown, where each entry consists of the site logo and the site name/link (...
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Make alt-text the tooltip for images in preview mode

This is similar to Also use alt tag as title on images, which asked to make the alt-text serve as the title. However, the OP in that question could not think of a good use case. I can think of a very ...
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Wrong image alt text on Winter Bash 2015 [closed]

I had just a network issue while loading the main page on my mobile and I was greeted with a Winter Bash 2013 text. I had to double check the url, it seems that the alt text is broken.
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Image description not searchable or included in summary

I have a question on Skeptics.SE that prominently features an image. To improve accessibility and searchability I included the text from the image as the image description. This description is ...
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37 votes
2 answers

Could image description be input in the Add Image dialog box while uploading images?

When uploading an image, could there be a field to input the caption inside the dialog box? This could work so that as the user waits for the file to upload, he could be typing the caption. Then ...
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Quotes in image alt break HTML [closed]

While creating a question, I used quotes in an images alt text. It rendered correctly. To be sure that nothing was wrong, I opened up Chrome's Inspector on the rendered output. Sure enough, the quotes ...
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4 answers

What's the point in adding alt-text to an image?

When you add an image to a post via the helper bar, you get this: ![enter image description here][1] [1]: What purpose does the enter image description here text serve?...
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Images use title text, not alt text [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Also use alt tag as title on images Alt text does not produce tooltips on Chrome (and maybe other standard compliant browsers). The alt attribute specifies alternate text ...
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Markdown image alt-text is not escaped, resulting in the image not being displayed

I was editing here. Problem #1: the curious behavior of images with angle brackets in the alt-text Post content: ![figure demonstrate the use of ->][1] [1]: Post ...
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Can we get rid of the default text "enter image description here"?

When I just viewed this answer, I got two lines with "enter image description here" for almost 10 seconds. Then, it seems, imgur decided to provide the actual images. This happens from time to time, ...
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Make editor toolbar more distinct when images are turned off

If I turn off automatic image loading in my browser, which happens to be Firefox if that's relevant, the editor toolbar buttons become invisible and the toolbar itself quite indistinct. Here's an ...
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Use the image URL as default alt text?

Since today the image uploader inserts an image using: ![enter image description here][] I'm sure that the previous default value, alt text, made no sense and almost ...
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Encourage people to use alt text

People should be encouraged to use alt text when they upload images to questions or answers. Even experienced users with 110K rep have forgotten to do so at least one times. A tooltip would be ...
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Can the ALT text for the checkmark be more specific?

When I go to a SE site on my phone (using Opera Mini 4.2), I can accept an answer by clicking the text "accept". However, after accepting, it still says "accept". Since the switch over to using ...
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Ad image alt-text should show company or product name

I've noticed several ads recently that don't clearly offer any information about the product, service, or company they're advertising. Occasionally the ads are eye-catching and I'd like to know what ...
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Also use alt tag as title on images

When linking to an image using the Markdown Syntax ![alt text][1] The alt text gets added as the "alt" attribute on the img tag, which is correct. It would be nice if it could also be added as the "...
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Stack Overflow logo alt text incorrect?

I just noticed that the Stack Overflow logo image alt text is "logo homepage". The W3C WCAG 1.0 guidlines state that every non text element should contain a text equivalent. This isn't very specific ...
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