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A bronze badge for visiting all sections of the FAQ. As of June 2013 this badge is no longer awarded.

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Hide the Analytical badge for new sites

The Aviation site just launched, into private beta. I was looking through the list of badges, and found a trusty old pal: The only thing is, this will never be awarded on a new site; can we get rid ...
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Shouldn't the Beta badge be retired like the Analytical badge?

On Stack Overflow, the Analytical badge was retired when the help center rolled out. However, although the site is long out of beta, the Beta badge is still on the badges page. Shouldn't the Beta ...
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Analytical badge awarded recently

I was browsing badges right now, and saw that the Analytical badge has been retired. I tried searching how to get one, but found out that it cannot be obtained now - thanks to this question. Well, I ...
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Analytical badge still alive? [duplicate]

The badge “Analytical” says “Visited every section of the FAQ (retired)”. This sounds like nobody can get this badge anymore, but, still, there are some people who earned it recently: https://...
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Analytical Badge still showing "FAQ"

I just noticed that the FAQ link at the top of the page is replaced with "help". However, the description of the Analytical Badge is still "Visited every section of the FAQ". Shouldn't this also be ...
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Require analytical badge before asking questions [closed]

Every day we have new users posting questions like this (10k required, or soon to be). These are not questions that will ever help the site in any way and, as more and more of them show up, more and ...
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Not getting Analytical badge [duplicate]

I viewed all the sections in the FAQ of Stack Overflow but have still not been awarded the "Analytical" badge. Is it that I need to see all the FAQs in Meta, Programmers and other Stack Exchange ...
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Still waiting for that analytical badge [closed]

I went through all the steps, pressing the 'expand all' link, etc., and after five days I still have no badge. I've also read and followed all of the meta questions on this topic. Can someone please ...
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Analytical badge plainly not working [closed]

EDIT: the badge got retired without me ever getting the chance to get it... The problem I have already read this post about this badge taking some time to be awarded and many other related. BUT I ...
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Analytical: How does it exactly work? [closed]

I've learned that to be awarded with an 'Analytical' badge, you need to visit all sections of the FAQ. Well, I'm pretty sure I did visit all sections in there. But what I can't seem to understand is ...
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"Analytical" badge not awarded [closed]

I just saw that the "Analytical" badge is awarded to those who read all the sections of FAQ. I am pretty sure that I read all the sections of FAQ, but I did not see analytical badge on my profile. ...
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Add Analytical badge to Area 51 [closed]

There is an Analytical badge for "Visited every section of the FAQ" on every normal Stack Exchange but there is no such badge on Area 51. Badges are for encouraging and rewarding wanted ...
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How come I can award badges to myself without meeting the requirements? [closed]

Warning: this question does not represent a security concern and really isn't all that serious. The problem lies with this badge: Which is awarded for: Visited every section of the FAQ. However, ...
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How does the Analytical badge work? [duplicate]

As of June 2013, this badge is no longer awarded as the FAQ has been changed to the Help Center all across the network I've just seen this new badge on Stack Overflow, how does it work? Is it ...
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