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For questions about answer counts, which is either the number of answers to a question, or the number of answers on a given SE site as shown in a user's network profile.

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Please split the answer count shown on posts to distinguish between deleted and undeleted answers

Note: this is not a request to hide deleted answers (which has been requested in the past). The answer count under a question currently has code that tracks which answers are deleted and which answers ...
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Network Profile showing wrong answer count

I was just looking at my Network Profile accounts page, and noticed that it says I have zero answers on Meta Stack Exchange: If you look at the answer tab in my profile activity, however, you ...
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How can I get the total number of answers on any site?

I am doing research which requires the total number of answers on Stack Overflow. Is there an approach for me to get it?
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How on earth does this question have 2.7k views on day 1? [duplicate]

How come the views for this question is at 2,732 if it was only posted today? It has a lot of answers, too! Is this a bug or is this really happening? How has this happened?
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Make hot questions with multiple answers age away faster on smaller / subjective-ish sites [duplicate]

Due to extended exposure to wide SE network, hot questions tend to attract certain amount of low quality answers 1 2 3. These answers would better be (and eventually are) removed, but on smaller / ...
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Refreshing a question doesn't update the answer count properly [duplicate]

In the Stack Exchange Android App v1.0.7 1.0.33 (with a HTC One running Android 4.4.2), the answer count for a question you're viewing is displayed in two places: In the label of the answer tab: At ...
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Question answer count is incorrect due to caching?

18 hours ago one of my questions had an activity via Community User. Seems It removed some spam answer or something. Now even after 18 hours, it's showing 3 answers on the list of questions and only 2 ...
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5 Answers whilst there are 6 [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Question shows 4 answers but there are 5. Spliting based on comma and then space in JavaScript I guess because I (pimvdb) posted the same time (at exactly the same second) as ...
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Question shows 4 answers but there are 5

There are 5 answers for this question but it says 4.
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Question migrated from SO without its answers, and wrong answer count in Meta

This question was migrated from SO. It had 5 answers at the time it was migrated. These were lost in the way. However, the question on Meta kept "thinking" that it had 5 answers. When I added mine, ...
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Answer count in profile incorrect when questions have been answered more than once

In the user profile, questions on which the user has posted more than one answer are grouped into one. This leads to a wrong answer count: I, for example, don't currently have 169 answers on Meta; ...
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Wrong Answer Count on Stats Page

According to the message printed at the bottom of the stats page (and as confirmed by Jeff's answer to this question): Only non community-wiki questions and answers are included in these totals ...
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Answer Count on Stats Page Off

So I've been immensely narcissistic on my march toward a silver tag badge, and I've been checking the stats page incessantly. In my looking, I found that the number of answers that the stats page says ...
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