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Metric used to work out if an answer is sub-par and needs "attention". Not publicly detailed or gutted.

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Unable to translate "Low answer quality score" sentence for processed flags with negative score

There is no translation possible for "Low answer quality score" on processed flag section. At the same time that phrase has translation for a new flag a processed flag with positive score ...
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Invisible placeholder-stub-answers-with-autodelete-timeout to avoid "Question closed!" frustration

Motivation: Once again I spent time creating an elaborate answer on Stack Overflow, only to find the page locked when I was done, because people were not satisfied with the details given. Sometimes ...
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Will the "Content Health" feature come to public Q&A on Stack Exchange?

It was announced in The Overflow today there's a new Content Health feature is being launched on Stack Overflow for Teams. Are there currently plans to introduce this to public Q&A sites on Stack ...
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Version labels for answers

We’d like to introduce version labels (official name and verbiage pending) for answers, a new product feature idea as part of the larger Outdated Answers project. We hope that this feature will help ...
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Would content curators support/value a feature that prevented new and problem answerers from answering the freshest questions?

As a passionate, daily curator of content in multiple Stack Exchange communities, I've noticed that Stack Overflow (SO) is in dire need of an enhancement to combat the flood of answers on pages that ...
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Outdated Answers project kicking off on Stack Overflow

As we announced on Meta Stack Overflow, we are kicking off a project to begin tackling the issue of outdated answers. That post goes into detail on the initiative and our approach. We are focusing our ...
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Complete versus complex answers [closed]

In this question, the OP asks "How could I create a randomly-variable-length list of instances (objects) of this class Teacher without using any list comprehension (maybe from vectorization or ...
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Most adequate writing point of view in self-answered questions [closed]

Which is the most adequate writing point of view to self-answer a question? 1. First person. Taking into account that the person who asks and answers are the same. Something like: I found a ...
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What should I do if I am afraid to post for fear of downvote hell?

--- The General Question --- Should I avoid posting (writing questions or answers) unless I am willing (and able) to put forth the exorbitant effort required to produce "exceptional content". **Will ...
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Is it harder to write a good question or a good answer?

I was wondering whether there's any evidence to be had as to whether it's harder to write good questions or good answers. For example, from the data available in SEDE or previous surveys. I suppose "...
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Automatic quality control and their effects on participation and contribution

I am interested in studying how automatic quality control can affect participation and contribution in online discussion communities. Many content generation platforms are struggling with balancing ...
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The /help/how-to-answer on all sites should include information about reading existing answers and suggesting that new answers add information

I'm not aware of any site that would permit many people to post the same or very similar answers to a question. I thought that this was rather obvious, but there's no place in the Help Center to point ...
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Improvements to handling questions with too many answers

I noticed something today on Software Engineering when dealing with an autogenerated moderator flag regarding "More than 10 answers posted to this question in the past 7 days". Mainly - this flag isn'...
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Shotgun users that post multiple low quality answers

Let's suppose I'm a new user (below 1500 reputation points), and all I want to do is gain reputation points so I use the shotgun approach and answer as many questions as I can. While I'm doing that I'...
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Does the call to action decrease answer quality?

On some, if not all sites, there's a call to action that encourages people to answer questions: Can you help? Stack Overflow depends on everyone sharing their knowledge. If you're able to answer ...
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Impact of the reputation limit and global time on answer quality [duplicate]

I'm wondering whether the reputation limit in combination with a global clock doesn't create the following effect: "The quality of the answers is the highest around 00:00 UTC and drops until 23:...
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Is an answer that only decomposes a problem and provides links good?

I have recently written this answer: Your problem has two distinct parts: How do I update user session attributes whenever I want to? How do I do something every 20 minutes? For ...
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Vote to delete answers as duplicates of earlier answers

Scenario: An answer is posted that is substantially the same as an earlier posted one, and its existence adds no (more) value. Suggestion A specific new "duplicate" action, not a flag, like ...
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Handling correct answers with insecure code

I often read and answer to questions on cryptography usage in Java. I noticed that a large number of questions contain totally insecure code. Also answers often answer the questions but do not correct ...
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Make hot questions with multiple answers age away faster on smaller / subjective-ish sites [duplicate]

Due to extended exposure to wide SE network, hot questions tend to attract certain amount of low quality answers 1 2 3. These answers would better be (and eventually are) removed, but on smaller / ...
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Reorder questions picked for hot list based on adjusted hotness score (discard some answers by voting evidence)

Executive Summary The 100 questions are selected for the "Hot Network Questions" list displayed in the sidebar of each site. These questions are designed to showcase other sites in the Stack ...
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New measures to reduce bad answer flood on high traffic questions [duplicate]

I think it is a fairly well recognized phenomenon that questions in some tags attract more terrible answers at faster speed than others. And the site already does a fairly decent job at taking care of ...
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Struggling to understand Stack Overflow's philosophy [closed]

I'm new here and find the prevailing attitude and tone of the site extremely authoritarian and offensive. It is certainly not encouraging one to participate and share opinions etc. I have just been ...
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Answering with just code [duplicate]

Is it bad practice to answer with just code and no explanation? I had someone complain about this once but everyone seems to do it.
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Are these answers useful?

I realize this is a really old question which may require moderator's attention. I suggest we lock it or close it as new answers show up which in my opinion seem a bit useless. I am specifically ...
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Answers that doesn't provide more help than existing ones [duplicate]

For example, a user asked a question. Before long, an answer comes up, attempting to answer the question. Now, i've seen a lot of times that later, after about 15, 30 minutes, other answers popped ...
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More SO users are not reading the post before replying or voting

This is definitely a tenuous question without any hard data, but I want an answer: Is the quality of the average SO user going down? A few years ago SO seemed to be both a source of good answers ...
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If more than N answers are submitted within T seconds, how can we promote obscured good answers?

A good indicator of a trivial question is that many answers are submitted in a short space of time. I suggest that we consider both the quality of the question, and the quality of answers that result....
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What to do with all 9 answers pretty much the same

I'm taking a look at a question with 9 answers (now removed), which all seem to be pretty much the same. Should any be downvoted/flagged, and if so, which ones?
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how to get more number of upvotes on an answer?

I've been actively participating on SO for last 3 months and I am now able to answer questions well. Although, I noticed that questions or answer will get upvotes only for a short period of time maybe ...
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What is the best practice 'etiquette' to tell an answer is outdated and should be updated?

Due to changes in technologies, many answers were outdated. However, these answers were very good for the past, and they might also be useful for the same cases, but not for most. An example is a ...
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Quality not Quantity Answers

There is a user on a Stack Exchange site where I am heavily active who seems to post a great deal of poor answers. Here are some vote stats: 67 Answers 14 between (-1) - (-4) inclusive 23 (0) 20 ...
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Setting per-question criteria users have to meet to answer a question [duplicate]

Note that this is NOT only about points. The "duplicate" question is asking for a SO reputation-based limitation. This is asking rather for a more sophisticated conditions. I have had a very bad ...
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Are we an answer factory? [duplicate]

Are we an answer factory, or are we here to educate? I've been reading Stack Exchanges far longer than I have been participating in them, but I have noticed a trend of people answering questions ...
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Stack Overflow technology makes me write bad answers

Update: After all those years I came up with the idea, how to make Stack Overflow a friendly and helpful place. Today I had some time and felt like writing a relatively good answer on Stack Overflow; ...
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Should trending questions be auto-protected? [duplicate]

I noticed today that a request for protection came up due to the the large number of me-too answers on a trending question I answered recently. This got me thinking, since trending questions get far ...
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How widespread is the "back it up" principle?

Good Subjective, Bad Subjective refers to the Back It Up principle that was developed on an early SE site. I've seen this principle in use on UX (though I can't find an example right now), and citing ...
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Lots of not-always-useful but well-intentioned answers

In episode 42 of the Stack Exchange podcast Joel Spolsky mentioned something along the lines that some sites (for example, Travel Answers) suffer a little from questions that don't always get useful ...
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Removal of an Answer [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Why was my answer deleted without any appropriate reason? So the thread that exploded last week on Stack Overflow about sorting socks, actually had a lot of interesting ideas ...
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How should blatant wrong answers be dealt with? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Blatantly wrong accepted answer If an answer is wrong (factually, logically or any way that is obvious), then how should it be dealt with ? Although such answers are usually ...
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Should we answer with a jQuery solution when the question only indicates Javascript? [closed]

Similar to this question but not quite the same. What are people's thoughts about posting a jQuery solution as an answer to a question, when the question doesn't indicate jQuery, only Javascript? My ...
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One-line answers

I often encounter answers on SO are only one line, and later they are not improved. One of the rules suggests that a user should comment on the question instead of providing a one-line answer (...
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Quality of answers

I'd like to find out about the guidelines for quality of answers. A question was recently asked showing the asker did not mind mixing code (Javascript being generated in PHP) and I posted an answer as ...
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17 votes
3 answers

Am I supposed to be an expert? [duplicate]

On Stack Overflow, as well as other Stack Exchange sites, I wonder what is the level of expertise required to participate? Does the Stack Exchange community prefer more questions with average quality, ...
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What are the tips for answering questions and improving the quality?

I have been asking tons of questions on Stack Overflow. I am well, indebted. As times goes by I learn more and more. I started answering questions. Almost none of my answers are upvoted. I don't even ...
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Do bounties improve overall quality of the posts?

In this post: Do offered bounties affect the reputation gain needed for the Yearling badge? one of the comments said: Bounties don't help improve the overall quality; they help getting an answer ...
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How to deal with questions with a highly voted answer (outdated) and a lowly voted answer that will only become increasingly relevant

Like this one: How do I get Haml to work with Rails? This is actually pretty common to rapidly-evolving stacks like Rails (for that question, haml-rails is considered as the current standard) I ...
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Poor answers shouldn't count towards the accept rate [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Count only questions with upvoted answers towards the accept rate percentage Possible Duplicate: Count only questions with upvoted answers towards the accept rate percentage ...
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jsfiddle only answers [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Answer that only contains a link to jsFiddle What should be done about jsFiddle only answers? Whilst jsFiddle is great, even expected for relevant tags it still suffers from all ...
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Is this really an answer? I don't think so [closed]

I was looking for answers to exporting blender projects to Android OpenGL and found one of the most vague and unclear answer on Stack Overflow, which is also the accepted answer here. https://...
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