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For questions about answers: how to answer, whether specific answers are appropriate, and so forth.

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Notify of any new answers daily by e-mail

At the bottom of my question is a text field for being notified "daily of any new answers." I assume this is an e-mail address field, but there is no hint in the UI to indicate this. I have not ...
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Is there a way to see answers with the most votes?

A few minutes ago a found an answer that is definitely worth reading! It has 74 up-votes. If I want to see questions with the most votes then I can see them by clicking on the 'votes' tab. Is there a ...
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Referencing other answers - acceptable or not?

Is it acceptable to reference another answer in my own, like so: (-some user-)'s answer sums it up, I just wanted to emphasize/add (-some clarification-) Or is it preferred that I edit the ...
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Add "Assisted Answer" feature to questions

I've often found a situation where multiple replies helped with an answer, but only one person gets the overall answer. I think it would be incredibly beneficial (and fair) to provide a function to ...
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40 votes
29 answers

Does Stack Overflow encourage developer laziness? [closed]

I've answered a number of questions on Stack Overflow recently where it is obvious that the poster has just blatantly used Stack Overflow as a substitute for loading up their own IDE/...
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It would be nice to search only my answers

Every once in a while when a very similar question is asked, I'll want to post a reference to an answer I gave for another question to help provide some more ideas to the asker. The problem is that ...
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17 answers

Closing Etiquette: Why Do Some Answer *and* Close?

I've noticed quite a few cases where people not only vote to close a question, but then also answer said question. At best this is just silly, and at worst it is totally hypocritical and seems almost ...
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169 votes
10 answers

Why do some people answer in comments?

Why do some people post comments that are actually answers to the question? Wouldn't posting an answer be better?
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9 answers

Is the "down-voting most/all answers that aren't yours" pattern considered harmful?

Emphasis: This is not a why downvote, or when is it ok to downvote, or what to do when voted down. This question is about a particular pattern of downvoting. Recently, one of my answers was downvoted....
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1 answer

Allow locking of answers

Locking of questions is currently in place, and is typically used in cases like halting edit wars. However, instead of locking an entire question and its answers, I think that it would also be ...
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3 answers

What motivates people to answer questions on Meta? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Why are you on meta? (requires 10k MSO rep) Okay, we're finding out about what motivates people to answer questions on Stack Overflow; but what motivates people to answer ...
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3 answers

What are appropriate criteria for flagging a post as spam? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How does the spam flag work? The title says it all, really; there's a "spam" criterion for flagging both questions and answers. What is it that makes something "spam"? Is it ...
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10 votes
7 answers

Should easy questions be left for beginners? That is, beginners like answering questions too?

It may already have been established (and I agree) that easy questions are welcome and valid ( Closing 'easy' questions - yes or no? ) but... Is there an argument for encouraging beginners to ...
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2 answers

Would a system of personal labelling be more useful on own questions, answers and favourites?

Having looked at these questions about how to more easily search and locate own answers and questions: Tags on Answers Please allow us to browse our own questions by tag Ability to search my stuff ...
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11 answers

Half-baked answers from new question campers....problem? [duplicate]

I seem to have noticed a bit of a trend where a posted question will very quickly get an answer, but a very poor one. It would seem that some people are "camping", waiting for new questions to be ...
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7 answers

Accept Multiple Answers or Split Bounty among Several Users

Often more than one person contributes to the community coming up with the final accepted answer to a question. However, it is only possible to accept a single answer. Restricting to one final answer ...
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5 answers

Will there be a "sister-site" for general Q&A (i.e. a Yahoo! Answers killer)? [closed]

Programmers are known as early adopters, and since Stack Overflow is so successful, I think a general question and answer website open to the whole public will be extremely successful. Plus, I think ...
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11 votes
4 answers

Stop grouping together multiple answers to the same question in user profile

If I have provided two answers to the same question, there is only one answer shown in my user profile. This answer is followed by "(2)", indicating that two answers are there, and the rep shown is ...
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2 answers

Single answer is Community Wiki while the rest are not

Under the link XML string manipulation in JS? a single answer is Community Wiki while the rest are not (the lower one in the image)... Is this a bug?
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250 votes
9 answers

Mark answer as favorite/star [duplicate]

Often times I am not interested in the question so much as I am the answer. Unfortunately, the only site option for bookmarking an optimal answer is to bookmark the question. This leaves you having to ...
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3 answers

Notified about my own answer to my question

I suppose this isn't so much of a bug as an annoyance. Yesterday afternoon I checked my email and had a "1 question has 1 answer on ServerFault" email. I got excited (too excited probably), in hopes ...
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5 votes
2 answers

List the questions/answers not the users that received a badge [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Find out which question/answer awarded you the badge Jeff stated that a background process runs to figure out how many badges you should have. I can understand this design. It ...
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101 votes
8 answers

Notify us when the question has been edited after posting an answer

Consider this situation. I post a legitimate and correct answer to a question and receive a few upvotes. Then the OP realizes that's not what they wanted to ask, and significantly rewrites the ...
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11 votes
5 answers

Remove "accepted answer" feature for community wiki's

PROPOSAL... Remove the "Accepted Answer" feature from community wiki posts. Since the community votes for the best answers, the answer with the highest votes should be considered the answer....
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41 votes
5 answers

What has happened to the quality of answers on Stack Overflow? [duplicate]

Apologies of this has come up recently / been done to death, I've only just discovered Meta Stack Overflow. I signed up for Stack Overflow just after its launch nearly a year ago, and ...
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8 answers

Should you downvote an answer that "works" because it is not strictly "correct"? [duplicate]

A question is raised and two answers are posted: The first is a solution that adheres to best practice and industry convention The second uses a kludge to get the right result How should voters act ...
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108 votes
9 answers

Is there any way to favorite/bookmark an answer?

Lots of questions are very generic, "share an experience" kinds of questions. In these cases, I am quite often interested in specific answers that may not have gotten that many upvotes. ...
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2 answers

When a question converts to community wiki, what rules wiki the answers?

I asked this question which was changed by someone to community wiki. Strangely, not all of the answers were changed to wiki as well. The question never reached the 30 answer auto-wiki limit. Also ...
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6 answers

Display the original question beneath the answer edit form

Often when I edit one of my answers, it's because I want to better address the original question. The only problem is that I can't see the original question while I'm editing my answer! I'd love to ...
17 votes
4 answers

Do you clean up (delete) your old, unvoted answers? Is doing so encouraged?

I periodically go through my old answers, looking for those that received no votes and no commentary, with a strong bias toward deleting them. I figure if this site is a resource to be searched for ...
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3 answers

Unregistered user - how can I return to my question to select an answer? SO has forgotten I was the questioner

SO recognised me yesterday and I gave my email, to become a unregistered user and ask the question. But somehow today its not tracked that I asked that question, so I can't edit the question, tick an ...
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9 votes
7 answers

Tags on answers

Sometimes an answer is very detailed and expands on the question. It would be good at this point to have separate tags for that answer. Maybe just 2 (giving a total of 7 when combined with the ...
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1 vote
3 answers

Suggestion for getting better answers

As a user of Stack Overflow, I noticed a phenomenon which quite decreases the quality of answers, that is, showing the first answer first (then, according to upvotes). I notice that, specially in ...
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175 votes
21 answers

Accepting an answer should automatically upvote it as well

Is there ever a case where you would want to accept an answer, but not upvote it? I can't think of a single situation where this would be the case.. So would it not make sense to have the "Accept" ...
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16 votes
4 answers

What level of notification should users have for questions they posted answers to (or left comments on)?

Currently, the UserVoice entry "Notify comments for comments" has 69 votes and is ranked 14th. It calls for notifying users whenever comments are added to answers they left comments on. I would like ...
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7 votes
4 answers

When the answer to a question exists on another site, what is the proper way to respond

There was a small debate which took place in the comments for podcast #58 regarding linking to an answer (such as MSDN,, or other definitive sources) versus providing it inline. What is the ...
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4 votes
7 answers

Answer Ordering

Answers are ordered by up-votes, this is accepted as correct. However, an issue arises when several answers have the same number of up-votes, answers are ordered by creation date, oldest to newest. I ...
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2 votes
2 answers

What is a reasonable way to articulate in the question that answers need to revolve around the legacy language?

When asking questions about legacy programming languages (in particular web based code) it seems that most often the majority of answers are basically "you should up date the code to a more modern ...
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13 votes
7 answers

Is it OK that I just posted my same answer to several related questions?

I had a question that was not perfectly answered. Several weeks later I figured it out myself. After finding related and duplicate questions I posted my answer to these other, existing questions. ...
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492 votes
7 answers

How can I link to a specific answer?

Is there a permalink I can use for answers/comments?
4 votes
6 answers

What accountability exists for answerers not reading questions?

Ok, now I admit I haven't been here very long, but I've been seeing a trend amongst the users here: they love to answer questions! This is a good thing, but I think this phenomenon is a little out of ...
4 votes
5 answers

Answer gets upvoted, questioner thinks it's way off, what is the recourse?

I've asked a question, and an answer that does not address the question at all seems to be getting up voted. I don't understand why it keeps getting voted up. I voted it down and put a comment in ...
14 votes
10 answers

Adding someone else's answer to your own to make a better answer

If you have answered a question and then later read another answer that is also correct, or another way of doing it, is it good/fair/bad to edit your answer to incorporate the other answer, so there ...
12 votes
7 answers

Is it OK to post multiple answers to a question? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: What is the official etiquette on answering a question twice? Example scenarios: I answer a question on Monday, then on Wednesday I come up with better, but completely ...
18 votes
9 answers

Comments for comments, answers for answers, is it that hard?

I have came across to this situation a couple of times. One guy (or my self) ask something like: How can I delete the whole filesystem in LISP Or Is there a way I can shoot myself in the foot ...
20 votes
23 answers

What is the proper way refer to your blog when answering? [duplicate]

I know that putting a link to your blog in a signature is frowned upon and rightly so. Is it okay to link to your blog in an answer if that blog post answers the question? Are there other situations ...
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1114 votes
1 answer

How does accepting an answer work?

What does it mean to accept an answer? How do I accept an answer, and what are the rules? Can I accept my own self-answer? What are the reputation benefits? Which answer should I accept? Should I ...
21 votes
8 answers

How do I combine two answers to create the best answer on stackoverflow?

I just asked my first question on stackoverflow and I'm really impressed that my question seems to be answered sufficiently already! See: Width of an element accounting for quirks mode in javascript? ...
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15 votes
12 answers

Should wrong but funny answers be posted?

I saw a question and thought of some answers that were completely ridiculous, but funny. I decided not to post them, but wondered if they would be appreciated by the community, or just voted down.
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44 votes
11 answers

How can we make good answers to old questions float to the top?

Occasionally, a great answer is added to an old question. Too often, simply because of the age of the question and the lack of public visibility, that answer will not get any votes. Thus as it stands, ...
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