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How to transfer some of my own reputation to a very nice effort but not exact answer?

I asked this question and received only one answer, a wrong one, but a really nice one. An awesome one. Although it is not answering fully the question, it brings good idea on how to partly fix my ...
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Manually give rep to users, to thank them [duplicate]

I recently made this post to which I got this very detailed answer. I'm very appreciative of the fact that the user took so much time to write up such a comprehensive answer and would like to give ...
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23 votes
2 answers

What is the "reciprocity" of Stack Overflow?

During yesterday's podcast, Joel mentioned the reciprocity ratio and also said that the sweet spot for successful sites is 14%. I'm curious to know what the rate is for Stack Overflow itself. ...
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A big unicorn hug

Thanks everyone – April 1st was awesome. I appreciate you all defending my fragile creatures against evil spoil-sports and devilish rainbow-haters. alt text
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2 answers

Where can I thank contributors to StackOverflow? [duplicate]

Actually, I would like to thank StackOverflow for providing great Q&A site. But I don't know where to say thanks or to whom to say thanks. Let me explain why I would like to thank StackOverflow: ...
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