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For questions about the various April Fools pranks that Stack Exchange implements. Please check if your question has already been asked first!

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Will Stack Exchange be running something for April Fools in 2024?

Earlier this year, Philippe created a post on MSO stating that SE wouldn't be running an April Fools joke this year. Admittedly, that post did end with We hope to continue celebrating April Fools' ...
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"//Todo: Remove after April Fools 2023 is done"

I noticed that it says "// TODO: Remove after April Fools 2023 is done" at the bottom of MSE... What're y'all up to? And could you be a little sneakier? Screenshot's off my phone cause it's ...
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Could we get a version of The Key for our favorite site?

The Key looks really great and all, but I noticed that it is Stack Overflow-specific - it's logo is that of Stack Overflow rather than Stack Exchange or any of our other specific sites. I'm working on ...
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Does The Key use regular 'ctrl' keys on the keyboard?

I just realized that there seems to be a confusion about the Key. Get this: Normal computers use 'ctrl + c' (or 'cmd + c') and 'ctrl + v' (or 'cmd + v') for copying and pasting respectively. On the ...
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What is this dialog about? STOP! You have one(1) copy/paste remaining

STOP! You have one (1) free copy/paste remaining. Get unlimited copy/pasting with The Key by Stack Overflow today. Have you checked it?
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Questions before ordering The Key

I love The Key and would like to order it but I have some questions: The product shown has light keys. Does it come with dark keys to match the dark mode on Stack Overflow? Can I use the light ...
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What sort of switch does the Key have?

The description of the key is described as Our click’s volume and tone were crafted by sampling the natural wonder of song bird chirps. We run that audio data through cutting edge deep learning ...
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Looking back at the Time Machine

This year Microsoft banned April Fools, which deprived the internet of their unique sense of humor as illustrated by Clippy and Windows 9. Stack Overflow and Stack Exchange users were not so lucky. ...
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What's with this weird design and stars coming out of my mouse pointer? [duplicate]

My Stack Overflow gives me a weird design and stars coming out of my mouse pointer. WTF? How do I get rid of them?
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Is this year April fool joke really welcoming? Are we joking about technology or people?

I think by now almost everyone using the site has already seen the fake "90's style" redesign that was created as an April Fool joke. Many words were already spent discussing about it. From people ...
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April Fools Day should only run from 00:00 to 12:00

Wikipedia notes in the page on April Fools' Day that A study in the 1950s, by folklorists Iona and Peter Opie, found that in the UK, and in countries whose traditions derived from the UK, the ...
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Unicorn shows butt only when sidebar disabled [closed]

When my friend shouted "UNICORNS" when I told him about the cool new April Fool's styling, I didn't understand why he said that. Since unicorns are such magical creatures it'd be very rare to spot ...
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Will there be an option to permanently keep this year's April Fools design active?

In light of the recent site redesigns, I was amazed at how much I liked the design of this year's April Fools prank. It looks so bad that it is hilariously awesome. A lot of questions have been posted ...
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310 votes
48 answers

Announcing the Stack Exchange Time Machine [closed]

We are living in the gold age of user-generated content. Anyone can post a joke before breakfast, become a meme by lunch and be fired for the joke at the end of business. Ok, it's more like the "tin ...
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Should we prank not-logged-in users?

At the moment, this is what Interpersonal.SE looks like for a user who doesn't have an account and just followed a link from Google: Now, I'm a frequent user of this site and I know that it isn't ...
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Back to future popup not aligned correctly on mobile

I think the popup was supposed to point to the clock icon, but seems a bit misaligned. It'll be better if the alignment is corrected. Btw, great job!
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Why am I welcomed to Stack Overflow rather than to Stack Exchange when I am on another Stack Exchange site?

I noticed that when I am in a Stack Exchange site other than Stack Overflow, I always get the: WELCOME TO STACKOVERFLOW when the April fool joke happens. For example, a screenshot when I am in ...
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The April Fools HNQ broken image icons are broken (on high-DPI screens)

I just encountered the new April Fools theme, and as someone who made my first web page in the 90's, I must say I love it! The Hot Network Questions sidebar with the animated flames is a particularly ...
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Is it intentional that the April Fool's time travel feature has to be deactivated on a per-site basis?

It seems to me that the time travel feature has to be deactivated on a per-site basis. I've tried this in Edge and Chrome. Is this intentional? It's fine for people using one or two sites, but gives ...
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124 votes
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Does not work on Netscape Navigator 3.0

FROM: tigerjieer <[email protected]> SUBJECT: Does not work on Netscape Navigator 3.0 NEWSGROUPS: alt.stackexchange.meta Finally, after 20 years of suffering, StackOverflow now claims ...
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29 votes
3 answers

Please don't repeat such an intrusive "full design" April's Fools in the years to come

TL,DR: this year's April's fools could be a source of confusion, or worse, in certain workplaces. Please stick to less intrusive stuff. Very related: Why was the decision made to make the 2019 April ...
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Why does the guestbook chatbox not produce any network activity?

I was trying to test if I was able to automatically send a message through curl by inspecting the network activity on chrome and getting the curl command, but I found out that in spite of messages ...
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Why was the decision made to make the 2019 April Fool's joke immediately activate?

As far as I recall, every April Fool's prank that SE has made in recent years prior to this year has been non-intrusive, only showing up as a minor sidebar while not affecting the site's design much. ...
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59 votes
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What testing is done on 'April Fool' pranks?

So, we have just had an 'April Fools' jape that activated on 31st March for many people wan't capable of being disabled site-wide (although this has been fixed) isn't capable of being disabled ...
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Popup for disabling Time Travel mode is sticky

When scrolling down, the popup which reminds you of the option to disable time travel mode (for a single question) doesn't stay attached to the Time Travel button in the top bar. Rather, it stays in ...
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2 answers

Why does ELU get a special background for Time Travel mode?

ELU seems to get a textured background displayed right behind text elements: (Or rather, it's the same background as on all the sites, but other sites that I've looked at have a plain color behind ...
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How to disable "time travel" entirely?

Every time I open a question I get this oh so funny 90s feel with scrollers and whatnots. In every question I need to click it off. The button seems to only work for the specific page I load; loading ...
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How does one enable Time Travel mode?

I just thought my browser was hacked: But it appeared to be only working for me on a single site. I saw a screenshot from another user who experienced this on Super User, but when I open the homepage,...
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I have Anatidaephobia - can we change the duck as it is always watching me? [closed]

Related to this question, is there an option to change the duck to something like a large purple Gorilla? I suffer from Anatidaephobia and it is realized when the duck is actually there, watching, ...
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Can I increase the size of the duck? [closed]

Can the duck be made bigger? How?
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4 answers

Will quack overflow be accessible after the 1st?

I wondered if quack-overflow will be available outside of the 1st April jokes period (even if it's a hacky mean like activate it through the console etc…). Since rubber-duck-debugging is a technique I ...
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25 votes
3 answers

Is it safe to use the rubber duck? [closed]

Four days ago, I read an alarming article in Nature. It claims that Fungi were identified in 58% of all real bath toys and rubber ducks are explicitly mentioned in the article as a potential ...
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Quack Overflow for localized sites [closed]

As far as I see Quack Overflow duck is only available for English-spoken sites. Are there any plans to enable it for localized sites?
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How do I re-enable Quack Overflow? [duplicate]

I was very pleased to find the addition of a yellow duck to the stack overflow pages, that promised to help. Unfortunately I told it that I would hate it not considering the impact my behaviour would ...
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Can you make the rubber duck look like a paperclip? [closed]

What if I prefer to see a helpful paperclip instead of a duck? At least on Writing.SE. Most users would likely be delighted.
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Can't dismiss the rubber duck dialog if I don't have a mic [closed]

I am totally psyched by the rubber duck addition to Stack Exchange! I eagerly clicked on it but it wants a microphone. I don't have one, so I clicked "no" and it tells me to explain the problem ...
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Could there be an option to turn the duck into a pot plant? [closed]

In my culture, the preferred metaphor for something whose function is simply to be a passive recipient of your utterances is a 'pot plant'. I am uncomfortable talking to the duck. Could there be an ...
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35 votes
6 answers

Quack Overflow listens even when I say I have no microphone [closed]

When I click the duck, she asks me if I have a microphone. I press "no" but she tried to listen anyway, asking me to speak up. Curiously, the browser did NOT ask for microphone permission even when I ...
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2 answers

How do I reenable Quack Overflow if I disabled it? [closed]

I accidentally disabled Quack Overflow after asking it one question. How do I reenable it?
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63 votes
6 answers

How do I disable Quack Overflow? ("I hate this duck" button is only temporary) [closed]

A little orange duck has appeared in the bottom right of my screen. He asks, "Can I help" does voice recognition, I think. But it is annoying, and will not go away. How do I discourage this little ...
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2 answers

Quack Overflow should also accept keyboard input [closed]

I love the new Quack Overflow. My coworkers noticed the yellow friend in the corner of their screen, explained their problems and got their solution. Or, well, at least found the source of their ...
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3 answers

Stack Exchange has been taken over by a rubber duck!

I couldn't miss this now, on all SE sites: What are the duck powers? Was anyone able to make it do or say anything other than "Quack"?
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2 answers

Enabling Dance Dance Authentication [closed]

So I saw the Dance Dance Authentication post:, and I thought it sounded pretty cool. But, I can't figure out ...
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1 answer

What was the profile for the main character of the April 2016 joke?

April 2016's joke for SE was a game and there was an account with the same name as it. What was the profile URL of that account?
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80 votes
9 answers

Is my SO Coffee Mug defective?

I received a really nice SO mug as swag for the choose your own swag contest this year. Everything was working fine until this morning. Was there a patch or update or something? Here's the relevant ...
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Play Unikong Forever

Can the game please be kept after today, even just as some hidden, super secret link? Pretty please?
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11 votes
2 answers

So should SO be set to read only? [duplicate]

Now that we have reached the point where we have the answers to every question that could ever be asked, I was thinking it was probably time we set SO to read only. Since there will never been any ...
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Unikong game play

There are a few things that I do not understand about unikong. Why is the Unicorn throwing fire at Jon Skeet? I assume the guy is Jon Skeet (because the cover for the game said so), and my ...
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Can we access Unikong on mobile?

I hear there's a new game in town called Unikong. I can't get to a desktop browser today though and I don't want to miss out! What do?
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Can we kill the unicorn? [closed]

Yeah yeah I know we shouldn't kill the Unicorn, and I've tried blasting him with the gun way more than I'm willing to admit, but... is there a way to kill the unicorn who tries to kill us? Apart of ...
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