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For questions about the various April Fools pranks that Stack Exchange implements. Please check if your question has already been asked first!

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My God—it's full of unicorns [closed]

Based on this comment, I have started building a unicorn avatar maker. It's still quite ugly, and the results aren't different enough yet, but this is what it looks like so far: Question list / Joel's ...
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What are Stack Overflow unicoins? [closed]

Recently I saw a widget on the Stack Overflow website which says Stack Overflow now has its own currency called "unicoins". According to this widget, a user can earn reputation, customize Stack ...
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9 answers

What is "chat with an expert"? [closed]

A box just comes out of nowhere which says "chat with an expert". It happened once on Stack Overflow and once on Meta. Is this an ad? Isn't Meta supposed to have no ads? Here's the HTML for that ...
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Announcing the Stack Exchange Time Machine [closed]

We are living in the gold age of user-generated content. Anyone can post a joke before breakfast, become a meme by lunch and be fired for the joke at the end of business. Ok, it's more like the "tin ...
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Animations on up voting

What's up with these animations whenever I up-vote/down-vote an answer? Is it a special day? (Birthday, maybe?) EDIT: Oh no, it's March 31st where I am, but this may not hold true for SO-time...
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How to disable "time travel" entirely?

Every time I open a question I get this oh so funny 90s feel with scrollers and whatnots. In every question I need to click it off. The button seems to only work for the specific page I load; loading ...
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What testing is done on 'April Fool' pranks?

So, we have just had an 'April Fools' jape that activated on 31st March for many people wan't capable of being disabled site-wide (although this has been fixed) isn't capable of being disabled ...
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How can I get the 2012 April Fool's joke to appear?

Honest question, I can't seem to get the April Fool's Joke to appear. Is there some condition it requires? Is it only on some sites? I've heard you just open a tab with an SE site/post in it and ...
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Careers 2.0 Featured Listing: Web company needs successor for retiring unicorns

You know what day is coming up, right? Just to get you up to speed: Stack Overflow's first April Fool's day came with glitter, cornify buttons, lots of pink, and Comic Sans. Last year, all user ...
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We're all Rebecca Chernoff \o/ [closed]

On this frabjous day, our community manager Rebecca Chernoff has graciously allowed all of us *1 to be her for one day, and one day only. And so, ladies and gentlemen, let me present to you: We're ...
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Will the expert still be accessible in the future?

So I had a fascinating discussion with an expert, and now I'd like to chat with her again :P. Will it still be accessible in some way in the future? 'Cuz it is pretty awesome (not the part where it ...
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How to mine Unicoins faster? [closed]

I want to earn Unicoins for free but I can't seem to find the best way mine coins faster. There are also sometimes when I get 20-30 Unicoins at one time, and I think that there is some clue so that we ...
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When something that was supposed to be fun became not fun [closed]

StackEgg! What a great invention. Probably the best thing to hit Stack Exchange since the invention of unicoins! Very entertaining game, very fun to play. Many users have probably spent several hours ...
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The Fancy and Amazing April Fools question [closed]

I like simplicity. I like clear designs. I like Stack Overflow. But today, SO was offline and returned with this brand new, ugly... definitely new logo. So what's this logo all about? That's no real ...
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How to encourage more voting? We have the answer

Well, after today, it seems perfectly clear how the team could incent more people to vote on posts. A constant supply of entertaining animation looks like just the thing. I've spent the day looking ...
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Somebody to buy unicoins with bacon? [closed]

I don't understand who could even think about spending bacon in unicoins rather than eating it. But in the opposite way it looks perfect to me, i mean, spend my unicoins to get some bacon. So, having ...
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Is my SO Coffee Mug defective?

I received a really nice SO mug as swag for the choose your own swag contest this year. Everything was working fine until this morning. Was there a patch or update or something? Here's the relevant ...
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How do I disable Quack Overflow? ("I hate this duck" button is only temporary) [closed]

A little orange duck has appeared in the bottom right of my screen. He asks, "Can I help" does voice recognition, I think. But it is annoying, and will not go away. How do I discourage this little ...
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Stack Exchange has been taken over by a rubber duck!

I couldn't miss this now, on all SE sites: What are the duck powers? Was anyone able to make it do or say anything other than "Quack"?
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How do I reenable Quack Overflow if I disabled it? [closed]

I accidentally disabled Quack Overflow after asking it one question. How do I reenable it?
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Jon Skeet impersonators running rampant?

At first I thought it was amusing because it is April 1st and thought it was another one of stackoverflow's attempts to troll me. Ha ha. But then I realized that users were changing their profiles to ...
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Will there be an option to permanently keep this year's April Fools design active?

In light of the recent site redesigns, I was amazed at how much I liked the design of this year's April Fools prank. It looks so bad that it is hilariously awesome. A lot of questions have been posted ...
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29 votes
3 answers

Please don't repeat such an intrusive "full design" April's Fools in the years to come

TL,DR: this year's April's fools could be a source of confusion, or worse, in certain workplaces. Please stick to less intrusive stuff. Very related: Why was the decision made to make the 2019 April ...
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Why does the guestbook chatbox not produce any network activity?

I was trying to test if I was able to automatically send a message through curl by inspecting the network activity on chrome and getting the curl command, but I found out that in spite of messages ...
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Why was the decision made to make the 2019 April Fool's joke immediately activate?

As far as I recall, every April Fool's prank that SE has made in recent years prior to this year has been non-intrusive, only showing up as a minor sidebar while not affecting the site's design much. ...
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"Reputation to the max" isn't working fully [closed]

I just bought "Reputation to the max". I bought this first, because I really want to help the cleanup of the vote-to-close queue, which, despite the efforts I've been hearing about, is still quite ...
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Get the expert back [duplicate]

I clicked "never" and removed the "Chat with an Expert" permanently. Now what am I supposed to do all day? How can I get the expert back? I would ask this an expert instead of bothering you, but, ...
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I have broken my diamond pickaxe! Can I repair it somehow? [closed]

While mining for unicoins, I found a "diamond pickaxe +2" in a chest under a rock. It was great! It broke all rocks (even obsidian ones) in just one swing. Now, after one hour of intense mining, the ...
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Disabling the April Fools chat box doesn't work

There are two options in the April Fools "chat with an expert" window: Not now Never I've clicked on Never many times, but it keeps popping up. How can I hide this box permanently?
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How to Propose New April Fool's Prank

I have an idea for an april fool's prank on SO. How would I go about pitching it to someone who could implement it? Also, before I email them and clutter their inbox with what could possibly be an ...
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Why can't I change my name to Jon Skeet?

I had the best April Fools' joke idea. I've been brewing it for months. And it flopped. It involved changing my name and picture to Jon Skeet. (No, that was not the prank itself.) I did that last ...
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"//Todo: Remove after April Fools 2023 is done"

I noticed that it says "// TODO: Remove after April Fools 2023 is done" at the bottom of MSE... What're y'all up to? And could you be a little sneakier? Screenshot's off my phone cause it's ...
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Should we prank not-logged-in users?

At the moment, this is what Interpersonal.SE looks like for a user who doesn't have an account and just followed a link from Google: Now, I'm a frequent user of this site and I know that it isn't ...
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Are Unicoins an April fools joke? [duplicate]

Just noticed the Unicoins ad on the site and spent some time breaking rocks. Since it popped up 'today' (April 01) I am sure it isn't legit. BTW, I bought 'no downvotes please' so please don't ...
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We liked StackEgg - let the fun continue!

As already said by Jon Ericson: Tomorrow (or a bit later in your timezone), the game will be gone from the site. So, I would like to request StackEgg to be available elsewhere. Is it possible to ...
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Quack Overflow listens even when I say I have no microphone [closed]

When I click the duck, she asks me if I have a microphone. I press "no" but she tried to listen anyway, asking me to speak up. Curiously, the browser did NOT ask for microphone permission even when I ...
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Pluralization bug in unicoin sidebar!!!11!!1eleven [closed]

I have one Unicoin. Only, the sidebar keeps telling me I have "1 Unicoins". This needs to be fixed ASAP!
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Quack Overflow should also accept keyboard input [closed]

I love the new Quack Overflow. My coworkers noticed the yellow friend in the corner of their screen, explained their problems and got their solution. Or, well, at least found the source of their ...
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Looking back at the Time Machine

This year Microsoft banned April Fools, which deprived the internet of their unique sense of humor as illustrated by Clippy and Windows 9. Stack Overflow and Stack Exchange users were not so lucky. ...
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2 answers

Why am I welcomed to Stack Overflow rather than to Stack Exchange when I am on another Stack Exchange site?

I noticed that when I am in a Stack Exchange site other than Stack Overflow, I always get the: WELCOME TO STACKOVERFLOW when the April fool joke happens. For example, a screenshot when I am in ...
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Let's get rid of all of the "Chat with an expert" questions [closed]

Meta just got a lot of questions on "Who is the expert?", "Can I keep them", all the way to plain jokes like "The expert saved me millions of dollars". Besides our main question on the subject, (What ...
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Someone's going to have to clean this up

Wow, that was one heck of an April Unicorn's Day party. But now that it's April 2nd in UTC land, look at this place. It's trashed. There is unicorn crap everywhere. I don't know how many people OD'd ...
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Blasting the side of a platform gives you 150 points as if you were blasting a troll

First, great game! You can blast trolls with your ray gun for 150 reputation each! But you can also blast the side of the platform in Level 3 for 150 points too! That's how Jon Skeet gets so much ...
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On the ethicality of user-run April Fools' pranks

While I'm aware of today's brilliant SO prank, I decided to also run my own*, because I'm in the uncomfortable position of topping SO's weekly user board today. I decided to use it to promote Movies....
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What to do with Unicoin scams? [closed]

I recently was approached by a trader saying they had Unicoins for sale at nearly 1/4 of the normal retail price. How could I resist such a bargain? I made the trade but upon delivery of said ...
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April Fool's Day changes should be based on the user's time zone

No, this isn't a duplicate of all the normal "make badges and the rep cap day local" requests. It's very specific to April 1st. Users should be required to specify their time zone next time they log ...
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Why does ELU get a special background for Time Travel mode?

ELU seems to get a textured background displayed right behind text elements: (Or rather, it's the same background as on all the sites, but other sites that I've looked at have a plain color behind ...
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Can you make the rubber duck look like a paperclip? [closed]

What if I prefer to see a helpful paperclip instead of a duck? At least on Writing.SE. Most users would likely be delighted.
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Stackagotchi Strategery [closed]

Dear kind sirs and madams, I have found participating in your tomfoolery once again, as in the past, to be quite invigorating! I cannot properly convey my appreciation using mere words, but may it ...
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Could we get a version of The Key for our favorite site?

The Key looks really great and all, but I noticed that it is Stack Overflow-specific - it's logo is that of Stack Overflow rather than Stack Exchange or any of our other specific sites. I'm working on ...
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