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For questions about the various April Fools pranks that Stack Exchange implements. Please check if your question has already been asked first!

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1 answer

We liked StackEgg - let the fun continue!

As already said by Jon Ericson: Tomorrow (or a bit later in your timezone), the game will be gone from the site. So, I would like to request StackEgg to be available elsewhere. Is it possible to ...
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3 answers

What did StackEgg want to tell me? [closed]

I guess StackEgg was going to tell me something, but I am having a hard time understanding what exactly. Probably the font chosen is a bit too small to recognise what it was going to say or I have a ...
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1 answer

StackEgg is misspelt [closed]

I mean, that's not good to break the tendency of writing, for example, "Stack Exchange" or "Stack Overflow" or "Super User" or etc. So. It should be. Untypoed! Why StackEgg, while it must be Stack ...
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81 votes
15 answers

When something that was supposed to be fun became not fun [closed]

StackEgg! What a great invention. Probably the best thing to hit Stack Exchange since the invention of unicoins! Very entertaining game, very fun to play. Many users have probably spent several hours ...
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13 votes
8 answers

Stackagotchi Strategery [closed]

Dear kind sirs and madams, I have found participating in your tomfoolery once again, as in the past, to be quite invigorating! I cannot properly convey my appreciation using mere words, but may it ...
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When voting with a slow internet connection, it can get counted towards the next round [closed]

While playing StackEgg, if i cast a vote towards the end of the round when i have a slow connection, it can get counted towards the next round. Then, in the next round, it tells me that i already ...
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21 votes
3 answers

StackEgg - what is this thing called "fun"? [closed]

Is there an aim to this game? Is this to educate people or just be "fun"1? Also, is it multi player? 1 Great use of dev time! :P
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5 votes
2 answers

Any way of knowing who got the most Unicoins? [closed]

I had just about reached 1,000 Unicoins after having bought all the powerups, but was able to continue mining for an entire day after the feature was removed from being visible on the site (which was ...
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1 answer

Where did unicoins and unicorn powers has gone? [duplicate]

yesterday when I visited and there was a banner of unicoins in right sidebar after mining and collecting unicoins I purchased “No downvotes, ...
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1 answer

Users page not sorting correctly

Exhibit 1 I have 51,500 hard-earned rep, but for some reason I'm not showing up as #2 in the users page, sorted by all-time reputation. Exhibit 2 Pork-chop sandwiches
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3 votes
1 answer

Unicorn April Fools Bug [closed]

Was it intentional (or just a bug) that in the Unicorn April Fools Joke that when you do the multiply your rep by an amount that it would only be updated in certain places? On the top of the page you ...
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1 vote
1 answer

April Fools should be UTC [closed]

All of SE uses UTC. By relying on local time for rolling out April Fools' jokes exciting new features, they're already old news by the time those in western countries get a chance to see them. I ...
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7 votes
1 answer

"Reputation to the max" isn't working fully [closed]

I just bought "Reputation to the max". I bought this first, because I really want to help the cleanup of the vote-to-close queue, which, despite the efforts I've been hearing about, is still quite ...
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5 votes
1 answer

Which device would work better for mining unicoins? [closed]

I found this infographic on mobile devices, and needed help deciding which device would work better for mining unicoins. I know that the "Galaxy the Unicorn" runs Unicorn Linux, but I'm a little ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Will the color change in the upper bar be available tomorrow and beyond? [duplicate]

It's the unicorn attack! I bought the bar color change with my hard-earned Unicoins. Even if the change is barely noticeable, I think it would be great to be able to change it, maybe even have more ...
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-3 votes
5 answers

What's with the π (Pi) votes? [closed]

I know how to count and I know about integers. One of answers on my question has got π (Pi) votes. How is it possible? Has security of Stack Exchange been compromised?
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2 answers

adopted tag - image only visible to me [closed]

I just adopted the ruby-on-rails tag (on SO) with some of my Unicoins, but the account of my brother does not show my proud purchase. Please fix this.
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1 answer

Unicoins Lite Coin payments problem [closed]

I am keep getting error while trying to purchase unicoins with Lite Coin. I been mining for an hour, but my hand is in pain. All I want is to put all your heads in to bubble. It cost 75 unicoins.
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4 votes
2 answers

Reputation Purchase [closed]

I purchased a reputation increase with unicoins, and while it increased my reputation in my top bar, the rep is still the old amount in the stack exchange drop down. The drop down appears to be ...
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3 votes
1 answer

Can we get colour options added to the "Colorful Comments" power? [closed]

I just used my hard-earned Unicoins to purchase the Colorful Comments power, and it's great. I only find one thing lacking; the colour can't be changed! Eeeeek! After seeing the wide and varied range ...
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9 votes
2 answers

What is the ratio of Schrute Bucks to Unicoins? [closed]

I have a ton of these things just lying around.
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1 vote
1 answer

Why did SE choose an already-existing cryptocoin? [closed]

Unicoin looks like an actual coin that was launched on New Years', based on forum posts from Dec 31. has been registered since Dec 30. Have they really been building the backstory for ...
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2 votes
4 answers

Unicoin Powerups - Guaranteed Answer? [closed]

All the other power-ups seem to be genuine so far for me, but there is one in particular that is bugging me. There is a power-up that will guarantee an answer to any of your unanswered questions. ...
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TIL: the singular of Unicoins is Unicoins [duplicate]

I saw this on my home page just now. In case I have misread it, I zoomed in to see the letters more clearly, only to discover that the singular of Unicoins is Unicoins. I doubt this is not a ...
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4 votes
1 answer

I have broken my diamond pickaxe! Can I repair it somehow? [closed]

While mining for unicoins, I found a "diamond pickaxe +2" in a chest under a rock. It was great! It broke all rocks (even obsidian ones) in just one swing. Now, after one hour of intense mining, the ...
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3 votes
4 answers

What is the wisest way to spend your unicoins? [closed]

I have mined unicoins for hours and now want to use them wisely. I was thinking of betting in the fastest answering user. However, I believe this is not implemented yet. In what version of stack ...
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4 votes
1 answer

Change Twitter followers for reputation

I have some twitter followers that i don't want any longer. I have been using them for a while but at this point i dont feel like feeding them up with silly twits, so im considering getting rid of ...
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21 votes
3 answers

Unicorns and cruelty to animals [closed]

I am really concerned about the unicorns i see in the site. Considering those extra shiny eyes or the hanging tongue, it seems that maybe some dope or drugs have been administrated to them, probably ...
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19 votes
3 answers

Unicorns vs ponies

The unicorn tag wiki says that unicorn are way better than ponies. I think this is heavily opinion based and it is against the rules of the site. My rank would be: Pegasus, that can fly so is way ...
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16 votes
5 answers

Somebody to buy unicoins with bacon? [closed]

I don't understand who could even think about spending bacon in unicoins rather than eating it. But in the opposite way it looks perfect to me, i mean, spend my unicoins to get some bacon. So, having ...
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13 votes
6 answers

My dog ate my unicoins [closed]

I had a lot of unicoins, but i left them unattended and my dog ate most of them. I wonder if SE would accept a dog full of unicoins as a payment.
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5 votes
2 answers

Where can I get a refund on unicorn coins? [closed]

I have purchased the Guaranteed Answer power and selected that I wish the answers to be helpful. They are not. I feel I have been misled and cheated out of my hard earned coins! Where can I request ...
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28 votes
5 answers

How to effective mine more Unicoins by hammering rocks? [duplicate]

I've clicked the hell out of this Unicorn-app and almost destroyed my mouse - got some suggestions on how to be more effective mining Unicoins? I mean, there must be some javascript-hack? Placed ...
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5 votes
4 answers

Unicoins: Is it really a good idea? [closed]

From what I have noticed from some meta questions is that users are seriously taking unicoins as genuine. My concern is that when they cannot access certain privileges such as talking in a chat room, ...
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40 votes
10 answers

Are Unicoins an April fools joke? [duplicate]

Just noticed the Unicoins ad on the site and spent some time breaking rocks. Since it popped up 'today' (April 01) I am sure it isn't legit. BTW, I bought 'no downvotes please' so please don't ...
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1 answer

Why can't I see downvote our own posts?

Recently I saw a change on the Stack Overflow website which is I can't see downvote for our own posts. Is this happening for me/everyone? Is this expected behaviour? If yes could someone throw light ...
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9 votes
3 answers

"Top bar color chooser" power-up doesn't work for me [closed]

I was happy when SE offers to change the top bar color for 80 Unicoins. However, when I tried it out, I am hit by extreme disappointment since the power doesn't work. I have tried disabling all the ...
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-8 votes
2 answers

Can I get my reputation back after April Fool's Day?

This time I am sincere; please don't joke! I asked a question hours ago, and I got lots of down votes. My reputation has decreased. So can I get it back after April Fool's Day? I really care about my ...
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22 votes
9 answers

How to mine Unicoins faster? [closed]

I want to earn Unicoins for free but I can't seem to find the best way mine coins faster. There are also sometimes when I get 20-30 Unicoins at one time, and I think that there is some clue so that we ...
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10 votes
2 answers

Bobblehead works only when scrolling down [closed]

The bobblehead feature which shakes user avatars only does so when scrolling down the page. When scrolling up, the avatars do not bobble. I paid good unicoins for this!
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34 votes
3 answers

Pluralization bug in unicoin sidebar!!!11!!1eleven [closed]

I have one Unicoin. Only, the sidebar keeps telling me I have "1 Unicoins". This needs to be fixed ASAP!
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18 votes
3 answers

What to do with Unicoin scams? [closed]

I recently was approached by a trader saying they had Unicoins for sale at nearly 1/4 of the normal retail price. How could I resist such a bargain? I made the trade but upon delivery of said ...
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269 votes
36 answers

What are Stack Overflow unicoins? [closed]

Recently I saw a widget on the Stack Overflow website which says Stack Overflow now has its own currency called "unicoins". According to this widget, a user can earn reputation, customize Stack ...
19 votes
3 answers

Allow Stack Exchange Moderators access to April Fools Day for entire April Fools Day Period [closed]

As a moderator (and somewhat de facto first line of support when things go awry), it's helpful when we can reproduce issues and see what the users are seeing. With the latest April Fools Day (Unicoin,...
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30 votes
1 answer

Admit it, was a joke

Over half a year later, people are still falling for the "chat with an expert" feature that was introduced on this year's April Fools' Day, through links to folks' conversations with our local expert: ...
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2 votes
2 answers

How to Propose New April Fool's Prank

I have an idea for an april fool's prank on SO. How would I go about pitching it to someone who could implement it? Also, before I email them and clutter their inbox with what could possibly be an ...
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8 votes
1 answer

bug in "chat with an expert" prank: no "never" link or X on smaller screens

The "chat with an expert" prank has an annoying bug: if your browser window isn't wide enough (I'm not sure what "enough" is), you just plain don't get the "never" link or the "X" to dismiss the ...
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-16 votes
4 answers

Complaint about expert chat [closed]

So, I got trolled by the expert chat AF, figured it out immediately, and I think it is really not cool for SE to do to the userbase, especially because I frequently use this site (both asking for help ...
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3 answers

Do we want a 2014 April's fool joke?

This year's April's fool joke was fun. My first chat was like, "oh, cool, how can I get it to contradict itself?" After that, I clicked the "never" link and it was gone. Good opt-out option. I thought....
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2 answers

Why can't I change my name to Jon Skeet?

I had the best April Fools' joke idea. I've been brewing it for months. And it flopped. It involved changing my name and picture to Jon Skeet. (No, that was not the prank itself.) I did that last ...
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