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For questions about the various April Fools pranks that Stack Exchange implements. Please check if your question has already been asked first!

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Let's get rid of all of the "Chat with an expert" questions [closed]

Meta just got a lot of questions on "Who is the expert?", "Can I keep them", all the way to plain jokes like "The expert saved me millions of dollars". Besides our main question on the subject, (What ...
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Any way to see all the transcripts of Expert chat?

It would be of interest at least to those working on Eliza-like software.
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Will the expert still be accessible in the future?

So I had a fascinating discussion with an expert, and now I'd like to chat with her again :P. Will it still be accessible in some way in the future? 'Cuz it is pretty awesome (not the part where it ...
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Get the expert back [duplicate]

I clicked "never" and removed the "Chat with an Expert" permanently. Now what am I supposed to do all day? How can I get the expert back? I would ask this an expert instead of bothering you, but, ...
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Disabling the April Fools chat box doesn't work

There are two options in the April Fools "chat with an expert" window: Not now Never I've clicked on Never many times, but it keeps popping up. How can I hide this box permanently?
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Jon Skeet impersonators running rampant?

At first I thought it was amusing because it is April 1st and thought it was another one of stackoverflow's attempts to troll me. Ha ha. But then I realized that users were changing their profiles to ...
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What is "chat with an expert"? [closed]

A box just comes out of nowhere which says "chat with an expert". It happened once on Stack Overflow and once on Meta. Is this an ad? Isn't Meta supposed to have no ads? Here's the HTML for that ...
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What should be done with the April Fools questions?

Should questions on the stack exchange be deleted, closed, mysteriously disappear, or should they be left open for all future users to see? What should we do with these questions? Even one or two ...
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On the ethicality of user-run April Fools' pranks

While I'm aware of today's brilliant SO prank, I decided to also run my own*, because I'm in the uncomfortable position of topping SO's weekly user board today. I decided to use it to promote Movies....
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How can I get the 2012 April Fool's joke to appear?

Honest question, I can't seem to get the April Fool's Joke to appear. Is there some condition it requires? Is it only on some sites? I've heard you just open a tab with an SE site/post in it and ...
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How to encourage more voting? We have the answer

Well, after today, it seems perfectly clear how the team could incent more people to vote on posts. A constant supply of entertaining animation looks like just the thing. I've spent the day looking ...
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We're all Rebecca Chernoff \o/ [closed]

On this frabjous day, our community manager Rebecca Chernoff has graciously allowed all of us *1 to be her for one day, and one day only. And so, ladies and gentlemen, let me present to you: We're ...
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April 1st 2011 for the Kangaroo-Cowboys [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Animations on up voting Being that April 1st begins at 11am (UTC +11) for me, I'll be up for the very early stages of April 1st...can something happen now?
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Animations on up voting

What's up with these animations whenever I up-vote/down-vote an answer? Is it a special day? (Birthday, maybe?) EDIT: Oh no, it's March 31st where I am, but this may not hold true for SO-time...
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How can I get to see tomorrow's 'special' April Fools questions even though I will be offline for 2 weeks?

I am going to be on holiday from tomorrow morning until 17th April - I won't have (and don't want!) any internet access as soon as I leave. What is the best way to ensure that I get to see tomorrow's ...
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Careers 2.0 Featured Listing: Web company needs successor for retiring unicorns

You know what day is coming up, right? Just to get you up to speed: Stack Overflow's first April Fool's day came with glitter, cornify buttons, lots of pink, and Comic Sans. Last year, all user ...
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Why was the "How to launch a missile" question deleted? [closed]

There was a funny question ("How to launch a missile?"), highly upvoded by the community, that was closed and almost reopened before I went to bed. I woke up today to the fact that it was wiped off ...
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How is this for an April 1st joke?

I know it's a little too late, but still: In the last post in the SO blog, Jeff said about Inline Tagging (at 10K reputation) well, there were also complaints that the 10k users didn’t get enough “...
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Someone's going to have to clean this up

Wow, that was one heck of an April Unicorn's Day party. But now that it's April 2nd in UTC land, look at this place. It's trashed. There is unicorn crap everywhere. I don't know how many people OD'd ...
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Should April Fools' Day questions be only asked on Meta?

One April Fools' Day question (How to deal with a program that has become self aware? [closed]) has been closed four times. Are twenty people wrong, or should it be migrated to Meta?
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4 answers

Are any two unicorns the same? [closed]

Are all unicorns here unique, or are there repeats? If they are all unique, is it some sort of REALLY cool unicorn-orithm?
12 votes
8 answers

Can someone keep a list of the best April 1st questions?

There are already some really great ones (like this), but I don't want to keep hitting Refresh all day looking for a good laugh... is anyone keeping a simple list of the funny questions?
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12 votes
5 answers

Let's not migrate unicorn questions to meta [closed]

Just like with rep recalc, I think things will work out better if these questions are edited on the original site to link to the blog post and then simply closed (and later deleted).
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5 answers

April Fool's Day changes should be based on the user's time zone

No, this isn't a duplicate of all the normal "make badges and the rep cap day local" requests. It's very specific to April 1st. Users should be required to specify their time zone next time they log ...
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How much is Unicornify costing Stack Overflow the company (if at all)? [closed]

I just took a look at the rates table for Google App Engine and this question popped into my head:
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Un-Official April Fools Day 2010 Happenings

April fools day is here! Feel free to post any oddities on the SO family here rather than creating 200000 posts about avatars changing to Ponies Unicorns with rainbows in the background.
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My God—it's full of unicorns [closed]

Based on this comment, I have started building a unicorn avatar maker. It's still quite ugly, and the results aren't different enough yet, but this is what it looks like so far: Question list / Joel's ...
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The Fancy and Amazing April Fools question [closed]

I like simplicity. I like clear designs. I like Stack Overflow. But today, SO was offline and returned with this brand new, ugly... definitely new logo. So what's this logo all about? That's no real ...

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