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"Ask Patents" - The Stack Exchange site about patents.

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In Ask Patents, the link to "more site stats on Area 51" is broken [closed]

Ask Patents SE is a Beta site that skipped the Area 51 development phase completely, according to Which Stack Exchange sites weren't proposed in Area 51?. However, the sidebar showing the site stats ...
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Directing Prior Art Searches from Ask Patents

One of the missions of the Ask Patents SE site is to help people find prior art to invalidate what they perceive to be bad patent applications. Unfortunately, the people who frequently answer ...
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Wrong site age for Ask Patents in SE site list

I was just looking through the list of All sites to see new sites. I was surprised to see Ask Parents stats: 2.8k questions, 4.4k answers, nearly 10k users and site age is only 3 months!! So, with ...
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What is "Ask Patents" and why is it secret?

Looks like our SE overlords are about to launch a new Stack Exchange site - Ask Patents. I've been hinted at its existence by a user who committed to the (now closed) Software Law proposal on Area 51. ...
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