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For questions about The Ask Wizard feature (Enable for a more step-by-step approach to asking a question) which is currently enabled on Stack Overflow only. Please post on Meta Stack Overflow, unless this is somehow also related to more sites in the network.

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How can I change the Markdown of a post that was created using the "Ask Wizard"? It's formatted using 'heading' formatting

Take a look at this (badly asked) question: When I try to implement the project it fails and I get this error I tried to change the Markdown of the question since the text is enlarged and in bold: ...
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Is there a way to filter posts created with the Ask Wizard in the Data Explorer?

Stack Overflow recently re-debuted the Ask Wizard for use by new users. Using the Data Explorer, is there any (current or planned) way to query posts that were created using this tool?
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How might the Staging Ground & the new Ask Wizard work on the Stack Exchange network?

We have been working for some time now researching ways to improve the new user onboarding process while also addressing issues with question quality from new question askers. Based on our user ...
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The question wizard might be useful for Meta Stack Exchange too; should we give it a try?

tl;dr Due to the special nature of Meta and the high rate of "lost souls", should we try out the Ask a Question Wizard here on Meta Stack Exchange too? General idea In case anyone doesn't know yet, ...
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