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For questions specifically about the process of asking questions on a Stack Exchange site.

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35 votes
1 answer

Why are unregistered users not allowed to post questions on some sites?

I know this isn't a big deal for me but why do guests get to post answers but not post questions?
1 vote
0 answers

Is "required" tooltip on required fields legend required?

Recently the new "required" icon (a red star symbol) was added next to Title, Body, Tags words on Ask New Question page around all SE network. I think it's a good change for site UX. But do ...
11 votes
3 answers

Should Stack Overflow disallow questions with title "What am I doing wrong?"

There is looong list of similar threads. Searching for this phrase yields 379 questions. Shouldn't the Stack Overflow editor disallow posting questions when title contains only "What am I doing ...
350 votes
6 answers

How do I write a good title?

A good title helps your question get the attention it deserves. What goes into a good title? Return to FAQ index
3 votes
0 answers

Browser issues workaround for the "Review Question" button not working? [duplicate]

Every so often on Safari (v16.2 - haven't tried other versions, and yes, I'm due for an update), the "Review Question" button doesn't do anything. Surprisingly, a page reload doesn't fix it ...
-11 votes
2 answers

Stack Exchange's stance on using AI to write questions

I have read Stack Overflow's current stance on AI generated content and understand the decision making process that went into deciding that AI generated content was not suitable for answering ...
30 votes
4 answers

Does the new user rate limit apply even when you are a new user on only one site?

I am registered on about 80 SE sites, am an "avid user"(>200 rep) on about 30, and a modest user (103-199 rep) on about 20 more. Once when I tried to ask a question on Open Data (my "new user" site), ...
51 votes
0 answers

Sometimes, two or more identical copies of the same question get posted at the same time despite only submitting once

I've noticed that with the new question asking form, sometimes, attempting to submit a question will post two, or rarely more than two, identical copies of the same question with identical timestamps ...
46 votes
1 answer

Can we get a preview for titles when writing questions?

On sites like Physics SE or Mathematics SE, it is not uncommon that you have to write formulas in the question title. I know this is discouraged because most people don't search for: "How can it ...
-17 votes
1 answer

Error Message: It looks like your post is mostly code; please add some more details

How do you solve the following error when creating a simple post? It looks like your post is mostly code; please add some more details
-24 votes
2 answers

GPT-generated "search as you type" responses

There is a current hot meta post on SO regarding banning ChatGPT answers, which I fully agree with (plus some). However, I still think GPT bots themselves have a lot of value. They're trained on ...
1996 votes
7 answers

What is the XY problem?

What is the XY problem? When asking questions, how do I recognize when I'm falling into it? How do I avoid it? Return to FAQ index Other languages: ES, JA, PT, RU
10 votes
0 answers

Link to per-site meta in the sidebar/dropdown "Step 1: Draft your question" is not HTTPS and has the old format meta.*

Similar to: Link to parent site is not HTTPS in the sidebar/dropdown "Step 1: Draft your question" on any per-site Meta. When asking a question on some SE sites, such as Mathematics the ...
9 votes
2 answers

Where can I ask questions related to Sociology?

Apparently, there's no SE site that is specifically for Sociology or the Social Sciences in general, hence this question. I recently asked a question on Economics stack exchange, summarized here: A ...
-14 votes
2 answers

When should I ask why a question I asked was downvoted?

Once on Meta, I asked a quite badly received question and then asked why it was downvoted. My question: Why was my question - Why does downvoting mean 'no?' - downvoted? about why my other ...
-5 votes
3 answers

How should ask a question about involving a knowledge gap? [closed]

How should I post a question asking for help to identify a knowledge gap? Currently, I have an issue related to database design. In the legacy database that I am now in charge of maintaining, I've ...
4 votes
2 answers

Why is it hard to ask a question?

I've tried. Before this question, some of my question were closed as "not constructive". I've asked about this on Meta. This time, it wasn't considered "not constructive", but too localized. I ...
4 votes
0 answers

Linking "Similar questions" suggestions from every Stack Exchange website

Suggestions for an addition to the "Similar questions" feature Each Stack Exchange site has a "Similar questions" list under which the user generates the title for their question. ...
1 vote
5 answers

On which sites is off-site research strongly encouraged or required, and for what types of questions?

My understanding has been that off-site research to find answers to a question before posting is generally not required to ask a question on a Stack Exchange site. Searching for duplicate questions ...
-4 votes
2 answers

Fluent NHibernate questions ... Stack Overflow or Google Groups? [closed]

It seems like questions are being answered both on Stack Overflow and Google Groups. Which should we use? It would be nice to have one definitive source to go to for all my Fluent needs. Feel free to ...
2 votes
1 answer

Could users still get “This question body does not meet our quality standards”?

We have a faq for a system message: What can I do when getting “This question body does not meet our quality standards”? As of October 2023, can the users get this message? I'm asking because recently,...
6 votes
2 answers

How do I get help with an issue involving an image which is meant to be confidential?

I was going to ask a question on a Stack Exchange website about why my website's SVG logo was appearing pixelated on my HiDPI screen in the Safari browser. The logo in question is an original graphic ...
6 votes
3 answers

What are the benefits of chatrooms for asking questions?

What are the benefits of using a chatroom instead of asking a question directly on a Stack Exchange site?
3 votes
2 answers

Do some Stack Exchange sites have longer minimum question lengths than others?

I'd imagine that some of them where a large percent of short questions are low-quality, but that there are others (like Unix) where short questions aren't necessarily low-quality.
12 votes
1 answer

Request for new user limitation: minimum character count to ask a question

Over at Worldbuilding we periodically receive new users who (not surprisingly) don't believe they need to take the tour or read the Help Center pages before they use the site. Call it being human... ...
1 vote
2 answers

How to put alternative / synonym words (phrases) in questions?

Alternative question: When multiple known cases will match answer for your question, what's the best way to pack them in the question title (or body)? Additionally to this question itself, an example ...
5 votes
0 answers

What is the distinction between the search function and the suggestions when asking a new question?

On meta, I searched for a way to show the notification messages again how can I view the SO notifications again There were no helpful answers, so I went to the Ask question button. After putting my ...
25 votes
4 answers

What site-specific changes can be made to the Ask Question page to help askers on that site write better questions?

I've seen that some sites have customized content on their Ask Question page. For example, here's some custom content on the English Language & Usage ask Question page. They have extra information ...
9 votes
1 answer

Tags should be markable as obsolete, and opted out of being suggested for new questions

I don't know what algorithm is being used to come up with tag suggestions, but it probably wouldn't be too hard to add a simple filter that blocks it from suggesting "obsolete" tags. I ...
4 votes
3 answers

What can be done about an increasing impatience with poorly expressed questions?

I've only been using SO for about a month, but I think I've noticed an increase in impatient responses to poorly-worded questions. I may even have been guilty of it myself. Of course 'poorly-worded ...
0 votes
1 answer

How do I as moderator of beta community change content of top right block on our Ask a Question page? [duplicate]

We are a community still in beta after many years. Long ago I created a block on the top right of our Ask a Question page. How do I edit the content of that block as a moderator?
4 votes
0 answers

The "Ask Question" page shows a "question ban" page to suspended users instead of showing that the user is suspended [duplicate]

When I was suspended on MSE, I tried to ask question while being suspended. The page showed: I think it should show the "You are suspended" page or something like that. Currently this page ...
8 votes
3 answers

Should I ask questions if I am on strike?

Recently, I've come upon a really interesting question and would like to see it answered. However, I have signed the strike letter which says Until this matter is resolved satisfactorily, we will be ...
2 votes
0 answers

Request layout change ("ready to post" on asking page)

Many Stack Exchange sites (not all) have a quality check when you try to post.  It jumps to the top of the page and puts a box saying it is ready to post (or not).  Then you have to scroll back down ...
2 votes
1 answer

Imgur link fails to render while adding an image in question: "Failed to upload image; an error occurred on the server"

I have faced this issue 2-3 times. Whenever I paste an Imgur link in an image upload window, it gives an error: Failed to upload image; an error occurred on the server
289 votes
1 answer

What can I do when getting "We are no longer accepting questions/answers from this account"?

If you are reading this, you may have been affected by one of our post quality bans. If so, it is important that you read the following information to understand what has happened and how to regain ...
0 votes
1 answer

Is there a way to "flatten" a search across Stack Exchange sites without going to an external search engine (not that that's bad)? [duplicate]

Watching the Vsauce short The Only Element You Can Chew Like Gum I was intrigued by This is indium, the only element in the universe that is safe, and soft enough to chew like bubble gum... it ...
7 votes
0 answers

Meaningless placeholder for tags on new sites

When asking a question on a new private beta, the input field for tags has a rather meaningless placeholder: e.g. () I understand no tags can be recommended, but wouldn't it be better to just omit ...
-1 votes
1 answer

"This looks like spam" error message when attempting to ask a non-spam question on tor [duplicate]

I'm trying to ask in the "Tor Stack Exchange Q&A Site" about Signaled readiness to systemd... but always count my question as spam while it is not... my question body : https://pastebin....
-8 votes
1 answer

A suggestion to help users ask good questions

In regards to the "Stack Overflow Isn’t Very Welcoming. It’s Time for That to Change" article, I have a feature suggestion that would help users write good questions that are less likely to be shut ...
0 votes
1 answer

Is a question obliged to explain established technical terms that are unlikely to be known by the addressed audience?

A few days ago this question has been posted on Worldbuilding, asking about a hypothetical solipsistic society. Yes, it is vague and was ultimately considered as POB (primarily opinion-based, i.e., ...
3 votes
0 answers

What are the exact conditions for the /questions/ask/advice ("interstitial") page to show to a user?

Ex. the page on Stack Overflow: What are the exact conditions for such pages to show to a user? On what sites? With what history/conditions of the user'...
6 votes
2 answers

Where should I post a question regarding web design?

Is there a StackExchange site appropriate to ask a question about web design? I'm needing some suggestions about which colors to use for a very dark themed website, where should I ask this?
120 votes
3 answers

What is this "answer your own question" jazz?

I showed up here to write a perfectly normal rant about misaligned pixels, and there's a big fat checkbox cluttering up the "Ask" page, labeled: Answer your own question – share your ...
10 votes
4 answers

Can I post tips instead of questions?

Many topics on Server Fault, Stack Overflow, etc. are framed as a question. People respond with their answers. I have a topic that I would like to discuss, but it is more of a tip than a question. I ...
-3 votes
4 answers

How can you defend your questions from the nontarget audience?

Is there a way to write Q&A so it doesn't bother users whom aren't faced with the problem, and only for users whom really suffer from the problem? As the Stack Overflow FAQ says, it’s fine to ...
23 votes
4 answers

I only ask questions. Am I unwanted? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Is it considered rude if you only ask Questions but almost never answer one yourself I've been using Stack Overflow for maybe a year to get answers to questions I couldn't ...
-1 votes
1 answer

Questions on questions stemming from a read of Effective C++ [closed]

On a journey toward glorious ascending enlightenment in C++, I have sailed my schooner along the river that is Meyer's Effective C++. Now, at the banks of rest and reflection, my mind is plump with ...
53 votes
12 answers

Should question titles be phrased as questions? (A straw poll)

Should the titles of questions be phrased as questions? For example, if I would like to learn good ways to "foo" a "bar", which is a better question title: How do I foo a bar? ...
2 votes
4 answers

Definition of a beginner-question (Spolsky-question)?

A beginner question has an obvious answer. A newbie could be stuck on it for hours and still blush when the answer is presented. There are couple of good reasons for this kind of question: Help ...

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