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Stack Overflow Atom tag feed sometimes leaks unrelated questions [duplicate]

We have a Slack integration with, but from time to time we get questions that are completely unrelated and are not tagged with the kedro tag. For example, a ...
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Invalid XML characters in Stack Exchange sites' Atom feeds continue to pop [duplicate]

The issue is still not fixed and happened again with this feed:
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ID field in the Hot Questions Atom feed changes over time

The atom:id field of the Hot Questions feed uses the URL of a question, including the slugs which can change over time as it uses words from the question's title. With the current scheme, <id> ...
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Atom feed in the chatroom is not working

We have got an Atom feed set up in our chatroom, and it is never posting any messages into the chatroom. The Atom feed url is: We did ...
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Query the data using stackoverflow odata endpoint

I'm trying to use to get stackoverflow data. But I have some problems. One of my request is to get the posts with specific tags, for example odata. (...
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Invalid XML in Atom feed

The following Atom feed has invalid characters, and is making my reader app crash because the XML library cannot parse it:
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Filtered Question Atom Feed Is Broken

The feeds from (or at least the three I have setup) have just stopped working. Appears there is some extra whitespace before the XML declaration (<?xml version=&...
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"best of the week" emails as rss feeds etc [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Provide RSS feeds for site specific newsletters It would be really nice to have the content from the "best of the week" emails as RSS/Atom feeds: one item for each email (just ...
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User responses feed shows "ToAtomFeedDate()" in date

The root of the user responses feed returns: <updated>4/21/2011 3:52:49 PM.ToAtomFeedDate()</updated> The funny ToAtomFeedDate() is too difficult for my humble reader! It would rather ...
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No cache-control on Atom feed

I made my own Atom parser on my server to parse some Atom feed from stackoverflow. But this ressource don't have cache-control. For instance if you fetch headers of
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Subscribing to a feed for multiple tags

I'd like to monitor the questions tagged with several tags, say t1 and t2. How can I get a single feed containing questions tagged with either t1 or t2 without any duplicates?
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