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A site (or scraper) is copying content from Stack Exchange. What should I do?

Since day one of Stack Overflow, all content posted on Stack Exchange sites by their users (i.e. you wonderful people) has been provided to the whole universe under the CC BY-SA license. For my fellow ...
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Distinguish close votes by reason

Even though a question may be closed by receiving 5 close votes, the votes do not necessarily need to agree. I think this is a good behavior, but recently I voted to close a question for being an ...
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Is it legal to copy Stack Overflow questions and answers?

I just found which has an exact copy of this Stack Overflow question, What's the Hi/Lo Algorithm, with all its answers and no ...
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Make first draft of a new answer part of the permanent revision history

I find the grace period can lend itself to some unscrupulous behavior on popular tags. I've often seen an earlier, minimalist answer be updated within the first 5 minutes, and incorporate something ...
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Report sites that use Stack Exchange content without following attribution rules here [duplicate]

NB The following is a community-generated list of websites that republish Stack Exchange content without attributing it properly. It is no longer being maintained, because the procedure for reporting ...
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When you hover over the name of the person closing a question it should show the reason they've chosen

I originally posted this on UserVoice, but I'm moving it here. It is somewhat annoying when you close a question, but are not the last person closing it, that the official close reason doesn't ...
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After question is closed expose close votes distinguished by reason in the timeline page

Suggest to expose close votes distinguished by reason in question timeline page after question is closed. Purpose of this feature is to help in discussing cases of closure when knowing vote split ...
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Does the migration of edited posts violate attribution requirements?

I'm not meaning this to be a duplicate of this feature request. Here, I'd really like to find out if the current migration process is a violation of the license under which contributors grant their ...
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Can we do anything against tag wikis copy-pasted from Wikipedia?

I've seen quite a few tag wikis, and even tag wiki excerpts, that were copy-pasted from the first paragraph or so of the Wikipedia article, or sometimes were a dictionary definition. These violate the ...
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How does the Creative Commons license affect deleted content?

I can understand the Creative Commons license pretty clear-cut when it comes to normal content visible anywhere on the network, but does anything change when that content has been deleted? I've ...
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Dealing with quickly edited, copied answers?

Edit: This question isn't a duplicate of Acceptable solution for 'answer copying'?. The quote in the highest voted answer on that question is "Bottom line: if you want to get up-votes, WRITE A ...
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Could the close vote banner please be made less... well, wrong? [duplicate]

Take this example of a poor question and the outcome of its poverty: closed as not constructive by sgar91, ppeterka, Lightness Races in Orbit, R. Martinho Fernandes, kbok 38 secs ago Well, okay, ...
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Show all voted close types when a question is closed [duplicate]

Currently it shows like this (a recent example) closed as "not programming related" by RSolberg, Tim J, Rob Kennedy, Paul Alexander, Michael Petrotta an hour ago How about it would show like this. ...
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What is the correct way to attribute a Stack Overflow answer in my code?

I understand that Stack Overflow answers are released under a Creative Commons license, and that I may use code from Stack Overflow answers (such as this one) in my work. I want to give credit (as ...
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Is it okay to use DMCA takedown notices to remove my content from SCRAPER sites?

I've (okay, it wasn't entirely me) found yet another SCRAPER site, and have reported it to Stack Exchange through the standard route. This scraper is somewhat exceptional in that it's scraping a ...
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Did anyone notice that some sites seem to be scraping/republishing SO's posts? [duplicate]

Such as: http://tech.e
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My post is being supplanted by somebody else, but I did the investigation!

I'm an active committer and PMC member of Apache MyFaces Project, known as (lu4242) Leonardo Uribe. A year ago I posted this answer Difference between Mojarra and MyFaces But it seems somebody else ...
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Can we have a dropdown to choose a code license?

I'm not fully satisfied with Stack Exchange's recent proposal to change the code license to an MIT-like crayon license. What if I want the plain MIT license, where the license text must be replicated? ...
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A user copy-pasting answers without proper attribution [duplicate]

I came across this user's profile while I was going through the close-votes queue and most if not all answers seem to be copied from other Stack Overflow answers or from external sources. This is a ...
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A user is taking questions from MSDN forums, asking them on SO, and posting the SO answers back on MSDN taken from https://...
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"Attribution Required" misses requirement to reference the license [duplicate]

The license info in the footer of every Stack Exchange page contains a link to the blog post Attribution Required. In this post, Jeff Atwood explains what the attribution is required to contain. ...
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Does a third party deleting an account that still has posts violate CC BY-SA 4.0?

According to Section 3(a)(1)(A) of the Creative Commons BY-SA 4.0 license, you need to retain the name of the creator when sharing licensed material. If You Share the Licensed Material (...
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What's the appropriate reaction to an answer that doesn't attribute the source it's copied from?

I was searching through StackOverflow, and found a question with one answer. I found the text of the answer very familiar, and realized it was a direct copy and paste from my blog, with no attribution ...
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Correct attribution is impossible for failed sites

Two of the attribution requirements in the data dumps are: 2. Hyperlink directly to the original question on the source site (e.g., 4. Hyperlink each ...
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How to handle answer where poster wants credit for code if used?

In ANT. Override properties. Optional Execution in Single Target I noticed this at the top of the answer: If you find this tip useful, and use it, please give credit in your code to Canova, email &...
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Does archival interfere with attribution removal?

There was a question asking about CC BY-SA 3.0's requirement to remove attribute on request. It was brought up that automatic archives may still preserve historical information, including attribution ...
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What sort of attribution should Stack Exchange members expect for their work?

I've been thinking about the feedback over code licensing, and it seems like there's a significant gap in thinking between two portions of the user base - one that wants attribution, and one that ...
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Create a software mechanism to report sites that use SE content without following attribution rules

At the time of this post there are 87 answers to the meta question: Report sites that use SE content without following attribution rules here. The sheer volume of answers makes it impossible to ...
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Edits that shadow a suggested edit inconsistently reject but include the suggestion

I have the edit privilege. If I edit a post which has a pending suggested edit, then: My edit starts from the version resulting from the suggested edit. I'm not notified of that, or even of the ...
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What happens if a fifth person chooses a different reason to close? [duplicate]

I'm curious, what if a question has 4 votes, 2 for one reason, 2 for other, and the fifth person chooses a third... what is the official close reason?
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1k views is cloning Stack Overflow content

Just did my usual Google search for programming stuff, and got a result from the site To my surprise, I got a page that was ripped off Stack Overflow. After some surfing around it ...
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How do we make sure that contributors get the credit and attribution they deserve when their work is used for training AI models?

I have read the blog post about Community is the future of AI and I could not find any serious answer to this question. Here is the way I see it: The knowledge in Stack Exchange (and Stack Overflow in ...
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Acknowledging Stack Overflow users in my application

I'm writing an application, and I get help on Stack Overflow for many of my code primitives. Somewhere in my application I would like to acknowledge Stack Overflow's "help" in building the application,...
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If a user copies content from another SO post into his own post verbatim, is the attribution required according to the license?

Backstory: We recently had a situation on ru.SO, where a new user had posted 22 answers in 2 hours, 17 of which were copy-pasted from comments under the corresponding questions. Most of them were ...
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Community wiki post not displaying majority author correctly

Check this answer -- originally authored by me with minor changes by Peter Mortensen. It shows 56% authorship by Peter when he only contributed 27 characters. Should "Developer Testing" be ...
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Ability to add "source" to quote?

When people quote others, it is common practice to add a source or attribution of the original speaker. When you select text and hit the quote button, there should be a pop-up that asks for an ...
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Who is the original artist of the comic on the blog post "Do large language models know what they are talking about?"

The blog post Do large language models know what they are talking about? has the comic: A: It is time to learn about magic circles. B: ugh, why is it so complex? ... What does this symbol in the ...
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"StackOverflow Knowledge Transfer Program"?

There has been content farms copying Stack Overflow content without proper attribution before, but this one, well... Have a look at The website is in Chinese, yes, but every ...
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Etiquette: When is it ok to edit your answer to include information from someone else's?

I have been following this question with interest - History of public/private/protected - and noticed that shortly after a new answer was posted by Neil Butterworth, one of the original answers was ...
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Enhancement Request: Attribution Block Markdown

Over at Worldbuilding we constantly bring images and quotes in from outside sources. I suspect other Stacks do that a lot, too. When it comes to images, charts, and graphs, we want people to properly ...
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Is copy-pasting code from Stack Overflow an infringement to CC BY-SA 3.0 or is it considered fair use?

Actually CC BY-SA 3.0 is a license which looks pretty good for most Stack Exchange Network sites, but on Stack Overflow which is used mainly for coding questions, is pretty much rigid since a lot of ...
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Add an indicator for the license to code blocks and a tool to copy code with the proper attribution

I think it is a fair assumption that a large number of people using Stack Overflow and other programming SE sites don't understand or don't even think about the implications of the license when using ...
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Is proper attribution given when a moderator edits someone's comment?

As far as I know according to CC BY-SA 3.0 if someone edits any question/answer of a user then proper attribution is given that someone edited such and such content at say 12 P.M 1 January 2015. The ...
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Is it legal for users to make their SE posts native? [duplicate]

If a site uses content originating from a Stack Exchange site, is the user who owns the content legally permitted to make his post "native" to the non-SE site? Here's what I mean. Some non-Stack ...
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What is the correct attribution for remixing content of

According to, data dumps of closed-down sites are available under the same CC BY-SA license as other data dumps. However, since the ...
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What is the guideline for citing code from outside of the Stack Exchange network?

I needed a good way to validate a password check through angelorjs. I wasn't completely satisfied with the answers of this question since it didn't explain the problem very well. Later I found this ...
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Form to request erasure under GDPR doesn't indicate that attribution will be removed from all posts, a possible license violation

It's long been the case that when a user requests their account be deleted, all of their contributions are dissociated from their name. This would ordinarily be considered a violation of the CC BY-SA ...
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Is it possible to automatically put a reference to uploaded images?

Many times when answering I put some image that I found googling. As I understand it, this requires citing the source where the image comes from. Since this is specified in the policy, wouldn't it be ...
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I want to use content from a Stack Overflow / Stack Exchange question and answer. How do I comply with the Attribution requirements?

One of the requirements of the CC BY-SA license used for content on the Network is Attribution. What does proper attribution look like for questions and answers found on the Network?
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Website in violation of attribution policy?

Not sure what can be done besides contacting the offender or sending a DMCA notice, but seems to clearly be ripping off Stack Overflow content without proper any attribution. For ...
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