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For questions about how authentication within the Stack Exchange network works. General questions about authentication are off-topic, but depending on the specific question may find a home at e.g. Stack Overflow or Security Stack Exchange.

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How does SO's new auto-login feature work?

SO and SU just told me I've been logged in. I'm guessing because I'm already logged into my Google account... but how does SO know that?
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How does one Stack Exchange site know that I'm logged in to the other?

Here's what I did: Completely cleared my browser of all cookies Opened a new browser window in Incognito mode Navigated to and log in Opened a new tab and navigate to ...
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24 votes
5 answers

Stack Exchange OpenID credentials not removed on logout, allowing insecure re-login

The cookies for subdomain, '' are not, as claimed, actually removed from the browser upon logging out of, but they should be. Applies to: *,...
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"OpenID 2.0 for Google Accounts is going away"; will this affect Stack Exchange? [closed]

Apparently, for some reason, Google is retiring its OpenID 2.0 platform. I got this notice while logging in with Disqus, but not with Stack Exchange. So... is Stack Exchange going to be affected by ...
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Log out of all Stack Exchange sites with linked account simultaneously

On the logout page for each Stack Exchange site, there is currently a button for Log Out, which logs the current session out of the current site, and a button for Log Out Everywhere, which logs all ...
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Authenticate to Stack Exchange using GitHub

I've seen sign in methods using GitHub as an authentication provider, for example (AWS Cloud9) Is it possible to authenticate into Stack Exchange using this method? At the moment there's ...
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Did something change with Stack Exchange's cross-domain login process? (no longer working)

I have my web browser set to block all third-party cookies. The only place where this is an issue is on Stack Exchange sites, where it prevents a log in action on one site from successfully logging ...
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Stack Exchange & Area 51 sign up/ log in update

As of today, Stack Exchange and Area 51 no longer have separate login and signup pages. When you log in or sign up on either site you will be sent through flow. Currently, ...
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OpenID endpoints and URL will be removed on November 1, 2022

Back in 2018, we announced the end of support for OpenID at Stack. Although we've deprecated support for OpenID logins and endpoints, the URL has remained online. Starting in ...
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Storing Stack Overflow login details in local storage considered harmful

This has been brought up many times before, Search: Can't Log Out I can't get my account not to auto-login at work Why can't I log out of Stack Overflow Undesired auto-login to meta? Improve SE ...
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Where and how is the authentication cookie stored with the new authentication system?

My browser is configured with several cookie restrictions (clear cookies on exit, no third party cookies, and privacy badger on top of that). I found that after SE recently switched to a new ...
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16 votes
1 answer

Will Google+ APIs shutting down affect signing in into Stack Exchange sites?

According to this article, Google+ APIs will shut down on March 7, 2019. Since I am using Google to provide authentication for several web sites (SE sites included), I am wondering if SE network will ...
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Can Stack Overflow implement single sign on for its all sites?

Can Stack Overflow implement single sign on so that users do not have to sign-in again when they visit other Stack Exchange sites like Meta Stack Overflow, Server Fault, Super ...
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Logging in to the Area 51 Discussion Zone will successfully log you into the main Area 51 site, but not the Discussion Zone itself

In the Area 51 Discussion Zone (DZ), the log in link is for, not Because of domain restrictions, etc., after successfully logging in you get ...
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Authentication API - port number in redirect_uri is ignored

We're using the API explicit flow for identity brokering in our Keycloak SSO server to provide users with the option for logging in using their Stack Overflow account. Recently, we've noticed that ...
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Why do I keep getting logged out of Stack Overflow?

I keep on getting logged out of Stack Overflow on my personal computer. This can happen even when I've been logged in earlier in the same day. It used to be that I'd never get logged out of SO (which ...
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Don't give away incorrect password/username info

I don't think it's safe or even good practice to tell a user specifically what part of my authentication credentials is faulty. I practically guessed my way to my correct username because SO let me ...
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Don't tell me which of my credentials is wrong

If I mistype my username or password when logging in to Stack Exchange, the red dialogue box tells me which was incorrect. If an attacker correctly guesses an email address present in the database ...
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Store the full OpenID URL, including scheme and domain name, differentiating HTTP from HTTPS

The association of an OpenID with the relying part must store the scheme used (OpenID spec 11.5.2): 11.5.2. HTTP and HTTPS URL Identifiers Relying Parties MUST differentiate between URL ...
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I keep getting logged out of Stack Overflow

This has been reported quite a few times over the years, both with Chrome and Firefox (and maybe others, I did not read all the comments). Since it is driving me crazy (but it's not like there is an ...
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10 votes
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Why does StackExchange log me in after I've visited the page? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Why does it says welcome back -user- click here to “refresh page” TL;DR: This is a technical/programming question, not an off topic question about the Stack ...
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4 answers

Active content on page causing multiple "proxy authentication required" dialogs to open

My work internet connection runs behind a proxy with pretty standard filtering to keep us away from watching silly videos on youtube all day. I'm running Firefox 11 on Windows and it is configured to ...
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Increasingly difficult to be logged out - what's going on?

Logging out of the stack exchange sites is a bit of a formality for me. I only log in from the one PC which no-one else has access to. I'm aware that there are ways that people could impersonate me if ...
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Using oAuth in API throwing internal server error

My application has 26 users, but yesterday several (prospective) users started receiving an error page (/error?aspxerror=/oauth) saying that it is all [stack exchange's] fault and that the data is ...
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How do you log in from work using your personal account while you are already logged into Google?

I have a personal Stackoverflow account with points and stuff. I want to log in with that. I normally authenticate with Google. My work uses Google apps and I have a Google work address. How do I ...
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Can't Login to Stack Overflow

I am able to login to this site (Meta SO) using OpenID I cannot do the same at Stack Overflow - I get an error. Doesn't it make sense to allow an alternative way of logging in? If the OpenID fails, ...
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2 answers

Using several open ids

I've got a Google id, but also a MyOpenID. All my Stack Exchange accounts were created via the Google account id. How can I setup Stack Exchange so that I can also login with MyOpenId; in order to ...
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Facebook OpenID authentication not functioning

I have been attempting to change my OpenID to facebook, but have not been successful. The first time I attempted it, it brought up facebook and asked for permissions. I added the permissions for stack ...
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Was int or guid used as the primary key/index in StackOverflow, and why?

Given Jeff's post here, which type of user id was used in the site. I presume it was int, as it is used in the URL, and as far as I can see there ...
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Messaging failed - doesn't give more info. as to what to do about it [duplicate]

I am opening this so that if I run into the same situation would perhaps know what to do as well as others. I am trying to login to sites and most sites work except for some meta sites. For this I ...
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Cannot login using Google authentication [closed]

For some reason, I'm not able to login to an of the SE sites using Google authentication today. Did something change? PS. I had to create a direct login on SE using my other e-mail id to report this ...
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Suggestion: use type="text" on the openid URL input field

Earlier I can enter just domain name in custom openid filed on login page and that was working. Now, some client validation was added and I need always enter full http address to login. For example, ...
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New Stack Exchange users are registered with OpenID provider without notice or consent

Apparently, new users of the Stack Exchange Network automatically are being registered with an OpenID provider. The registration process appears misleadingly merely to offer an option to register with ...
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