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For questions about how authentication within the Stack Exchange network works. General questions about authentication are off-topic, but depending on the specific question may find a home at e.g. Stack Overflow or Security Stack Exchange.

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Why do I keep getting logged out of Stack Overflow?

I keep on getting logged out of Stack Overflow on my personal computer. This can happen even when I've been logged in earlier in the same day. It used to be that I'd never get logged out of SO (which ...
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OpenID endpoints and URL will be removed on November 1, 2022

Back in 2018, we announced the end of support for OpenID at Stack. Although we've deprecated support for OpenID logins and endpoints, the URL has remained online. Starting in ...
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Store the full OpenID URL, including scheme and domain name, differentiating HTTP from HTTPS

The association of an OpenID with the relying part must store the scheme used (OpenID spec 11.5.2): 11.5.2. HTTP and HTTPS URL Identifiers Relying Parties MUST differentiate between URL ...
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Stack Exchange & Area 51 sign up/ log in update

As of today, Stack Exchange and Area 51 no longer have separate login and signup pages. When you log in or sign up on either site you will be sent through flow. Currently, ...
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I keep getting logged out of Stack Overflow

This has been reported quite a few times over the years, both with Chrome and Firefox (and maybe others, I did not read all the comments). Since it is driving me crazy (but it's not like there is an ...
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Google auth seems broken

I can't seem to login using my Google account. Luckily I still have an active session on the main things I care about but when I log into anything with my Google auth, I get: There was an error ...
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Logging in to the Area 51 Discussion Zone will successfully log you into the main Area 51 site, but not the Discussion Zone itself

In the Area 51 Discussion Zone (DZ), the log in link is for, not Because of domain restrictions, etc., after successfully logging in you get ...
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Why am I occasionally logged in to different domains, or am I?

When I log out, I usually get a message saying I will be logged out of these seven domains: Notwithstanding the fact I don't know what most of these are, nor consciously visit any of them apart from ...
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Top navbar not updated when login session is invalidated

tl;dr When editing existing post after your session has been invalidated in the background, editor itself reflects the fact that user has been logged-off, but top navbar remains unchanged and still ...
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Port not included in client-side OAuth flow

I was recently making an app using the SE API's client-side auth flow. What I noticed is that there was this Unable to post message to http://localhost. Recipient has origin http://localhost:5000. ...
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StackExchange Single Sign on

What is the technique or procedure used in implementing Single Sign On in StackExchange websites? Whether it is possible to implement custom authentication providers so that the site credentials can ...
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Network Login Troubleshooting fails on Messaging whereas tests positive

A couple of months ago, I was forced to switch to the Vivaldi browser which I do happen to like a lot. The Vivaldi browser might be considered the spiritual successor to the Opera browser, sharing ...
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Unable to login with my personal OpenID server ("Message signature was incorrect.")

I realise this could be seen as a duplicate but I've skimmd through the top dozen results and can't find anything comparable. I've run my own (very simple) OpenID server at for ...
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Is it still possible to log into Stack Exchange using an AOL OpenID?

I am posting from a new account I have created, as I have been unable to access my Stack Exchange account for several days. My account is tied to my AOL OpenID exclusively. For quite some time, ...
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Redirect parameter `state` is missing in case of error

Testing OAuth authorization in my app I noticed a case when state parameter is not passed to redirect uri. I use state to track auth process at server side. If user doesn't authorize application, he ...
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Unable to swap primary OAuth ID with a secondary one

I am on the user profile screen and am unable to swap my primary OAuth ID with a second one and a pop up shows up confirming that however when I click OK, the ID never seems to get swapped.
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Unable to login to Anime beta on Nexus 7

For some reason, I'm unable to log into Anime.SE on my Nexus 7. I just get a weird 400 error while attempting to log in with OAuth. Other machines and my other Android phone work just fine. Am I ...
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Blank screen when logging in with Google

When I am trying to log in with Google on Stack Overflow, I only get a blank screen. No error or anything. The exact process: Select log in Click Log in with Google Click "allow" in Google's ...
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Authentication with google as well as direct login

I have my stackexchange account with google authentication. But in some net work gmail is blocked. So is there any way to maintain the same account with dual authentication.Like google login as well ...
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Logged in to SO chat using Google account, but logged out when entering a room

I can authenticate successfully with a Google account at, but when I navigate to a room I'm not logged in any more. Is anyone else having this issue? Or is it just me? I can ...
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