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Auto-deletion (also called 'Roomba') is a process which helps cleaning the site by deleting some questions. Criteria for auto-deletion are based on low score and age of the question.

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Decrease the required view count to prevent Roomba deletion when score = 0 on smaller sites

The required view count to avoid auto-deletion of a question when score = 0 is too high. As an example: had 562 views within 1.1 year. This is way more views ...
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15 votes
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How can I prevent my questions from being removed by roomba (Stack Exchange's automated question deletion system) after a user was removed?

The removal of a user might result in the loss of upvotes on some of my questions, which might in turn result in roomba* (Stack Exchange's automated question deletion system) deleting some of my ...
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13 votes
0 answers

Should deleted answers prevent a question from being Roomba'ed?

This question should qualify as an abandoned question eligible to be Roomba'ed: it seems to satisfy all criteria. (It has quite some views, but certainly less than the threshold, because it's already ...
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Notify the OP when a question is about to be removed by Roomba

Would it be possible to notify the OP when one of his/her questions is about to be removed by Roomba? I don't think it's very respectful to the OP to delete content without any warning and possibility ...
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8 votes
0 answers

Can migrated closed questions be considered for automatic deletion by the RemoveDeadQuestions and RemoveAbandonedClosed scripts?

Migrated questions that were closed a long time after the migration (and as such weren't marked "rejected") are not automatically deleted by the RemoveDeadQuestions and RemoveAbandonedClosed ...
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6 votes
0 answers

1-year-old questions removed by Roomba: what happened if they are re-asked?

When a question is one-year-old, has received 0 upvote, 0 answer, fewer than 2 comments and not many visitors, it gets automatically removed. Has anyone looked at what happened if such questions are ...
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