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Auto-deletion (also called 'Roomba') is a process which helps cleaning the site by deleting some questions. Criteria for auto-deletion are based on low score and age of the question.

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Is the Roomba broken? [duplicate]

I know that there is a system for auto-deletion of certain closed and unanswered questions, as described by Shog9 in "Turbocharging the Roomba: solutions for premature deletion", but it was my ...
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Algorithm for Community deletion of questions [duplicate]

Is the algorithm for Community deletion of questions documented anywhere? I'm interested in both the SO and MSO algorithms, in case they are different. If it matters, the trigger for this question is ...
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Why is the Community user in a deletion war with a mod?

We have a closed question with 0 sum votes (+2/-2). It got deleted by the Community user. Fine. Then came along DoubleAA (a mod) and undeleted it. Then comes Community and deletes it a few hour later....
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Are moderators able to post comments that are automatically deleted after x amount of time?

This comment reads the following: If you're looking for the previous 33 comments, please see this meta thread instead. This comment will self-destruct in 48 hours. – Raven Dreamer♦ (The link ...
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Answers to a deleted question not deleted?

I just ran across this review item and immediately thought to myself "yes, that should be deleted." But before I recommended deletion, I took a quick look at the question. What the hell? A red ...
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Can the system leave a deletion reason when it deletes a question?

A user asked why they were question banned; it turned out it (in part) it was because of deleted questions. One of the deleted questions was deleted by the Community user. I'm aware it will delete ...
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Is Community♦ more eagerly auto-deleting than it should?

Today, Community♦ deleted this question. (10K only, obviously) That's good, if you wonder. The question didn't add any value to the site. But, as far as I could determine (my search-fu is weak, so I ...
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143 votes
10 answers

Turbocharging the Roomba: solutions for premature deletion

A couple weeks ago, I asked for help: How can we stop premature deletion? And I got some fantastic responses. A big thanks to everyone who participated in that discussion - you're the reason I don't ...
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Should we stop auto-deleting dupe-closed questions?

In this meta post, Shog9 writes: But don't delete duplicates Seriously, don't. Unless they're literally word-for-word duplicates, just leave them be - folks tend to find all sorts of different ways ...
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Is it okay to send old questions to doom?

Given this context: If the question is more than 30 days old, and ... has -1 or lower score has no answers is not locked ... it will be automatically deleted. I have downvoted some 30-odd ...
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Making auto delete process more user friendly

For over a year now, there is an auto delete process in place that is taking care of old abandoned / dead questions and removing them. All good and I agree this should keep going to keep the place ...
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When a deleted answer get pruned and gone forever? [closed]

I recently deleted an answer of mine in a question on Super User as the current answer proved mine to be false and, as such, maybe even harmful. Now, I'd like to offer @Nathan a +50 bounty, which I ...
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33 votes
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Automatically delete old closed questions, regardless of question score

According to, we automatically delete old question with negative/0/1 scores (depending on time passed) and no answers. I'd like to suggest extending ...
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Any way to save my poor, lonely question?

For several months I have had 5 questions, but I just noticed that I was now down to 4. I was able to go to the Data Explorer and find the Id of the missing question and undelete it, but I'm concerned ...
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Automatic deletion of a question

Is there any automatic deletion of a question in place? I saw the I did it for the lulz question and figured this would get deleted right away, but it didn't. Seems like after about -10 its probably ...
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Enable automatic deletion of old, unanswered, zero-score questions after a year?

Related to Meta Super User efforts: Old unanswered inactive questions with low views/votes and Meta Server Fault efforts: Cleaning house, really old, unloved questions We already auto-remove ...
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Should closed questions that are negatively voted be automatically deleted?

When I google a programming question and the search results bring a Stack Overflow link, I always click that link. That’s because I know that (1) it is very likely that there will be good answers to ...
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