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Use this for questions about the automated process that turns bare Stack Exchange links in posts into formatted links.

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A bare meta URL was not auto-linked

As you may know, bare links within the network are converted to linked titles when they meet the requirements in What limitations does converting question links to links with titles have?. However, I ...
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How can I stop the site from expanding an URL to the title of the post?

If there is a link to a Stack Exchange post from the same site, it is automatically expanded to the title. (Unless the post is deleted.) For example, renders ...
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MathJax should not attempt to parse autolinked URLs

So I just happened across a comment on space.SE that contains a link to the URL$prod_exlrg$. (It's a picture of a camera, in case you're ...
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Disable showing post title instead of URL when linked in a post or comment in iOS app

Whenever you type a link, like this one: What happens if you answered a question, questioner says thanks, but didn't accept your answer as correct?, it comes up as the title of the question linked....
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² (squared) not a valid search or URL character

The character ² is not a valid search character. On Electrical Engineering, one common term is I²C, sometimes (correctly) spelled as I²C (IIC or I-squared-C). A search for I²C does not throw an error, ...
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Comment Markup is Broken for Some Reason

In this question I tried to making the following comment in markup: Hey jk, and welcome to []! The best questions here ask *"practical, answerable questions based on actual problems ...
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Stop turning bare URLs in RFC 2606 domains into links

The Problem Sometimes on Stack Overflow (and —how meta­— on meta) you talk about URLs and use an RFC 2606 domain (such as ''), but you will never mean this to be a hyperlink. These ...
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URLs in comments surrounded by double quotes wrongly linkified [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: strange character replacement on SO I have made a comment here (first comment in this question itself) with this text: Test 1 (without backticks): String myURL = String("http:...
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Link button in post editor escapes square brackets in code

The link button in the post editor incorrectly escapes square brackets in inline code. To reproduce: Write the following MarkDown in the editor text text `function[]` text text Select `function[]`,...
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FAQ autolink on meta points to SO

Since this is only evident in a comment, I'll post a comment under this question. [FAQ] should direct you to the current site's FAQ. EDIT: Now a feature-request to have [faq] default to current site'...
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Require link text for hyperlinks in questions and answers by disabling automatic hyperlinking of bare URLs

This feature request is partially a response to the following: URL inside parenthesis are not automatically hyperlinked. I propose requiring link text for all hyperlinks in questions and answers (and ...
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URL inside parenthesis are not automatically hyperlinked

Similar to this question. While cleaning up some URL shortened links, I noticed that links are not automatically hyperlinked when enclosed in parens. For example, ( and ...
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Mention or tag user in answers and comments

I would like to suggest a standard mechanism to mention users and link to their answers. I edit a large number of posts on the ServerFault and Unix site and have observed that people (including me) ...
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URLs in comments are truncated if they contain certain punctuation characters

I just tried to paste this URL in a comment: but it comes out like this (note the ...
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Autolink @username in comments to most recent relevent post with #comment-123546 style anchor

When somebody puts a @username reference to somebody, could the system find either (in this order): The comment above the one with the reference. Or, the most recent post of any kind on the page by ...
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Display title of question rather than its URL when posting internal links in comments [duplicate]

Ok, this is a really simple one and will be well worth doing IMHO. When you put a link in a comment you get something like this: Pretty similar (if not dupe) to
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Please improve the auto-linking to allow square and round brackets

For example, this won't work with the linking feature:[], int) If I try and [link it][1] this is the result. [1]: ...
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