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Sites perform some edits automatically when posts are submitted, such as removing signatures or redundant "@username" alerts.

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Does Meta SE automatically remove signatures?

This is derived from finding What is the right site for asking a question about how to configure a browser, such as Firefox, Firefox ESR?. The original revision, included THX. This word looks that ...
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Improve Community bot replacement edit summary

In the context of the Community bot URL replacement run addressed in 'Links to HTML versions of RFC's need to move from "tools" to "datatracker"' it became clear that the ...
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All title typography conversions were removed from all sites today. Were they useful on some sites, or should they stay removed everywhere?

For a very long time (since at least 2010, perhaps 2008), the system would make modifications to post titles so that they'd better conform to English style guides: When "straight quotes" ...
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Disregard automated edits from the Community user when calculating the authors percentage of a Community Wiki post

Community Wiki posts show a "main author" and the percentage of the current post that is "theirs". The algorithm used to determine this percentage is old, (really old in internet ...
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Automatic edits prevent users from edit when retagging only [duplicate]

Usually it is possible to add a missing tag to a question without editing the question. However, while editing some questions, the editor makes invisible changes automatically, as for example in ...
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Is there enough info in the system to deal with serial unupvotes enabled by automatic edits?

It's yet another time when we're having posts massively edited by automated scripts. When a user upvotes or downvotes a post, their vote gets locked in after five minutes, and is only unlocked if/when ...
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Commonmark -> CommonMark typo in automated CommonMark migration

Commonmark -> CommonMark typo in automated CommonMark migration Example from
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Votes should not be unlocked if the Community user makes an automated script edit

(Not a duplicate of Preventing bad edits from unlocking votes, as that covers users editing posts to unlock their own vote; this is about automated scripts editing posts.) This may seem like a minor ...
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Does Stack Exchange remove Ha! from my answer? [duplicate]

I just began an answer with Ha, I just ran into this myself! but it would come out as I just ran into this myself! and an edit would not help. Now I see how that beginning of an answer is not ...
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Allow hiding automated script edits from the Community user in its activity list

I was looking through the Community user's activity list so as to get a list of the anonymous edits I (and many other users, but before December 2017, almost all mine) made over the course of editing ...
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Old HTTP links to SE sites without ending / weren't converted to HTTPS links

About a year ago, several migration scripts were run to change old HTTP network-internal links across the network to HTTPS links. However, it appears that the script didn't modify links that lack the ...
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Should the word “hay” not be deleted at the beginning of posts, especially on Spanish SE?

When saving posts, the first sentence is removed if it matches a regular expression. See this answer. The purpose is to automatically remove salutations from posts. The word “hay” is a very uncommon ...
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Editing duplicate banner edited into the text of the question

> **Possible Duplicate:** > [Possible to remove the link to duplicate question?]( <!-- ...
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Answers don't like hair (i.e., "hair" at the beginning of an answer is automatically deleted)

As you can see I made an edit but it won't stick and gets deleted right away; another user with 20k rep also tried to make the same edit with no luck. This is the answer where it happened. Also I ...
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It's time to revert removing @name from comments

Yes, I am aware of: Eeeeek - what happened to my @ salutation? Don't remove the @ part of my comment Alert users as to why their @lert is being removed from comments But now that several years ...
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Automatic edit of links removes text from post

A set of automatic revisions removed some parenthesised text from the post thinking it was part of a link. Note that I fixed this specific case but it may have happened elsewhere, the heuristic of ...
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Apparent moderator script vandalizes post [duplicate]

This edit was apparently done by a moderator user named "Community" and appears to be robot vandalism. I can T written ints 1 ...
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Code that starts with a variable named "hello" gets dropped

Someone posted a question that started with a code sample, and the sample began by assigning a variable named hello. The input filtering removed that line. I tried to do the same thing in my reply and ...
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How to avoid the creation of automatic links?

I'm trying to answer a question, and for that I need to mark 4 different mock (fake) urls and what they'd have. When I type this, a link is automatically created, and I would like to avoid this ...
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Automatically recognize and remove "thanks"

There is a regex that should automatically remove all greetings from the top of posts. It does its job very well: ^ # begins at start of body \s* # possible spaces ( hii?...
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Automatically remove the patterns "tag :" and "tag -" from titles

My feature-request is a, slightly, stricter version of this, un-actioned one. If the following conditions are true, can the patterns be automatically be removed from the question title: Where the ...
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Basic, community-endorsed autocorrect

In an answer to what SO is not, we seem to be in agreement that it is not a spell-checker. However, we also know that it does use a spell-checker. Would it make sense to have a community-endorsed ...
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So, what about automatically removing 'so' or 'hey' if first word in post?

This is question is 30% tongue in cheek and 70% serious. I don't know why, but questions on SO that start with the word 'So' (as in "So, I'm writing this killer app.."), or 'hey' are really ...
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Can we auto-capitalize?

Certain words should always be capitalized. Immediately, PHP and XML come to mind. Other words have other consistent capitalization rules which are consistent (Java not JAVA). Would it be possible to ...
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SE changes '!' changes to '?' in title [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Please remove the s/!/?/ title filter from Metaǃ I posted a question on meta exchange and I had an exclamation mark at the end. The '!' was switched to a '?'. I thought I ...
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@author alert removal gets confused by a non-ASCII character

Notice the comments in this answer for Combinatorial proof that binomial coefficients are given by alternating sums of squares? Two of the comments begin with the funny-looking string "š:". The author ...
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Question get truncated before posting? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Should 'Hi', 'thanks,' taglines, and salutations be removed from posts? I don't know if this is a known rule yet, but I just tried to post a question beginning ...
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Please make a special case for allowing @postowner in comments, when talking about @postowner

The system only allows a comment to have only one @name in it. Unfortunately if this is a meta discussion about how notifications work, of the discussion about not deleting @postowner from comments, ...
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Convert @postowner to postowner, instead of removing them as it currently does

First Some Context: Let us start with this post this post by T.J. (Don't remove the @ part of my comment), in which we find out that SO is automatically removing @postowner from comments. T.J., ...
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Auto-removal of @name from comments makes the site less readable [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Don't remove the @ part of my comment A brief scan through similar questions here on Meta revealed that apparently SO staff regards the feature useful for removing noise. ...
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Don't block comments with two @lerts if one of them is @postowner

Comments containing more than one @lert are blocked now unless they contain a backtick. In principle this is a good idea: it educates unexperienced users, while experienced users still have a ...
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Cannot use @name in my comment [duplicate]

I just commented on a question and I tried to add @BDuelz: in front of it but it got truncated. How come?
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please don't delete @name in comments [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Don't remove the @ part of my comment I can't find out where this "feature" is documented, but I was in a comment thread in where I was ...
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Message's first letter stays lowercase when redundant @user is truncated

I just noticed something that really bugs me on Stack Overflow. There is @-syntax for summoning people in conversation. Sometimes such @s are redundant. One such situation is when you try to summon ...
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List of Reasons for Automatic System Content Modification

When does the system automatically modify content (such as votes, question, answer, or comment text)? What automatic changes does the system make to questions? answers? comments? This FAQ should ...
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When removing @lerts, remove full user name with spaces

In situations where an @lert is removed, if the commenting user included a full user name with spaces, only the leading portion of the @lert that doesn't contain any spaces is removed. For example, ...
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Don't remove the @ part of my comment

Recently I posted a comment on Stack Overflow on an answer by (say) Felix. He replied to the comment, and when replying to him I started my comment with "@Felix". Stack Overflow stripped that ...
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What else can we automatically remove from questions?

Given that We now automatically remove salutations from posts as they are entered. -- Jeff Atwood♦ what else would we like to automatically remove (or correct) as it is entered? Any suggestions?...
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Auto prepend @{user} when comment notifications are auto generated

If a user comments on their own post and there is only one person who has previously commented, then that person is also notified if @name is forgotten. From: How do comment @replies work? This is ...
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Autoconvert site-internal-link-only answers to comments [duplicate]

When an answer consisting solely of a link to elsewhere in the Stack Exchange universe is posted, it should be converted to a comment prefixed with "See: ". Perhaps this could be widened to cover any ...
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