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Triple backticks code formatting doesn't show up in the suggested-edits queue on side-by-side mode

I just noticed that answers (I don't know about the questions), that used triple backticks codes in the body, don't show up in the suggested-edits review queue on side-by-side mode. Instead it shows ...
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Backtick escapes on profile causing terrible display

This is not a duplicate of Stack Exchange Usercard Squeezer™ on profile page as that is a completely different bug that has since been fixed. So it has come to my attention that when you use backtick ...
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In-line Backtick Escapes Not Formatting Text as Code

I'm trying to insert backtick escapes to highlight (with a gray background) in-line text as ˋcodeˋ, but the text surrounded by the backticks appears as regular text (as in ˋthis textˋ). Not sure if I'...
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How to code highlight words in plural

The backtick is used on many sites of Stack Exchange to format inline text as code. How do I pluralise words when they refer to code? Let's say I have some item in my code called "ToolBarButton". ...
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Backticks within backticks work differently in posts and in comments [duplicate]

Writing backticks within backticks works differently in posts and in comments. For example: Use `` `backticks` `` instead of bold text for code-like terms. In posts, this is rendered as the text "...
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How do I format Perl's $` variable in Stackoverflow?

In Uninitialized Value $` in Perl, I want to format as code several Perl variables. If I have one $`, there isn't a problem because the paragraph doesn't have another backtick. If I double up the ...
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User making inappropriate edits with backticks

This user has been making a lot of suggested edits that are essentially just adding backticks around words - while some are being rejected, some are also being approved when they shouldn't be. For ...
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How do I render a backtick enclosed in <kbd> tags?

The following line of Markdown isn't rendered the way I expect: Press the <kbd>`</kbd> key then type ``foo bar baz``. The actual HTML being rendered omits the <kbd> tags: Press ...
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Please put the information about how to escape backticks in the main syntax help page

I am fully aware that the information about how to escape backticks in inline code is on this page: But since backticks are so commonly ...
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Please include how to quote backticks in inline code in Markdown editing help

I've seen this happen a few times: "code 'with' backticks (replace quotes with backticks!!!)" I also had to do some digging to find out for myself that the correct way to do this: code `with` ...
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9 votes
2 answers

How do I escape backticks surrounding an inline code block? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How can the backtick character ` be included in code? How do I do something like this: `order` But within a ``line`? <-- as you see over here I was able to get the ...
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Is there a way to enter back tick (backtick) on SO when using iPad or iPhone?

There are times when I only can use iPad to access SO, and the back tick ` is needed to quote the literals... but it seems on iPad, there is no way to enter a back tick on the keyboard? Can it be ...
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Is there a way to mark inline code without backticks in comments?

When on my Android device the keyboard does not have backticks (or I don't know how to access them... - I am on a german layout btw), therefore I am unable to add code parts in comments et. al. Is ...
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Style inline code elements (including backticks) with white-space: pre-wrap [duplicate]

While writing this comment, I noticed an annoying issue with the way the StackExchange software formats in-line code snippets (<code>...</code> or `...`) — any groups of ...
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multiple spaces in backticks (``) are not converted into unbreakable ones [duplicate]

When I try to use `hi another text` it returns me hi another text - spaces are breaked.
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What does searching for a title backtick do?

I've been doing some editing on Super User, and I got a hunch that a good way to find questions in need of improvement would be to search for titles containing backticks. So I punched title:` into the ...
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