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For questions about backup process of things related to Stack Exchange, e.g. posts, images, etc.

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Images sometimes are not saved in the Wayback Machine

Images sometimes are not saved in the Wayback Machine. Example: I ...
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Backup answers to favorites

Here are many methods to backup questions that I asked / answered / commented. Does one of these methods backup the text (not just ID) of questions and answers I marked as favorites (bookmarks, star ...
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Supposed SE is acquired and shut down, then we lose all the knowledge contained here? [duplicate]

The content that is being generated by SE might rival one day with that contained in Wikipedia. While I can download the Wikipedia at any point and make sure that effort is not going to be lost, I'm ...
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Export all your activities, favorites, comments and upvotes from all Stack Exchange sites

Is it possible to download all pages, that you committed any efforts? I would like to have a downloaded folder that I can use offline, where all pages from my Profile site are linked, especially all ...
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How to copy [make a backup] my Q&A or another user's in Stack Overflow?

I want to know how I can make a backup of my questions and answers or Q&A of somebody else in Stack Exchange network?
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SE Backup - How, where, when & what level?

How - who does the backup? If a dedicated server, then where is it & how often does it backup? Where - which place/server does the backup gets stored to? When - at what intervals? How long does ...
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How do I export my questions and answers?

Is there a way to export all the content you've created in Stack Overflow? I'm looking at something similar to Facebook's Download Your Information feature. It will be useful for personal backup, ...
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Do images uploaded to have any backup?

It seems that images uploaded on the SE sites are hosted on Are these images stored somewhere else too? I mean, is there some sort of backup plan for restoring them? What happens if imgur....
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