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Badge suggestions: Finder, Hunter, and Detective [duplicate]

To encourage helpful dupe-finders (regardless of whether they can close vote or flag), I am thinking of the following badges: (bronze) Finder: Find a duplicate that gets the question closed as a dupe ...
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Badge for helping with UI-text translation/localization on non-English international sites

Good behaviour encouraged: help add localizations for UI text on international non-English sites. Bronze: 1 translation contributed Silver: I don't know (discuss!) Gold: I don't know I don't know ...
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Revive the Not a Robot badge on other sites?

After becoming a Joomla Stack Exchange moderator in 2019, I asked (in the moderator Q&A) if it would be possible to bring back the Not a Robot badge for all SE sites. This was a somewhat urgent ...
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Reconsider implementing bounty hunter badges

Over 11 years ago, there was a prior feature request for "bounty hunter" badges, which was received with much acclaim (170+ votes). The request was declined, however. I want to put forward ...
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widely applicable question badge & tab

Edit There are millions of questions on Stack Overflow. I think a widely applicable to a large audience or reproducible question should organize some way, and that why I request this feature (for ...
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Badge for the first use of the "follow post" feature

We have badges awarded to those who learned and used some site features, first of all Autobiographer and Informed. Scholar, Editor, Supporter, Citizen Patrol, Critic, Custodian also look worth ...
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Badge For Highest Badges Earned In a Day

Why isin't there a badge for highest number of badges earned in a day? Example: You earn a badge 'A' for earning 5 badges in the same day. Is it because people may try to use unfair methods to ...
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"Fix your own question" badge

As a design engineer, when I see major design changes that I don't understand, the question I usually ask of a team is "what problem are you trying to fix?" or "what user need are you trying to better ...
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A new Era requires new badges (Badge request) [duplicate]

This community has some absolute rock stars and as a community, we should have a badge to help these individuals stand out for their thoughtful and planned out answers. badge request badge name: "...
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Should we award a badge to people who document the tags they create?

Similar to the Curious, Inquisitive and Socratic badges which reward a particular good behaviour (asking nice questions), the idea is to encourage people to document the tags they create rather than ...
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Add positive replacement for Tumbleweed badge

I'm happy with retiring Tumbleweed and Reversal badges. Especially I like how Reversal badge was treated. It wasn't just retired: it was replaced by Lifejacket and Lifeboat badges, utilizing the ...
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Badge for reaching the cap for reputation earned from suggested edits

Around a month ago, I reached the reputation cap of 1000 for suggested edits on Science Fiction and Fantasy. It would be very nice to have a gold or silver badge to brag about this.
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A badge for good perplexing questions

I would like to propose a badge to recognize users that ask good questions that are hard to answer. My proposed criteria for the badge(s) would be along the lines of: Bronze: [no bronze along these ...
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Give an incentive for tag edits? [duplicate]

The badges for editing posts explicitly exclude tag edits. I understand why - they are supposed to reward substantial edits. At the same time, tags are useful, necessary, for how Stack Exchange works:...
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Badge suggestion: Eternal Question / Eternal Answer

Sometimes I vote up questions or answers and I get a tooltip saying "you already voted up on date [years ago]...". I think that questions and answers who get repeated votes in the long term deserve a ...
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Badge suggestion: Can we get a "Decade" badge for being an active member for 10 years?

We have the silver "yearling" badge. How about a gold badge for old timers who've been an active member for 10 years? It could be contingent on getting X reputation over the past decade. ...
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Badges for helpful flag streaks

Looking at the badges for the website, I feel that there is something missing: badges for helpful flag streaks. Here are some proposed values. Bronze Badge: 10 helpful flags in a row Silver Badge: 30 ...
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Proposal for two new participation badges

There are two badges, Enthusiast and Fanatic, for frequent participation on SE sites. They require every-day participation including Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays. Maybe Fanatic should really be ...
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New badge suggestion: "Wise helper"

I was looking at high rep user profile on the SE site I use a lot and I found one that had around 30k rep... and has asked no questions! I know that user, he always answers with many details, plus I ...
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Close-vote badges

Are there any existing badges for voting to close questions? If not, why not? We already have review-queue badges, but some of us don't do the review queues and instead rely on the chatroom or the ...
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Badge Request: Hotshot (Ask a Hot Network Question)

I would like to suggest a silver bronze badge which would be awarded for having a question featured as a Hot Network Question. Currently there is no way of tracking a user's Hot Network Questions. ...
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Why is there no popular/notable/famous answer badge?

I see that in all Stack Exchange sites (at least the ones I checked) there are badges for Popular, Notable, and Famous Question, when it gets to 1k, 2.5k, and 10k views, respectively. My question is ...
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Is there a way to propose badges? [duplicate]

Badges are great, as well as achievements - they encourage people and make discussion, asking question and answering more fun. There are standard badges, which are cool, but from time to time I'm ...
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Badge proposal: posts that are linked to often

It occurred to me that incoming links to posts may be a solid quality and/or relevance criterion. Hence, I propose a (set of) badge(s) should be added to highlight posts that are linked to more often ...
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Should there be a "Censor" badge? [closed]

I notice that there's a lot of moderators who are pretty comfortable with deleting other user's content. And there are other users who have piped up about it. Community internet sites with a voting ...
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Badges for impact [duplicate]

In the profile page there is a section where it displays the impact of a user. What is the use of this section other than... showing a number? I propose making this stat at least somewhat useful by ...
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Can the Maverick hat be made a silver badge? [duplicate]

It seems that there are no badges similar to the criteria of the Maverick hat: answer +5 a -3 question that goes to +3 This badge would promote users to answer many underrated good questions. ...
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Gold or silver badge for multiple daily votes [duplicate]

There is a badge for using 30 votes (Suffrage) in a day. There is also a badge (Vox Populi) for using the maximum 40 votes in a day. However, there are no badges for doing either of these multiple ...
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Add a “Canonical” badge awarding questions/answers that are common dupe targets

I’d like to propose a badge that rewards those that write questions that are common dupe targets. This could apply when all of these are true: you wrote the post it’s a question OR it’s the (...
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'Articulate' badge for perfect presentation [duplicate]

I propose the Articulate badge, to be awarded for posting [n] questions which remain up for [given amount of time] receive no edits receive at least one up-vote receive at least one answer with an ...
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"Post-it" badge for totally epic comments

Look, I know comments are ephemeral and all that, but still… could I have a badge for this, please?! As Yakk suggests: "Nice Post-It!" Badge needed: Comment with 5x more upvotes than votes ...
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2 answers

Badge to promote upvotes?

So I was thinking about it today, there's an amazing lack of (up)votes on here and I think it shouldn't be like that so, don't know if this has already been tried or not but what about creating a ...
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Proposal to add a "Circlejerk" badge

I propose that when a group of people upvote each other repeatedly, they get awarded the "Circlejerk" badge.
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Should the Illuminator badge be awarded multiple times?

I think that the Illuminator badge should be awarded multiple times. There is no reason why a few good (actually: subjective, broad) questions or answers to them should be worth multiple badges (Great ...
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Should we have a badge for users pointing out relevant related questions

Since pointing out relevant related questions in comments seems to be positively seen by the community. I think it's a useful addition to the ones that are automatically linked. Would it be ...
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Can we have a gold Lustrum badge in the same category as the Yearling badge? [duplicate]

I saw there was a similar request few years ago (Badge suggestion: Badge for being active member for 3 or 5 years) and I didn't know how to bring that forward again. I think is just natural ...
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Why does the mouse over review badge progress not show up in the "Choose which badge to track"?

When one is going through a Review queue, there is a pop up dialog when you hover over the mini progress bar, which shows one's progress towards the Reviewer badge like so: However, on the "...
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Reward <3k reputation users for finding duplicates

I suggest rewarding a silver badge to users with <3k reputation for correctly finding and flagging duplicate questions. The community would benefit having most part of its users engaged to keep ...
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Badge for an answer accepted with significantly fewer votes than highest voted answer

My apologies for tooting my own horn a little here, but I thought I should provide a concrete example of what inspired me to post this. A little over a year ago, I posted this answer. When I wrote ...
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New badge suggestion for high negative score [duplicate]

I think a high negative score in a question shows an interest. It could deserve a badge!
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Can we add a badge having similar criteria as Weed Eater hat?

I suggest that we turn the Weed Eater hat of Winter Bash 2015 into a permanent badge. I'm not sure what name it should be given, or what color the badge should be. Perhaps we can introduce several ...
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How about a few badges as a rememberance to a Winter Bash?

How about a few badges as a rememberance to a Winter Bash? Such as: Bronze: Get a normal hat on a site. (awarded once per Winter Bash per site, not once per hat) Bronze: Get a secret hat on a site. (...
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Badge for general sharing on Social Media

I frequently promote questions and the homepage of a couple SE sites that are still in beta. Since these sites are new and I don't have a huge following, I am unlikely to get an Announcer badge for ...
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Acting on some highly-upvoted badge requests

The [badge-request] tag here has some highly upvoted proposals with no clear status. Some of them should perhaps be "closed" as [status-declined] or similar, so that the actual badge proposals ...
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Undeterred badge

We have an Enlightened badge: First to answer and accepted with score of 10 or more. This badge can be awarded multiple times But we don't have a badge to reward adding a good answer to a question ...
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Badge idea: Magnet / Attractor / Great Attractor

I got this idea when I looked at one of my old questions here. I was surprised to see it got protected by Community♦ about five months back. It seems it attracted lots of people who found it ...
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Show the badges you can't earn apart [duplicate]

This an extension to a previous question: Don't show Cleanup badge until you can earn it For example: If I can't earn the Cleanup badge, show the badge separated from the others I can earn. And ...
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Badges for using Stack Exchange apps

I would like to see a badge (or, better, badges) for signing in to a Stack Exchange site with one of the native apps. These would be bronze badges, and can only be awarded once per site. I'd expect ...
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Three badges for reaching a particular number of upvotes in one day

I now realize that this is not a good idea. I'd like to have three one-time badges for obtaining a particular number of upvotes in one day. Bronze: Get 20 upvotes Silver: Get 40 upvotes on at least ...
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What goes on behind the scenes when determining if a badge should be implemented? [duplicate]

I understand you can probably just post a question and tag it as feature-request to suggest one, but I was wondering what goes behind the scenes when determining whether or not a badge should be ...
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