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There are various ways users can get banned on Stack Exchange. You should use a more specific tag such as [account-suspension], [post-ban], [review-ban], [edit-ban], [flag-ban] or [chat-ban]. Use this tag only when talking about multiple ban types or about ban types that have no tag yet.

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Is the Stack Exchange community going to fight against AI use with anti-cheating systems? [closed]

Some sites have started to tell moderators to ban users using AI to generate content and reputation. Will the community begin a machine-learning battle against the use of AI in Stack Exchange to help ...
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Should ChatGPT be banned on MSE itself?

I’m NOT suggesting a network wide ban - that already has a separate post. I recently noticed that a user posted a ChatGPT generated answer that totally failed to answer the question that was asked (...
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How long am I going to be rate-limited for "too many requests"?

From Update on the ongoing DDoS attacks and blocking Tor exit nodes My IP address was banned on March 13. But I wasn't using Tor (and I'm not a Tor node.)... Of course, my first reaction was to sent ...
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Is SE going to limit Russia-based individuals and companies' access to its resources? [duplicate]

Is SE going to limit Russia based individuals and companies access to its resources considering the current situation? I do believe that Russian businesses (and individuals) should not benefit from ...
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Is it possible to find out if/when my account has received a (review) ban before?

I'm wondering if there's a way for a user to find out if (and when) their account has ever received a review ban (or any other kind of ban for that matter) on a given site. Can this information be ...
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Does Stack Exchange or its subsidiaries keep any records on how often a user has been banned or warned by a moderator?

About 5 years ago I was banned once from Stack Overflow for trolling in the comments of a question. I can remember that my ban was automatically lifted after some of my own questions had received some ...
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I'm missing 15k from my chat reputation - possibly related to a prior suspension?

I got a 7-day ban in April from Web Applications, and my rep count on my Chat profile I see that my rep from WebApps, which temporarily went down to 1 during the ban, hasn't come back. My chat ...
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Is banning a user's answering/asking privilege because of a "negative reaction" correct? [duplicate]

A negative reaction can easily start on a post with a few mistakes that are usually grammatical mistakes which can lead to confusion, people can downvote the question, then the asker's reputation ...
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What should I do about a flag ban? [closed]

I was banned from flagging because "too many of my flags have been declined". What should I do about this? Will it be automatically lifted, or am I banned forever? My flag history:
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2 answers

Can I hit on someone? [closed]

I know you must think I am very weird, but I once met a user I liked on Stack Overflow that answered one of my questions. If I asked them for their number (through the comments), would I get banned or ...
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2 answers

Is there a "statute of limitations" on misbehavior?

Background: A "statute of limitations" is a law that provides that certain very old transgressions are no longer punishable today - the idea that e.g. it's a waste of everyone's time to ...
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Who are aware of the question ban formula?

I know that the question ban formula of stack exchange is very secret and it's not revealed in public. But since stack exchange is run by the community, someone must know it. So who is the formula ...
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Why can't they just delete the account instead of suspending a user network-wide for more than a century? [duplicate]

On this question, a user is mentioned who is "suspended" till 2292, which means the suspension period expires on the 23rd century (2201-2300). This question mentions another user who is suspended ...
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Question ban algorithm formula [duplicate]

Recently we received new question about question ban: Не разблокируется возможность задавать вопросы Member can't ask new questions, the system shows the message: We are no longer accepting ...
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Penalty for deleting question because answers have been submitted, even if only your own answer has been submitted

I posted a question which was given downvotes because as it was, was found to be more appropriate for Code Review rather than Stack Overflow. I've tried to edit the format for it to be appropriate for ...
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Be more friendly to hard-working reviewers

I had been banned from review 2 times on Stack Overflow before this event came up. After my 2nd ban, I've been working carefully, doing 80+ reviews every day and passing ~30 audits (I think there's ...
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Shared IP Answer Ban workarounds? [duplicate]

I browse from a shared IP address (my university gives no other option) and I, for the first time ever, decided to answer a question on Stack Exchange. I have apparently been answer banned but I have ...
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If I get banned from a community will it stop showing up in Hot Questions? [duplicate]

If I get banned from a single community (as opposed to all of SE) will that communities hot questions stop appearing in my feed? I like Hot Questions but due to train wreck theory I've clicked into a ...
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Avoid being banned when introducing others to SE

In order to get my girlfriend to join Stack Exchange, I sometimes write questions using her account and upvote these question with my own account. I'm not doing this because she is my girlfriend and ...
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How many plagiarism flags are allowed to be taken by a user?

A couple of weeks ago, I flagged a post as plagiarism; this flag was marked as "helpful". Yesterday when speaking with a friend, he told me he flagged the same user for the same reason but on another ...
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Got unbanned from asking question and good positive reaction to my next question and still got banned again [duplicate]

Recently I saw that I got unbanned from asking question and so I asked a question... I got a good positive reaction to the question but I looked at the "ask a question" and it blocked it to me again....
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Prevent user banned on SE site from participating in that site's chat rooms

We have a case on Arqade where a user who is banned from the main site is still chatting in Arqade chat rooms, because his chat parent account was on a different site at the time of the Arqade site ...
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Seeking to reduce Stack Overflow / Stack Exchange suspension period? [closed]

I've been suspended for a week on Stack Overflow. Is there any way to reduce this suspension period on Stack Overflow or any suspension period on any site in the Stack Exchange network? I've ...
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Wrongful ban on SO chat for a silly reason? [closed]

Today I was banned from StackOverflow chat for 30 minutes for "posting inappropriate content". Transcript (with the irrelevant bits edited out) as follows: All I had said was "guys plz ban", jokingly ...
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What can be done for an account with only 9 reputation for the problem "We are no longer accepting questions/answers from this account”? [duplicate]

My situation is extremely weird. I never asked questions very frequently in stackoverflow.Most of the time I found an answer to a question just checking the previous posts. I also contributed to the ...
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How do I appeal a suspension on Stack Overflow? [closed]

I have been a user for about two months. I was recently suspended for one month. The reason given for the suspension was inappropriate comments, but I disagree with this. I have been trying my best ...
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Previously banned user up to something suspicious *shifty eyes* [closed]

This user is the same user that was banned here a few days ago
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Why I was banned for a week for one not clear audit?

Here is the audit (low-quality one): However I can not longer learn from it, as it's empty. It was simple sentence answering the question, definitely not a spam. Sometimes people does that, e.g. ...
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Deadlock for question-banned users. What solution does the system offer?

I know the question-ban system was recently revised to help users who got stuck in ban but have the potential to progress. What is the reasoning behind limiting "recidivists" to post one ...
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Lifting ban from Stack Overflow site [duplicate]

Correct me if I am wrong. Is lifting a ban from any one sub site of Stack Exchange by answering questions on any other site or only on that particular site? I am bannded from Stack Overflow ...
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Which chat message I was banned for?

I've been banned from chat for a week. I can see that one of my chat messages from a Christianity chat room (The Upper Room) have been deleted, and I suspect that was the basis of my ban, but I can't ...
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Should editing other posts lift the ban?

Based on this: The only way for the ban to be lifted is by contributing positively to the site in other ways. Is editing other posts (and be accepted) considered as a positively contribution? I ...
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Moderator problems

Earlier today on chat, a certain mod kept banning me from Charcoal HQ, seemingly for fun. This is yet another example of a mod misusing their powers, and what can be done about it? Some quotes from ...
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Answer bans from post as a guest [duplicate]

My friend was trying to post an answer as a guest, but he was shown the following message: "We are no longer accepting answers from this account. See the Help Center to learn more." I don't ...
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When temporarily banning someone from reviewing, give access to the misjudged content [duplicate]

Issue: Apparently I got a temporary review ban. It seems like I should have recommended an answer for deletion instead of saying that it looked good. I would like to read again the answer I had ...
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Lift answer ban with only 1 answer?

My problem was I created an account 2 days ago and I posted an answer instead of a comment because of lack of reputation. After that I found that I was banned from answering posts. From the help ...
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Learning from the mistakes that led to a review ban

Over the last month or so, I've been making an effort to review Suggested Edits when I get a little time. I've got lots of "Success, that was a test" type responses and I don't recall ever seeing a ...
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Can an account caught for serial down voting continue to cast downvotes on that single user?

If a user account has been detected of serial down voting can that continue to cast downvotes on that single user? The reverse can be asked about serial upvoting. What happens to an account caught ...
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account banned on Meta.SO. the automatic banning logic should be changed [duplicate]

I get Sorry, we are no longer accepting questions from this account. See the Help Center to learn more. on my main account on Meta.SO. As you can see, I am an active Stackexchange user, mostly on SO....
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If I get banned from, am I also banned from

I have googled and haven't really found an answer. I have had a couple of questions get severely downvoted here (one was a support question too, thx). If I get auto-banned on meta, will it affect my ...
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Fixing a Question Ban [duplicate]

I received a question ban yesterday (which I deserved). I thought that Stack Overflow was a tech question and answer site rather than just coding. I want to un-ban my account but I'm not sure how. I ...
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How Are Review Audit Posts Selected

I have noticed a change in the review audits, and from others feedback, I was wondering if these audits are effective. I failed this review audit. I was going to flag it, as I could not find the ...
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13 votes
2 answers

Ban user for continuously asking questions which show no effort

I come to understand that there is some policy regarding users who repeatedly show little effort on their part when asking questions. My questions Is it correct? If so, what are the parameters by ...
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My account is banned [duplicate]

I`m no able to ask questions on stackoverflow. Can I be unbanned? Else can I know quantifiable step to do to release the ban?
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-6 votes
2 answers

Lower level ban should not be imposed due to a single Stack Overflow profile's actions?

I can see the ban on Stack Overflow is on a lower level, such as, if one got banned, his IP address too will be restricted such that no one can post from it again! I think it will affect many Stack ...
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12 votes
3 answers

How many new answers are needed to lift a question ban? [duplicate]

StackOverflow is no longer accepting questions from my account. It happened after I posted a question asking for comparison between PHP and C#. The question was deleted and my account banned. OK, I ...
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IP Banned on Stack Exchange

I am a regular Stack Overflow user who does not spam, usually posts OK questions etc. However, for two weeks now my IP appears to be banned from any Stack website. I can easily get to the site via ...
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Suspended for a week after account was compromised

My account on Stack Overflow was compromised yesterday. I share a computer, but I have no idea who did it. I realized, that yesterday, someone has made derogatory comments toward a fellow moderator. ...
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Why did I get banned from posting on Stack Overflow? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: What can I do when getting “Sorry, we are no longer accepting questions/answers from this account”? About a month ago I got banned from Stack Overflow. You know, this ...
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Can I ask for proof of the allegations made by moderators when banning? [closed]

I would like to make this question very generic instead of very specific. Take a situation here. Suppose if any user gets banned from the site so and so allegations, and if that user doesn't feel ...
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