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Should I be worried about how fast I use the site?

Yesterday I wanted to find an old comment of mine (with information relevant to a post I was composing), so I opened my All actions/comments profile page, and Ctrl+F'ed my way through the pages. I ...
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Community ads filesize "cannot exceed 40KB": Difficult with new bigger ads + High DPI (retina)

The filesize limit used to be 150 KB, now for some reason it is only 40 KB. To make the problem worse: Ads are now bigger (300x250 instead of 220x250, 36% more pixels) High DPI (aka retina) means 4 ...
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How much more bandwidth is eaten up by SE in 2020 compared to 2012?

Many years ago, I asked the question How much bandwidth does SE eat up? Nick Craver gave a detailed answer, and the short of it was a whopping 60TB of data per month! I'm wondering how has SE's ...
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How much bandwidth does SE eat up?

I recently saw this image posted in an answer on Meta by @Nick Craver ♦: I'm interested to know how much bandwidth (in total GB/TB) gets used on average each month for such a large site, and on which ...
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16 votes
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Can automatic loading of giant images be solved? [closed]

I have noticed that even though the displayed image here is limited to only 630 pixels wide for the display (via height and width settings in the HTML), there can still be a 10-megabyte image sitting ...
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Same picture stored twice on

Currently any question on Programmers SE (this for example) page source contains this in the <head>: <link rel="apple-touch-icon" href="
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Multiple useless CRLFs on pages

Below is an example of how a typical Stack Exchange site page source looks like. That's this page but the results are more or less consistent across pages. There're completely useless linefeeds ...
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Uploading images via web [duplicate]

I uploaded an image from the web today, from However SO takes the image and reuploads it to, if the image from web is from then it doesn't need ...
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Can anyone explain why I'm getting in crap from I.T. because of bandwidth to given my sparse usage of the sites?

I.T. just sent me a report complaining that my bandwidth use for our internet connection leads the company by more than 30X what the rest of the company is using. After I prevented myself spitting ...
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