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For questions about the 'being nice' behaviour we expect from all Stack Exchange users. What this entails can be found in the help center on every site. The old Be Nice policy has been superseded by the Code of Conduct.

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Is "Be nice be respectful" policy implemented on main sites and not rooms? [duplicate]

Based on my past experience, I feel "Be nice be respectful" policy or "Code of conduct" is not implemented in chat rooms as better as they are in main sites. Because they have ...
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Having 'nice' text - are we too strict? [duplicate]

I recently posted an answer and also have posted questions as well with text like "Thanks for your help" "I hope this helps you" "I hope this is helpful" These types of ...
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"Be nice" is not working. It's just a fact [closed]

I used this website a long time ago but got turned off by how rude people were. So I stopped using it. I asked a question today in a field I'm not familiar with and instead of answers got snark. The ...
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How to be nice (even when you don't want to) - The basics

Note: at first I considered to ask this question in the Moderator Teams, but then I thought it would do better here. It has just happened. In the site I moderate two users have engaged in a ...
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How best to find all my own posts where I employ pronouns?

Using the Stack Exchange Data Explorer (SEDE), Google, or another tool, how can I search for posts, comments, and other content I've written over the last 11 years for common English pronouns? ...
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Should we just impose a blanket ban on identity politics? [closed]

After looking at this whole CoC war and all of the backlash on other tech communities with similar ones, it seems that bringing identity politics into discussions and policy decisions is a major flash ...
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Why does Stack Overflow seem to be less welcoming to its top contributors?

Note: by contribution I mean all effort put into growing the community starting from useful edits and ending in moderation The recent events that involved lots of moderators leaving as a protest made ...
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Alternatives to the term "rant"

On several of the sites I frequent, we occasionally get questions posted by people who are facing difficult situations, consisting mainly of them expressing how upset they are. In many cases, the ...
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In the interest of the "Be nice" policy, can we make the mod and system messages more polite?

Here on Stack Exchange we're encouraged to be nice, but I feel like the canned messages from mods and from the system aren't setting a good example in this regard. Example 1 Comments are not for ...
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Is this year April fool joke really welcoming? Are we joking about technology or people?

I think by now almost everyone using the site has already seen the fake "90's style" redesign that was created as an April Fool joke. Many words were already spent discussing about it. From people ...
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"Please help me, I need a proper answer" when closed as dupe

I don't want to comment here any more because I'm pretty damn angry with the asker who can't be bothered to read the duplicate, even though it is the perfect textbook duplicate, with has thousands of ...
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7 answers

Are we creating divisions in our quest to make new users welcome?

One of the more frequent accusations that get leveled against long-time users of various sites is that we treat new user questions differently. That we downvote and close vote them maliciously, to "...
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Code of Conduct - PROs and CONs [closed]

It seems to me that the "Code of Conduct" tramps down on freedom of expression. It also undermines what being friendly represents. And all this to no real benefit to the community as far as the ...
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We'd like your feedback on our new Code of Conduct! [duplicate]

TL;DR: We've put together a code of conduct (CoC) that is a bit more comprehensive than our existing be nice policy because we feel that our current policy isn't meeting our needs. Some background, ...
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Why is SE giving so much attention to the "be nice"-policy?

Recently we have been treated to featured meta posts and blog posts about the importance of the "be nice"-policy, and how/why it should also apply to comments. This is all fine. Educating each other ...
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Why do people persist in complaining about the code of conduct set for this network?

TL;DR: With so many platforms that provide chat rooms for people that can be made private, why do people persist in complaining about the code of conduct set for this network? This post is for ...
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190 votes
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We're more aggressively enforcing self-moderation in chat

While the timing of this post coincides with us expressing some serious concerns around how we're not doing a good job of helping and guiding Stack Overflow to remain a welcoming place for everyone, ...
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Does Stack Exchange have an ethical responsibility to address global discrimination and marginalisation?

1. Stack Exchange has a Problem There's been a commotion on Stack Overflow since the latest blog was posted. Too many people experience Stack Overflow¹ as a hostile or elitist place, especially ...
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Can we implement temporary automatic comment ban on 'x' number of validated rude comment flags?

There's been problems with abusive comments since the site started. What's with all the rude comments recently? We still haven't managed to conquer the issue. Negative comments drive new users ...
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Can we address the pile on of comments in our help section?

We've come under public scrutiny for not being welcoming at times and actually being hostile on Stack Overflow. This screenshot is one post of many. While these points pertain mostly to Stack ...
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How to respond to people in chat who claim to do illegal work?

This is referring specifically to chat, as opposed to posting, as we have guidelines over scope and each site can determine if a topic is right for that site. Chat is amorphous to some extent, ...
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Does the "Be Nice" policy apply when you are referring to a group of people, without naming names? [duplicate]

Edit regarding duplicate: This question is not about SE users vs. people without an account on SE. Rather, it is about actual individuals that are named, vs. loosely defined groups of people defined ...
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Can we add a reputation penalty to comments that are removed for being Rude or Abusive?

Many sites have issues with users abusing comments to violate the be nice policy. Currently other than the occasional warning or suspension there is no real deterrent. The lack of any noticeable ...
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How to handle an aggravating revision comment?

When I ask a question on Stack Overflow, I'm trying to follow guidelines: being clear, show examples, format my text, use the appropriate tags. But I can sometimes make slight mistakes, which of ...
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Does the Be Nice policy require SE users to "be nice" to people who are not SE users (e.g. public figures)?

I've seen users remark that it is not a violation of the Be Nice policy to insult people who are not SE users -- i.e. that users are only required to "be nice" to other SE users. Usually this is ...
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Does this sentence violate the 'be nice' policy?

In a chat at a site where an election was held, they were commenting the fact that only half of the members who visited the polls (earning the Caucus badge) had gotten the Constituent badge, and ...
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Does repeating non-nice statements originally made by the someone at oneself violate "Be nice" policy?

NOTE: To people who downvote because this is "useless": This question stemmed from actual conflict which arose on a child SE site between several users. To people who downvote because they assume the ...
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Do self-directed "not nice" statements violate "be nice" policy?

Are statements which would ordinarily considered to be in violation of "be nice" policy considered OK if they are explicitly directed at oneself (e.g. calling yourself not-nice epithets, or your own ...
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It’s time to retire the term “rep-whore”

Going forward, “rep-whore” (and its derivatives) will be treated like any other term that’s inconsistent with the community’s “be nice” policy: it will be removed. It’s totally okay if you’ve used ...
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Is Meta.SE the right forum to ask about specific wording's fit with "be nice" policy?

We have general guidelines to the "Be Nice" policy, but they seem more along the lines of Supreme Court's famous "I know it when I see it" - which leads to supreme unhelpfulness to someone who is ...
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The NEW new "Be Nice" Policy ("Code of Conduct") — Updated with your feedback [duplicate]

Update: Thanks for all the additional feedback below. We incorporated a lot of your suggestions, and this is going live (as We're also looking at ways ...
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What is wrong with the tone in this answer?

Recently I got accused by other user for using unacceptable "tone" for posting the only helpful and reliable answer to their question. I am apparently not the most courteous dude in the world, I have ...
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Is the don't be an ass policy still in place?

Years ago, in the days before StackOverflow was a "professional" (I laughed when I read that) place to go and get and provide assistance, there was essentially one goal for SO. The founders ...
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Etiquette for thanking an editor

If someone provides a good edit to my post, what is the proper way to provide feedback or thank that person? Is it necessary? I do not yet have enough rep to edit other posts, and expect that I will ...
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