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A silver badge given to those who participated in the site's private beta.

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No beta badges were awarded for the Aviation site?

So we are 13 days into the public beta (according to Area 51) for Aviation, and I just noticed that I didn't get the Beta badge even though I participated in the private beta. Then I noticed that ...
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Shouldn't the Beta badge be retired like the Analytical badge?

On Stack Overflow, the Analytical badge was retired when the help center rolled out. However, although the site is long out of beta, the Beta badge is still on the badges page. Shouldn't the Beta ...
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More activity to get Beta badge [duplicate]

Beta badges are earned for three badges earned in private beta. Since you can get Analytical, Autobiographer and Informed badges without any visible activity, this make Beta tag too cheap and not ...
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Difference between private and public beta

The 'Beta' badge is gained if a user actively participates in a private beta. But I don't know how and where to participate in a private beta. What is a private beta site? I have 3 stack exchange ...
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Where is my beta account?

[[Edit] Forgot to mention, I am referring to StackOverflow. Stack* sites have really blown up these past few years!] So I was a beta member very early on (obviously it would be early) but when I ...
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Beta badges on beta metas - award or remove?

Outdoors just came out of beta and everyone (who earned it) got their beta badges. And the quorum and convention badges disappeared from meta, as they should. But I noticed that there were no beta ...
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When do I earn the Beta badge [duplicate]

On the Fitness beta site I have at the momment 8 broze badges and I was wondering when do we get the silver beta badge. Will it be in the private beta, during public beta, or when it is live?
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Beta badge: How actively do you need to participate in a private beta to receive it? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: List of all badges with full descriptions I had 2 answers, 0 questions, and did not get this badge on skeptics.SE, but looking around the badge list, I see one user with 3 ...
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What are the requirements of beta badges on se sites?

I tried to search here on meta, but I couldn't find any thread that answers this question. What are the criteria for awarding a beta badge on the stackexchange sites?
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What is "private beta" status?

What is a "private beta"? Is it related to the Beta badge? How does one get the Beta badge?
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